Berg and Anti-Semitism

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Following are a large number of excerpts of David Berg's writings to the Children of God/Family International through secretive, internal publications called Mo Letters, usually classified "DO" for Disciples Only.

Berg claimed Jewish ancestry, and to be fair, he occasionally mentioned this with pride. But overall, his writings condemned an entire people, damned them to hell, praised Hitler, and claimed the Holocaust a fake manufactured by Jewish conspirators.

When the Children of God was newly founded, Berg aspired to have a kibbutz in Israel for the group, which would be Christian but modeled after Jewish culture. The "tribes" of the early Family were named after the tribes of Israel. Many of the songs the early Children of God learned were traditional Jewish songs. However, on visiting Israel and realizing Jewish people were not interested in his brand of cross-culturalization, he turned against them. Berg's revelations then began depicting Jewish people as subhuman, demons and antichrist.

In his next stage, he began to embrace the Arab-Islamic world, as in his Godhafi Series (Muammar Qaddafi). Although there was probably zero compatibility between Islamic faith and Berg's ideas, he sent his daughter and others to speak personally with Qaddafi in Libya to establish relations with the man Berg said would be the future "Anti-Christ". Berg's message then became more and more anti-Israeli, more anti-Jewish.

Berg's anti-Semitic writings

Below are nearly 100 paragraphs in total, none repeated. Berg wrote extensively on the subject.

DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally offensive or illegal and we collect them here to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. This page contains material which is considered very disturbing and hateful. does not endorse these writings of David Berg in any form.

  • "May God damn the God-damned Jews! My God, I think if I could get over there and had a gun I think I'd shoot 'em myself! My God damn them in Jesus' name! In Jesus' name, strike! Strike! Strike! God damn the Jews! Those Anti-Christ, Christ-hating Jews, God damn them! O God, if I had a gun I'd shoot them myself! God damn the Jews! God damn them, God damn them, God damn them, in Jesus' name! Damn the anti-Christ Jews! Damn them O God! God damn them!" ("A Prayer for the Poor!", 681:23,25,33,34,35,76)
  • "And yet the Jews condemn Hitler for killing Jews! Well, now you know why Hitler wanted to kill'm all! The World would have been a lot better off without'm a long time ago!" ("The Beirut Massacre!", 1284:38)
  • "'Ah, he's not only an anti-Semite, he's a racist!'--Yes, I'm an anti-Semite, because God is! Yes, I'm a racist, because God is!" ("The Troublemakers!--And the Solution!", 1222:110)

Berg: The rise of Hitler and the Nazis

  • "If you've every read Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' it is pretty persuasive according to his logic and theory, including that the anti-Christ Jews are responsible for a good many of the world's ills, which of course they have been." ("The World Today!", 350: 65)
  • "I think Hitler was... on the right track: The Jews were the ones to blame for most of his country's ills & Europe's ills & the World's ills." ("More Current Jewels!", 1258:61)
  • "Before World war II, before Hitler, the Jews had taken over Germany--that was the whole problem! Most of them were socialists and communists and they were selling Germany right down the line to Russia, and that's what brought Hitler to power. Hitler was a last ditch stand to save Germany from the Jews and the communists. ("From Whence Come Wars!", 601:53,54)
  • "The earliest supporters of the Nazis were evangelicals & Fundamentalists, some of the staunchest supporters of Hitler!--Because he claimed at first to be a Christian & claimed to be... saving the World from the anti-Christ Jews! ("Can You be Delivered From the Mark?", 2030:55)
  • "Even with Hitler, it was the Evangelicals who were his staunchest supporters,--The Christians of Germany! Think of that! Because he was for a lot of good things & a lot of the right things, which now as we look back we can see were right. ("Worldwide Insanity!", 2025:37)
  • "The word 'Nazi' was not a bad word before the war, except amongst their enemies the Jews. Nazi meant the National Socialist Party of Germany & was composed largely of Catholics, Protestants, Fundamentalists & Evangelicals. All the best people of Germany were Nazis! About the only ones who weren't were the Jews, & nearly all of them were Communists & Communist leaders! So Hitler arose to power voted in by the Christians to save Germany from the atheist Communist Jews!" ("Constant Vigilance is the Price of Security!", 1889:12)
  • "Europe was in a hell of a mess when Hitler took over. Germany was in a hell of a mess, it was becoming run by Communist Jews & the Communists were taking over. The Jews had already taken over, but now, led by the Jews, Communism was taking over Germany, & that's what gave rise to Hitler, to fight the Jewish-Communist takeover of Germany, believe it or not!" ("Worldwide Insanity!", 2025:39)
  • "In fact, he started out claiming to be a Christian, favouring the Evangelicals. The Evangelical conservative fundamentalist groups were his prime supporters in the beginning, because they considered his principles & the things he was fighting for etc. to be Christian. They thought that he was going to literally Christianise Germany & Europe, get rid of those damn anti-Christ Jews, & he was going to get'm organised & industrialised & have a new utopia of Europe! He was planning a Heaven-on-Earth in Europe! Well, you can see that he obviously made some mistakes which created nothing but Hell on Earth!" ("The God of Empires!", 2095:70)

