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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

New Program for Worldwide Mailing Ministry!--MO       03/01/79       DFO No.755

       DEAR FAMILY & FRIENDS, PLEASE SEND US IMMEDIATELY-- printed or typed clearly--the names & addresses of all Family members or ex-members, "graduates", "backslider", friends, contacts, relatives, converts, fish--or even enemies, etc.--of the past or present--whom you think might want or need to receive our literature & publications--but whom, as far as you know, are not now already regularly receiving them in some Home or as a member of the Family. Even if you're not sure, send their names & addresses anyway, & we'll check them with our mailing list.

       PLEASE SEND THESE NOW FOR OUR NEW PROGRAM OF A NEW WORLDWIDE MAILING MINISTRY! Please send a list of these names & addresses at once to: K.G. Love, Postfach 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland, Don't fail our "Other Sheep"!--You can have a part in this great Worldwide Mailing Ministry (WWMM) by sending in their names & addresses now!--TODAY! We plan to send them a test mailing as soon as we receive their names & addresses from you to find out if they would like to continue to receive our Letters & Pubs. So do it NOW!--Tomorrow may be too late!--Thanks! Love, M&M.

       P.S. if you can't think of any names & addresses now,find some--anybody's--& send them soon! You can use the space below & the other side of this page for these names & addresses Tks! WLY! KGFG! "To all the world"! [EDITED: "For a truly HAPPY NEW YEAR!!--Love,--M&M. 3/1/79"]

       Legal Name (Please Print or Type!--Thanks)       ADDRESS




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