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Activated Ministries is a Family International-operated charitable foundation based in Escondido, California (EIN 33-0857142). Activated Ministries is a licensed distributor of Aurora Production AG products worldwide, including the magazines Activated and the Wine Press, both of which promote Family beliefs and practices. Activated Ministries is The Family's largest outreach operation, and in a notable difference from the Family Care Foundation (another large non-profit operated by The Family), Activated Ministries in turn openly acknowledges its support of The Family. Activated Ministries has also made at least one cash donation to the Family Care Foundation.

Activated Ministries was incorporated as a religious non-profit organization in California in March, 1999, and received Federal 501(c)3 tax exempt status in September 1999. According to the organization's website, its goals include:

[H]elping those in need, sharing God's Word with others through the distribution of Christian outreach materials and providing support to missionaries of the gospel, especially those of the The Family International fellowship. Our mission is to strengthen families and children by promoting and teaching the moral values and character-building principles of the Bible.

The "Mission Statement" presented to the IRS describes Activated Ministries as:

The mission of Activated Ministries is to share God's Word with others; to strengthen believers by giving them instruction in the Bible, and equipping them for Christian service; to help strengthen families and children by promoting and teaching the strong moral values and character-building principals of the Bible; to promote and support Christian evangelization, both locally and around the world, and to improve the quality of life of those less fortunate through the support of missionary projects.

In 2004, Activated Ministries' total revenue was over $1.1 million, with about 55% going towards fundraising and administration expenses.


Directors and Officers of Activated Ministries include:

  • Thomas Hack, President: A member of The Family International since 1975, Hack has served as President and CEO of Activated Ministries since its founding in March of 1999. He is a high-ranking Family International officer and former director of the Family Care Foundation.
  • Cassandra Mooney, Vice President: Mooney has served as a member of the Activated Ministries Board of Directors since the organization was formed in 1999. She has been a member of The Family International since 1972.
  • Daniel Craig Roselle, Director. Roselle joined the Children of God in 1971 in Houston, Texas and is a member of the North American CO team.
  • Valorie Wells Davenport: Davenport has been on the board of Activated Ministries since 2001. Davenport graduated from the University of Houston in 1984 with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. She has been licensed to practice law in Texas since October 26, 1984. After graduation, Davenport served as a briefing attorney for the Texas Court of Appeals, First District. She later worked for a number of law firms and in 1989 founded her own civil litigation practice. Starting in 1995, Davenport represented a number of Family members who filed an unsuccessful lawsuit against the City of Austin and other parties. Her siblings include Family International member and World Mission of Faith, Inc. director Jeff Wells and Activated Ministries Treasurer Denise Novotny. In February 2006, United States Bankruptcy Judge Jeff Bohm ruled that Davenport's debt to a former associate, Ron S. Rainey, was not dischargeable because Davenport had committed embezzlement by spending Rainey's share of certain contingent fees rather than giving it to Rainey or depositing it into a trust or escrow account.[1]
  • Denise Wells Novotny, Treasurer: Novotny joined the Activated Ministries Board of Directors in November 2005, as Treasurer. Novotny has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Houston where she majored in Accounting. Novotny is a December 1995 graduate of the South Texas College of Law. She has been licensed to practice law in the state of Texas since November 1, 1996. She runs her recently founded law firm, Novotny Legal Group, out of her home in Houston, Texas where she lives with her sister, Valorie Davenport.

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Activated Ministries
2120 W Mission Rd, Ste G
Escondido, CA 92029
United States

Phone: 760-739-1240
Fax: 760-739-1160

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    2) This claim is nondischargeable under 11 U.S.C. 523(a)(4) because the Debtor embezzled the funds she should have paid to Rainey. (3) In the alternative, even if this court is incorrect that the Debtor embezzled the funds, the Debtor's spending the funds constitutes a willful and malicious injury by the Debtor to Rainey under 11 U.S.C. 523(a)(6), thereby making Rainey's claim nondischargeable; ...