Berg: The Holocaust hoax

  • "You hear all about Hitler & how he was supposed to have killed 6 million Jews!--Well, they've never been able to prove yet that he even killed 60,000! ("The Happy Ending!", 767:41)
  • "Personally I'm convinced that the numbers who died in these camps was minimal compared to what they claim." ("They Staged The Whole Thing!", 1340:41)
  • "Certainly they never killed six million of them, I don't think there were that many in all of Europe! It's amazing what big lies people will believe!" ("The Antichrists & The Economy!", 1783:24)
  • "World War 2 was a war of the Jews against the Nazis & Hitler...And the Jews engineered that very cleverly where they got off scot-free more or less, despite the many wild tales about extermination & the Holocaust & the massacre & the slaughter etc., most of which I don't even believe. It would have been physically impossible for Hitler & the Nazis to have slaughtered six million Jews!
  • I think the Jews...simply took a figure & multiplied it by their favourite number, 6, or 66--or maybe 666, which is going to be their favourite number--& came up with six million! Let's see, how much would that take to multiply 666 & come up with six million or close to it? (Peter: About 9,000.) I wouldn't be surprised if it could have actually been as little as that!--Only 9,000! Some fairly authoritative fellows over there who were not even necessarily on one side or the other have said that there probably weren't more than a few thousand Jews actually massacred." ("God's Way!--The Wind-Down!", 1659:73-75)
  • "I mean, six million Jews were supposed to have been slaughtered, that is the most ridiculous statistic! What hat they pulled that out of, I don't know. So they picked this colossal figure of six million Jews! My Lord, there weren't six million Jews in all of Europe just a short time before Hitler! Well, some of them claim that there were ten million Jews in Europe [but] if Hitler wiped them all out, for God's sake, where did all the rest of them come from that nearly sank America right after WW2?" ("World History!--And Russia!", 1767:71-73)
  • That's what brought Jewish-led Britain & America into the rescue the Jews, with all this Jewish propaganda about Hitler's slaughter of Jews etc. Which you have to take with a grain of salt. There was definitely Nazi Jewish persecution, there's no doubt about that & there's plenty of proof of it, but I'll never believe in a million years they slaughtered six million Jews, that was impossible! They didn't have the facilities for it, not even the death camps had the capacity for it. They had trouble even burying the bodies of a few thousand. But it was bad enough, & it was enough for the Jews to make Worldwide publicity of it to turn the World sentiment against Hitler. ("Generation of Vipers!", 1773:30)
  • "That stupid little bit of Nazi persecution of the Jews. That was no holocaust! They're exaggerating the whole thing, blowing it up far out of proportion to what really happened." ("Love'm and Leave'm!", 1760:19)
  • "The wording of some of the charges is so ridiculous! They teach that holocaust business, "Six million Jews slaughtered by Hitler"...I have yet to see any documentation or proof that they ever killed that many Jews.
  • "No doubt lots of Jews died in those concentration camps, but who knows whether they were really killed or not. One writer says the gas chambers were nothing but delousing, decontamination chambers. And that's what they say, that those chambers could never have been used as gas chambers, they were not airtight as gas chambers needed to be etc.
  • "The Jews are always calling the slaughter of some of their people in the most exaggerated number you ever heard of! There's no way one man, Mengele, could've killed 400,000 people! I think he was there 6 years, you try to figure up how many people he'd have had to kill very day in order to kill that many people, & it comes to some ridiculous impossible number, just as ridiculous as the six million Jews supposedly killed by Hitler!--Ridiculous! Impossible! They had a hard enough time trying to dispose of the bodies of the few they did kill!"
  • "What puzzles me is if Hitler was out to get them all, how come he let so many of them loose? He certainly didn't do a very good job, because there are still so many of them, still millions of them!--Here, there, yon, everywhere, taking over the World! I think it's a big farce, I think it's a big lie, I think it's a big lot of baloney to try to get the goys, the gentiles & Christians off their guard & to think, "Well Hitler destroyed most of the Jews so we don't have to worry about them any more!"--When they're still with us, brother! They're still everywhere & very busy little termites chewing into the woodwork!
  • "The whole thing is a fix! It's a hoax! It's a frame-up! It's staged! It's lies!--By the Jews, to get sympathy & power & control & make the World bow down!
  • "They say, 'Look at this horrible thing, they cremated these Jews in these concentration camps!' Well, what the Hell do you think they're going to do with those dead bodies anyhow, stack'm around & let'm stink? People were dying not only in concentration camps during the war, millions were dying outside the concentration camps of war & starvation. And when people die, you've either gotta bury'm or burn'm or they stink up the World!
  • "So what do you think they're supposed to do with people dying in concentration camps? People outside in Germany were having a hard time getting enough to eat, so why shouldn't they starve inside the concentration camp as well as outside? Sure you're got pictures of starving people, but you could have taken pictures outside the concentration camps of starving people too!" ("The Antichrist & his Government are Already Here!", 2184:38-43,47 under the heading, "Bitberg Cemetary, Jews Running the World, Holocaust Hoax".)
  • "You know how proficient the Jews are in lying! Look how they cooked up that figure of six million Jews killed in Europe by Hitler! Good night, in all Europe put together there were only about ten million Jews, & how he managed to get around to six million of them would have had to have been a miracle of some kind, & I don't believe it, it's impossible! Several mathematicians have figured out how it was humanly, mathematically impossible to have killed that many Jews, it's ridiculous! ("The God of Empires!", 2095:68,69)
  • "Germany is having to pay millions of dollars of indemnities to Israel reparations for what Hitler did to the Jews in Germany, supposedly killing six million. Boy, are those Jews smart! They cooked up this big lie, this big story about how many millions of Jews were killed by Hitler & his Nazis & said, "But you're guilty, you're Germany, therefore you've got to pay us for it!" ("Ezekiel 39:6--End & Zechariah 10-13!", 2155:28)
  • "The number of Jews Hitler was supposed to have killed probably started out at 6,000, & it's pretty hard to even kill 60,000 people. I might've by the wildest stretch of my imagination figured out some way they might have been able to kill, burn or bury 600,000 Jews, but 6 million?!--There wasn't room in those camps for 6 million people much less to bury them or burn them!--It's a LIE!" ("The Troublemakers!--And the Solution!", 1222:82)
  • "The Jews are always trying to minimise their numbers. The only thing they exaggerate is their numbers killed by Hitler! That has grown from a possible 6,000 to 60,000, & then after the war when they took over they figured they could get away with more than that, 600,000! And now the latest for the past few years has been six million! This is so ridiculous because there weren't even six million Jews in all Germany at that time!
  • "So how did they get six million Jews, anyway? Well, you say, they added some from Poland & Eastern Europe. Well, if they had killed six million Jews they would have killed nearly all the Jews in Europe! If that's true, I'd like to know where the Hell did all these other Jews come from all of a sudden, popping out of the walls & out of the woodwork right after the War & taking over Germany & running Berlin & Europe & the U.S.A. ever since!
  • "My conservative estimate might be about what some open honest scholars have estimated, maybe as high as possibly 60,000 Jews were killed in the death camps." ("They Staged The Whole Thing!", 1340:20,21,49)

