Indiana Evening Gazette: Berg Evangelistic Party Opens Services At Girty Orange Hall

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Berg Evangelistic Party Opens Services At Girty Orange Hall

Indiana Evening Gazette/1954-10-01

Beginning tomorrow night at 7:30, and continuing every night except Thursdays, the Berg Evangelistic Party of Los Angeles, California, will be conducting a series of revival meetings at the Girty Orange Hall in Girty for one or two weeks.

Evangelist Virginia Brandt Berg, formerly of Miami, Florida and well known in this area for her revivals in Indiana and elsewhere in Western Pensylvania, will be the principal speaker.

She is the author of the widely-published books, "the Hem of His Garment" and "Streams that Never Run Dry," and is considered one of the nation's leading exponents of the life of faith.

She was a blatant atheist and helpless invalid when remarkably restored to faith and health in answer to prayer.

Her testimony of faith has filled some of the largest auditoriums in the United States and Canada, including Cadle Tabernacle (7,000), Indianapolis, Ind; the Philadelphia Arena (10,000); People's Tabernacle (3,000), Toronto; and her own Miami Gospel Tabernacle (3,000), Miami, Fla.

Her voice is also well-known to radio listeners of the Tri-State area through her frequent broadcasts on the "Bit of Heaven Hour", WWVA, Dr. Jack Munyon's "Lest We Forget" Broadcast, WWSW, and her own "Meditation Moments", WQAM. She has many friends in the Indiana area.

Accompanying Mrs. Berg are her husband, the Rev. H.E. Berg, Bible Teacher, and her son, the Rev. David Brandt Berg, singer and pictorial Bible lecturer, who will be presenting vividly illustrated lectures on scientific and prophetic themes during the series, as well as beautifully pictorialized songs.

The Girty Grange Hall is one mile north of Route 156, about 3 miles east of Spring Church.