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One of David Berg's numerous "spirit helpers", Abrahim, (pronounced: AB-ra-heem), was supposedly a stereotypical Gypsy leader of Hungarian descent who had been murdered in 1272 and was responsible for Berg's drinking binges and alcoholism.

In "Where Do Babies Come From?", ML# 794, paragraphs 15, 35, Berg described what happened when he let his gypsy "spirit helper", Abrahim, enter him:

They come back & inhabit us & can speak through our mouths & even enjoy our sex & even be tempted to drink a little too much! I mean, he just loves to fuck! You know how he explodes when I'm fucking! He thinks it's great!--And he apparently still enjoys his liquor, the old rascal! Maybe this is an experience to teach him to not go overboard, or he's going to kill his host!