Berg describes the Treblinka death camp

  • "Have you ever heard that story about Treblinka & what a hard time they had burning just a few bodies? It was so difficult! When they heard that the Allies were coming they wanted to hide some of the evidence--a few score Jews that they had exterminated--& they wanted to try to burn them so they could bury them. They thought it would be easier to burn 'em because it took less space to dig a hole & bury the ashes than the bodies, but they had one helluva time trying! Then they found out if they put the fat people on the bottom, put the fat in the fire, that it really burned nice & hot! So watch out, you fat people! ("The Antichrists & The Economy!", 1783:25)
  • "They used to stack'm outside at Treblinka like cord wood, they lit fires under them & everything else & they had a terrible time trying to get them to burn.--Till finally they hit on the bright idea, they found the fat ones burned best, really burned furiously, so they put them on the bottom! And they really lit up the fire, really lit their fire! But I mean that was just a few hundred bodies, a lot of whom had died as a result of various diseases, probably malnutrition & a lot of other things." ("The Antichrist & his Government are Already Here!", 2184:41)
  • "That's one of the biggest problems they had a Treblinka, was burning the dead! They found out finally if they put the fat ones on the bottom that the fat was in the fire & it really burned bright & it helped burn all the bodies! I guess they didn't have any trouble finding fat ones. There must have been some fat ones left, so they couldn't have starved them all to death, as they were supposed to have done, blah, blah! ("The Troublemakers!--And the Solution!", 1222:83)

