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Abbreviation for Asian Central Reporting Office. Manages Southeast Asia and Indian Subcontinent and is administered in Bangkok, Thailand.

The regions and countries in the ASCRO area are:

  • Southeast Asia and Indochina
  • Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos
  • the Indian Subcontinent
  • India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.
  • the Middle East

See Leaders > Regional Offices for additional information.

Continental Officers


  • Richard Douthit (American; aka "Stephen" / "Silas")
  • Joan (Endureth)
  • Cephas (Thai)
  • Dawn (formerly Lamb)
  • Anne (SGA)

Visiting Servants


Editor's note: The following statistics are from 1998.[1]

  • Charter Member Homes in the ASCRO area: 75
  • Fellow Member Homes in the ASCRO area: 21


  1. Grapevine #42; 1998-05-15.

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