Babe's status

From XFamily - Children of God

When a person first joins the Family, he or she enters at a probationary level known as babe's status. During this period the new disciple (or babe) is required to read through a list of Mo letters, knows as the babe's course, that contains the group's most fundamental teachings. He or she is not permitted to read current Family publications until the course has been completed. He or she is also forbidden from sexual activity during that period, both to limit distractions from the babe's training and as a precaution against the AIDS virus.

This period lasts for at least 6 months.

Once the babe has finished the course, the member is granted access to the full library of Mo letters, Good News magazines and other current publications.

It was also quite common historically for babe's status to be used as a punishment for breaking Family rules or running afoul of group leaders. Probation and partial excommunication are similar membership statuses that are currently used as punishment for breaking rules in the Charter.