Berg: God sent Hitler

  • "You can go back & think about some of the famous conquerors of the World who are now considered evil monsters & the worst villains the World has ever known, & it's all because their side lost & the other side wrote the history! You never hear a good thing about Napoleon any more, whereas there was a time when Napoleon & even Hitler were considered saviours of Europe!
  • "Some of those men portrayed as evil monsters in history, as you look back you can realise that who knows but what God sent slow down some of the anti-Christ forces which were at work. You can name the various most villainous of all the world conquerors right on back through ancient history & you can see that God allowed it & that some good came of it, & many of them were literally saving the World from something much worse!" ("Worldwide Insanity!", 2025:39,40, under the title, "THE WORLD'S SAVIOURS!")
  • "Wasn't Hitler an instrument of God's judgment? A lot of these so-called evil men have been just exactly what the people deserved & needed, & in the case of Hitler, particularly the Jews." ("Medusa Touch!", 955:14,15)
  • "Hitler was either a scourge on the World's sin, or a saviour to try to save them from the Communists, depending on how you look at it! And God didn't stop him until he'd done his part & his damage & just about gotten rid of the World's biggest scourge, the Jews!" ("The Course of History Must Go On!", 2190:3,4)
  • "He could have gone ahead & conquered Russia too & put an end to Communism if the U.S. & Britain hadn't knifed him in the back, which is what they did to save their Jews. Therefore the World rejected its saviour, in a sense." ("The Sooner The Better!", 2231:46)

The following quotes are from "The God of Empires!", under the subtitle, "THE WORLD ALWAYS REJECTED ITS SAVIOURS!":

  • "It reminds me of the story about the vineyard that the Lord said He sent His servant to, where the people wouldn't submit or obey. (Mk.12:111) I think some of these tyrants were God's instruments to bring order to some countries, but they would have none of them. They were God's solutions, but the people rejected them & their rejection caused the wars, the horrible slaughters & nightmares.
  • "Maybe those tyrants were saviours sent by God to try to save the people & save the countries & the poor & their economies, because they're certainly worse off now than ever!
  • "Americans & Europeans are so brainwashed with all this ridiculous theory of democracy & so-called freedom! I mean they've got history turned inside-out & upside-down & backwards!--Whereas I'm more inclined to interpret history exactly the opposite from the way they're misinterpreted it! Their "ministry of truth" has glorified everything that's wrong, just the opposite of the truth!
  • "Since we know the lies of the Devil & the System, if we turn all of their propaganda & interpretation of history inside-out & backwards, we'd probably get the true picture! All these world conquerors & tyrants were probably saviours sent by God, but whom the World rejected, & that's why they're such a mess! That's a radical theory, but I think it's consistent!
  • "You know the U.S. Jews & their media, their historical accounts & propaganda are all lies & the exact opposite of the truth! So if you look back on recent history & turn it around so it's just the opposite, then you get the true picture! Maybe Hitler was a good man saving the World!
  • "All of them rejected their saviours so now God's Wrath will be heaped on the World because they rejected His solutions. ("The God of Empires!", 2095:97,98,100,102-104)
  • "(Mama Maria|Maria: So we would have approved of Hitler's war against the Jews?) His war against Communism, which was led by the Jews, I do approve, and have approved! He was trying to save his people and trying to save Europe! Boy, how they have rewritten history & made Hitler a monster, when he was trying to save the World from Communism! Whoever said we didn't believe in war? I never said it!" ("The Sooner The Better!", 2231:45,47,48)

