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The period of time referenced in the Biblical book of Revelations, which will see the Antichrist taking control of the world, followed by the return of Christ.

Since their inception as the Children of God, the group has predicted the imminent onset of the Endtime. This belief has directly and significantly influenced many Family policies, and is one reason The Family discourages higher education, long-term investment, and property ownership.

In the early 1970s, David Berg prophecied that Jesus would return in 1993 (ML#456).[1] When Christ failed to arrive, however, it was explained that God changed his mind to allow more time for The Family to engage in proselytization and acquire converts. Despite this, The Family has maintained a strong sense of urgency regarding the Endtime, and a vast amount of internal Family publications deal with the impending rise of the Antichrist and his one-world government.

Since Berg's death, Karen Zerby has published prophecies stating that the Endtime will begin while she is alive and leading The Family, and that the Antichrist is currently an adult and solidifying his power base from behind the scenes.

The Family believes in a post-tribulation rapture.

David Berg outlined the 16 major events of the Endtime as follows:[2]

  1. Last Days
  2. Signs of the Times
  3. Economic Crash
  4. Rise of the Antichrist
  5. Signing of the Covenant
  6. Breaking of the Covenant
  7. Abomination of Desolation
  8. Great Tribulation
  9. Atomic War
  10. The Rapture
  11. Marriage Supper of the Lamb
  12. Battle of Armaggedon
  13. Millennium
  14. Battle of Gog & Magog
  15. Great White Throne Judgement
  16. New Heaven & New Earth

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