Berg: The Jews created and used Hitler

  • "Somebody said that if Hitler hadn't risen on the World scene, the Jews would have had to manufacture him in order to get the Jews out of Germany & Europe & get Israel populated! In fact, it is a known fact now that Zionists were cooperating with Hitler & telling him what to do about the Jews--literally to persecute them & drive them out & try to get rid of them so that they'd come over to Israel! Otherwise, why would those nice, big, fat, rich Jews living in luxury & palaces in Europe want to go down to that stinkin' little dirty, sandy, dusty country? But they finally did & it took killing'm to do it! The Jews virtually let Hitler kill a few hundred or a few thousand in order to get the job done so they could get the rest of them down in Israel." ("The Antichrists & The Economy!", 1783:24.26)
  • "Somebody said that if Hitler hadn't come along, the Jews would have had to create him! I'm convinced they did--that the Zionists created him, or helped to create him--to drive the Jews out of Europe so they could people Israel & take over Palestine. And there's all kinds of evidence that the Zionists cooperated with Hitler. They were gung-ho for Hitler because he was doing them a big favour, driving the Jews out of Europe...into Israel." ("God's Way!--The Wind-Down!", 1659:76)
  • If the Zionists had not had Hitler they would have had to cook one up in order to drive the Jews out of Europe & get'm to come almost unwilling to Israel. And it's common knowledge, you've had a few articles in the WND showing how the Zionists were hand-in-glove cooperating with the Nazis & even picking out the Jews that they wanted the Nazis to persecute & which ones to leave alone. Scandal! ("World History!--And Russia!", 1767:75)
  • "Suddenly I heard this voice just as clear as I ever heard the voice of God with the shocking words: 'They staged the whole thing!"--Meaning the Jews!'I suddenly had a picture of Hitler & the Nazis & Nazi Germany right immediately after that! What could that mean if you had heard such a message in the middle of the night?--Yes...they have staged the whole thing!--Even Hitler & his Nazis in Germany!
  • "You say, 'Now you're expecting us to believe the impossible, that the Jews were actually the ones behind Hitler!' Well, I don't know how they did it, but this is one thing we know, it happened, & we know that they wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice some of their own if they thought it was going to be for the benefit of the whole!
  • "Some people want to know how come God allowed Hitler--I say how come the Jews allowed Hitler! Why would they have allowed such a thing? In other words, it's fulfilling what the Lord just said: 'They staged the whole thing!' No wonder Hitler committed suicide, maybe he found out he was being used!
  • "Skokie...publicising the Jews' grievances & their persecution & blah blah blah blah blah! That was nothing compared to the Worldwide wave of tremendous publicity that they got out of Hitler & the Nazis & Nazi Germany & a World War that squelched their enemies almost once & for all forever--they hope--& put them in control of Europe & America & World domination!
  • "World War 2 was the final stage in the final show that really put things in their hands! And who else could they have done it? And where else could they have started than in Germany where they were the most predominant & most powerful of all? And how else could they have gotten so much publicity out of it & so much propaganda that still rolls along today...constantly talking about the holocaust! Let me tell you, the Jews got more mileage out of Hitler & the Nazis than anybody else in the world!
  • "If it required that a few Jews got destroyed in the process, they were willing to go to any extreme & to that length & to cause a few Jews to be sacrificed that a few might die to save the people!--But not near as many as they claim, of course! Let me tell you the prize was World domination & World Jewish control! Was it worth sacrificing a few thousand Jews to do it? They would say yes!
  • "They begged Jews to go to Israel! They did everything they could to try to get emigration to Israel in the days of the early Zionism, but...they couldn't persuade'm by hook nor crook nor anything! Well, they did finally persuade'm by hook & crook! The swastikad persecution of the Jews by Nazi Germany & throughout Europe did more to help populate Israel & make Israel what it is today than anything else that happened!
  • "They staged the whole thing!--the Nazis, Hitler, Goebels, the war, the persecution, the death camps, the whole thing has worked out to accomplish their purpose & in their favour! And if you want to really know how they work & that they don't hesitate to kill their own to accomplish their ends, just read the famous 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' & some of those other things about the World Jewish Conspiracy, etc.
  • "Was it worth it? What did they get out of it?--The World--and Israel! Was it worth it to the Jews even if it cost a few thousand Jewish lives? To them it was worth it!
  • "What an answer to the whole Jewish problem, the Jewish question, anti-Semitism, the whole works! They staged the whole thing! Ha! That is amazing! That was a real shocker! This is the answer to almost every problem in the World today!--Every war, every financial crisis, everything that happens, they staged the whole thing! The Holocaust & all, they staged the whole thing! They couldn't have picked anything better to further their cause & propagandise their whole thing. They staged the whole thing! ("They Staged The Whole Thing!", 1340:34,35,41-45,47,49-53,56,62, 84,89)
  • They don't mind destroying part of themselves just like they did under Hitler! They were willing, in fact they even encouraged the Hitlerian persecution of Jews & slaughter of Jews, in order to get Hitler to drive them out of Europe so they could populate Israel! They didn't mind seeing the Jews slaughtered. They didn't mind seeing Jews persecuted & beaten up & driven out of their shops & their homes & even into the death camps, as long as it got millions of Jews driven to Israel, literally! ("Tribulation Survival!", 1779:28)
  • So the best thing that ever happened to the Zionist movement was what?--You could put it in one word!--Hitler! Somebody has said that if there hadn't been a Hitler the Jews would have to create him, because they couldn't get those rich Jews out of their cities & out of their banks & out of their industries & even out of their Communist leadership. They couldn't persuade them to go to Israel. Zionism was being virtually defeated until finally along came Hitler. And the news is out now that as he began to persecute the Jews & try to get'm out of Germany, that he even cooperated with the Zionists & they cooperated with him & they couldn't have been happier, because he was helping them ship Jews out of Germany to Israel! So the Zionists liked Hitler & co-operated with him. So as I say, Hitler was the best thing that ever happened to the Jews as far as the Zionists were concerned." ("Daniel 8:9-11!", 2178:5,6 under the heading "HITLER WAS GOOD FOR THE JEWS!")
  • "They staged the whole thing, just like WWII! They certainly staged that thing! getting Russia to come in & cooperate with the United States & Britain & France to lick the only outstanding pro-Christ or anti-Jewish power in the World that was left, Hitler Germany, the Nazis." ("World Currents!--No.23", 2067:19)

Berg: Hitler's mistakes

  • Well, I must say, I think Hitler had more excuse to try to defend his country against the Jews than most countries!--Ha! If he'd have just stuck to that he might have been all right! But he wasn't satisfied with that, he wanted to start defending all of Europe against the Jews & the Communists, he claimed. ("Daniel 8:9-11!", 2178:55)
  • "But like most men, they can't resist the desire to rule the World, and he wasn't satisfied just saving Germany, he had to take over all Europe!" ("From Whence Come Wars!", 601:56)
  • "Hitler tried to wake up the World, but he tried to do it in the way of the flesh...It shows you how wrong you can be & how wrong you can even do right, like he tried to do, but he did it the wrong way. Instead of that he just made a bigger mess out of things. It actually put the Jews almost in total control through that war, put them in total control both in America & in Western Europe. The very evil that he tried to stamp out gained control through what he did." ("The Easter Story!", 972:296)
  • "There were some horrors that occurred in Germany, don't excuse'm! And don't excuse Hitler either. I haven't excused Hitler, I've just said he had plenty of provocation from the Jews." ("Why Anti-Semitism?", 1272:102)
  • Well, I'm no Hitler sympathiser--you've heard me say plenty of things against him so don't misunderstand me. ("World History!--And Russia!", 1767:77)
  • "I don't doubt he was somewhat of a villain, as nearly all dictators are. They have to be partly tough & villainous & tyrannical in order to control the awful people they rule over!" ("The Course of History Must Go On!", 2190:3)
  • "He was trying to save his people and trying to save Europe! Hitler just went too far, he went beyond what he was supposed to do. He went beyond his calling to save Europe from the Communists led by the Jews. But it went to his head! ("The Sooner The Better!", 2231:45)
  • "Now I'm not saying I like Hitler, don't misunderstand me, I think he became a monster! But believe it or not, I think he started out with some of the right ideas. Well, you can see that he obviously made some mistakes which created nothing but Hell on Earth!" ("The God of Empires!", 2095)

Berg: Hitler's death

  • Poor Hitler, he tried to save the World from the Jews but they were so diabolically clever they persuaded both Capitalism & Communism to fight him & kill him! He was a martyr to the cause. ("Current Events Jewels!", 1256:50)
  • "The Jews leading the United States & Britain & France & so on put up a big fight & stopped the war & it killed him with grief--he committed suicide. ("Forbidden Planet!", 1378:75)
  • "'They staged the whole thing!' No wonder Hitler committed suicide, maybe he found out he was being used!" ("They Staged The Whole Thing!", 1340:42,43)
  • There have been a few other people who exposed the Jews. Poor Hitler did for awhile--but look what they did to him!--They destroyed him & his country & divided it. ("Israel's Rights!", 1277:105,108)

Berg: Hitler should have won the war

  • Hitler really thought he had the War won by 1940, until the Japs got the U.S. into it with Pearl Harbour in 1941. If he could have kept the U.S. out, he would have won the War! Sometimes I wonder if it hadn't been better if he had! ("Americans Abroad!", 905:4)
  • "Now take a look at England today & the mess it's in. Dare I ask you this question? Do you think if Hitler had won the war and taken over England & done for England what the Germans have done for Germany, that England would be better off than it is today or worse off? (Family: Better off!) You know it would have been better off! They wouldn't have had that awful war that literally made it lose its entire Empire & slaughter its people!" ("The God of Empires!" "IF HITLER HAD WON THE WAR!", 2095:60)
  • "But in spite of Hitler & all his mistakes, I dare say Europe would probably be better off today & certainly would have been spared World War 2 & all of its slaughter if they had submitted & yielded to Hitler & become a genuine truly united Europe. And do you know what would have happened if that had happened? They wouldn't be fighting Russia today! Europe would have become so strong & so powerful & considered itself Christian, that the Russians wouldn't have even dared challenge them! Hitler would have been able to march in on Russia & would've taken over Communism & obliterated it & made Russia a part of Europe--& he almost did!
  • "I am challenging you with some unthinkable thoughts today, that Europe would have been better off under Hitler than they are today. Who knows but what Germany could have saved Europe? Who knows but what God sent Germany to save Europe from the mess that it's now in? Who knows but what Europe would have been much better off if Germany had taken over & they'd not had World War 2!
  • "If they had submitted, I really believe they would have been better off today. You know good & well that Europe would be better off if Germany were running it!" ("The God of Empires!", 2095:72,73,85,97)

Berg: Why anti-Semitism?

  • "Any Jews ought to know why so few people like them & why every country they go to...they eventually make the countries so mad & themselves to stink so bad that they want to get rid of them & drive them out!--Just like Hitler did. Nearly every nation or empire they ever were hosted by & went to live in finally threw'm out or tried to slaughter'm. Why? Why? Now think of it, why? The cause of anti-Semitism is the damn Semites!--The Jews themselves! They make themselves to stink wherever they go. ("Why Anti-Semitism?", 1272:29,30,36)

Berg and The Family "expose" the Jews

  • Whew! This is dangerous doctrine, beloved! Don't go shouting this from the housetops! Well, I kind of do in my Letters & my publications, but I have to tell the Truth! You've got to know the Truth! How are you going to know if I pussyfoot around, soft-peddle it & don't tell you just because I'm afraid they're going to get me someday!" ("Raiser of Taxes & Rise of the Antichrist!", 2189:104,105)
  • "Sometimes I think it looks to me that we're the only ones who know what's happening!--Ha!--Although there have been a few other people who exposed the Jews. Poor Hitler did for awhile." ("Israel's Rights!", 1277:105)
  • "I obeyed the Lord & went ahead & attacked'm, & exposed'm ...& now we've got a reputation of being anti-Semites! Maybe that's one reason the Lord's blessed us, we've come out in the open & really socked it to'm & exposed'm & we've been fighting'm & exposing'm now for years! ("Lost Opportunities!", 1425:40,49)
  • "If this be treason, make the most of it! You may think that's rewriting history, but that's a fact, that' s history! Call me a Nazi, call me a Fascist!" ("The Sooner The Better!", 2231:46)
  • "You never really heard much of that from any other teacher but me, because it's dangerous doctrine today! It's considered sedition in the United States, & it's even say these terrible things!" ("Worldwide Insanity!", 2025:40)
  • "How about that? It's kind of a strange doctrine & radical teaching, isn't it? I doubt if you ever heard any other preacher dare say these things. They're dangerous!" ("The God of Empires!" 2095:80)
  • "The World is absolutely turned upside down by the Devil & his forces & largely through the Goddamned Jews & their stooges, the negroes!--Boom!--Believe it or not! You say, "Oh boy, now you really sound like a Fascist, now you're really a Nazi! I always wondered just what was down there! Now it's true, KKK's." Well, I can prove it to you & I can show it to you through history & I've written a letter on it." ("The Troublemakers!--And the Solution!", 1222:70,71)
  • "That's a prophet's job & his business, to tell you the facts & the truth that is now being expunged from history, blotted out, hidden, lied about & twisted with a whole new kind of history being written by the Jews!" ("The Antichrist & his Government are Already Here!", 2184:50)

Berg: All Jewish people are Anti-Christs

  • "We've got a reputation of being anti-Semites! Ha! Anti-Jewish. Well, PTL! I guess I am! I'm not against the good Jews, we're the good Jews! Hallelujah!--Or the poor little ignorant Jews at the bottom of the totem pole who don't even know what's going on, that just follow their leaders blindly. But they're to blame too. They're anti-Christ because they don't accept the Lord. So they're just as much to blame because they're blind followers of the blind leaders!" ("Lost Opportunities!", 1425: 40,41)
  • "I'm talking particularly about their leaders: the Scribes & the Pharisees, the Sanhedrin, the Illuminati, the Elders of Zion, the wicked old boys who run the outfit. I feel a little sorry for some of the poor ignorant Jews who are dupes of their leaders, but they too are Christ-haters or they'd no longer be Jews! In fact, they aren't Jews!--We're the only true Jews there are today; true Christians are the real Jews. We don't worship the same God!--They don't even have a god except the Devil." ("The Trouble-makers!--And the Solution!", 1222:92,96)

Berg's "Final Solution" for Jews

  • "Hitler...tried to get rid of them with the so-called final solution, but that wasn't the way to do it. The only way God will ever be able to get rid of the Jews is to send them to Hell permanently! You can't get rid of them by killing them, they multiply too fast. You've gotta send'm to Hell!--which God has & will! The final solution is the Goddamned Jews!--And He has & He will! --And He does every day! That's the final solution & they deserve it!" ("Current Events Jewels!", 1256:50-54)

A parting thought

  • "The Germans need a Hitler to arise to buck those Goddamned Jews! I was just thinking & praying about it, that what the Germans need now is a strong man, a strong Hitler, another Hitler who can buck the Jews. I think they're just about ready for him. They're sick & fed up with Jews again. At least Hitler offered them something, some self-respect, something to stand up for." ("The Jews & the Antichrist!", 1344:1,4)

Does The Family International endorse anti-Semitism?

David Berg believed that the Jewish people are led by shadowy conspiratorial organizations such as the "Elders of Zion" and the "Illuminati", and that their plans to take over the world were documented in the early 1900's in a document known as "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". He frequently claimed that the Jews are manipulating international events to prepare the world for a takeover by the demon-possessed "Despot King of the Blood of Zion", that is, the Antichrist foretold in Bible prophecy.

Despite extensive evidence that "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was a fraud, internal literature by The Family International still contains material about the "Antichrist International Jewish Conspiracy against Gentile Christendom." Further, current Family leader Karen Zerby (known as Mama Maria by members) has encouraged the publishing of material about Jewish conspiracy theories.

In November 1982, after watching the movie SKOKIE, Berg had a revelation that the Jews had orchestrated Hitler, the Second World War and the Holocaust:

"They staged the whole thing!--the Nazis, Hitler, Goebels, the war, the persecution, the death camps, the whole thing has worked out to accomplish their purpose! And if you want to really know how they work & that they don't hesitate to kill their own to accomplish their ends, just read the famous 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'... about the World Jewish Conspiracy, etc." ("They Staged The Whole Thing!", 1340:53)

At the time, most members of The Family had not read the Protocols, so in December 1982, Zerby urged Berg to publish them for The Family:

"(Maria: That's what the Jews say they're going to do in the Protocols...) She wants me to take 20 pages & publish that. I hate to publish that kind of stuff, I hate to publish the horrors & the bad news, but it's not the Devil's propaganda, it's God's exposé of their chicanery & their wickedness & their machinery & what they're planning! ("Time Is Short!", 1347:143)

That same month, Good News 22 was published containing an edited version of the Protocols. Following is the accompanying introduction:

"Our editor's intro: I am convinced that the following are what they claim to be. The basic principles of the Antichrist International Jewish Conspiracy against Gentile Christendom, an outline of their plans, tactics & methods of destroying Christ-ianity & conquering the World for their false messiah, the Anti-christ 'King of Zion' as they call him, 'our Sovereign Lord'--the Devil in person. They have now accomplished nearly all their goals outlined herein except the final Antichrist takeover." ("The Program of the Antichrist!", 1342:1,2)

There is still a great deal of misinformation about Jewish history and the Holocaust specifically amongst current and former members of The Family International today. Many have accepted from Berg's writings that the persecution of WWII Jews was wildly exaggerated, based on manufactured facts and falsified statistics. Mention of world events being manipulated by powerful conspirators and "big money boys" from behind the scenes continues to be a common theme within internal Family publications, though specific references to the Jews in this context has become less frequent.

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