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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally offensive or illegal and we collect them here to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities.

David Berg practiced and condoned incest, seeing "man's laws" as a nuisance.

From Sex With Grandmother. DFO 1535 6/11/82

10 I REMEMBER MY HEART WAS POUNDING & I WAS ACTUALLY SO EMBARRASSED THAT I DON’T RECALL SAYING A WORD! I think I was almost stunned speechless & even horrified that maybe my Mother was having sexual thoughts about me!—Which she may have been for all I know, & I wouldn’t blame her! Her husband had not been living with her for a long time & she was a woman with a lot of drive, of Jewish background—& Jewesses are notoriously very sexy—& here she was sleeping in bed with a strong virile young man, right next to him on a cold night, & now wrapped around him trying to get warm! She surely must have had some small sensation, if not more, even as I was having!

11 AND PERHAPS IF I HAD NOT BEEN SO CONSERVATIVE & EXTREMELY NARROW-MINDED IN MY THEOLOGY & RELIGION AT THAT TIME & so absolutely frightened by my Mother’s seeming abandon at the moment, I might have reacted a little more responsively & perhaps have satisfied both of us & our tremendous sexual needs, & it could have developed into a beautiful sexual relationship!

52 BUT HERE [IN A DREAM] ON THE FLOWERY BED OF LOVE IN THE GARDEN OF LOVE OUR LOVE WAS FINALLY FULFILLED! Maybe that’s going to be in the Millennium when finally we shall "know even as also we are known" & a lot of things will be different & better & “against such love there is no law." "All things are lawful unto me," the Apostle said, "even though all things now are not expedient." (1Co.13:12; Ga.5:23; 1Co.6:12) They will be then, because we’ll all understand better then.

53 I CAN IMAGINE THAT THEN, PERHAPS THE LOVE THAT I HAD FOR MY MOTHER COULD CERTAINLY BLOSSOM into an even closer relationship sexually if we are so inclined. For as you know, there is sex in Heaven! Not marriage, we shall be like the angels of God, but angels had sex with the daughters of men & still do with me!—Female angels, thank God! (Mt.22:30; Gen.6:2)

From GN BK.11:

8 QUESTION: (MARIA: Is there anything against incest in the Bible?)

ANSWER: Sure, the old Mosaic Law, which is no longer in effect! (Maria: I thought there wasn't anything in the Bible against it?) It's not really clear in the Bible, but there are plenty of man’s laws against it, even the marriage of first cousins! Incest has been known to bring out either the strengths or weaknesses of a family, & it often produces either geniuses or idiots, just like any other inbreeding. With farm animals, for example, you can inbreed in such a way as to improve the line or the strain, or you can do it in the wrong way & make it worse. But with God in control, there's no problem but man's anti-God laws! Cain & Seth obviously married their sisters, & Lot married his own two daughters without any problems!—But watch out for man!

100 QUESTION: My son and I have a very close and loving relationship. Is there a risk of producing abnormal offspring if son & mother make love? Was there a specific reason that it was forbidden under the Mosaic Law?

ANSWER: See question No.8 on incest.

From Heaven’s Children Ch.21 Grandpa Goes to Earth. 1987

Editor's Note: Techi is Berg's step daughter.

65 AT FIRST I AM A LITTLE CONCERNED ABOUT WHO MARIA MIGHT BE SLEEPING WITH, & that I might be somewhat affected by someone else’s presence in the bed, even as we make love in her dreams. But lo & behold, I am to discover that it is Techi (Editor: Berg's step daughter) who is sleeping with Maria! Instead of competition, here are both of my two lovely lovers in bed together!

67 THEN I TURN TO TECHI, & SHE TOO IS DREAMING OF ME—her dear old Grandpa-lover! She had always said that when she grew up she only wanted to marry me & have my children! Of course, as there are no longer any such thing as Man's legalistic laws against incest in the loving Kingdom of God, everyone loves everyone & is completely free in His all-encompassing Love! So I make wonderful, sweet, precious love to my now beautiful teenaged Techi! She seems thrilled & delighted with having this wonderful love-dream with Grandpa, excited & satisfied that she has some time, even in her dreams, with her long-beloved Grandpa! (Psa.84:11)

From The Devil Hates Sex!—But God Loves It! DFO 999 20 May, 1980

20 (MARIA: WELL WHAT ABOUT INCEST?—THAT’S A BIG BIG QUESTION IN THE FAMILY RIGHT NOW.) Honey, this subject of incest is so dangerous I hardly dare talk about it in the privacy of our own bedroom! I mean the System practically goes beserk when you talk about incest! (Maria: Well, we’ll just have to tell the kids that it’s not prohibited by God, but you’d better watch out because it’s dangerous!) Of course it is!

21 IT IS THE MOST DANGEROUS FORM OF SEX & THE MOST PROHIBITED BY THE SYSTEM!—As far as the System goes & as far as the law goes it is absolutely taboo! Illegal! Dangerous! The System & the Systemites are so absolutely crazy on the subjects they would practically lynch you & string you up & not even wait for a trial or have you arrested or anything, that’s just the way they are!—Insane!

22 IT’S BEEN SO INGRAINED & INDOCTRINATED IN THEM NOW FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS beginning with the Jews & right on with the Catholic Church. The whole idea that sex is so wicked & sinful, so vile & horrible, so awful & the worst of all sins, & so the worst of all sexual sins is with children. “How could you besmirch & defile & violate your own child?—An under-age minor!”

23 I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL AGE HAS GOT TO DO WITH IT when God made’m able to enjoy it practically from the time they’re born! But though God didn’t count them as under age to have sexual feelings & sexual responses & sexual nerves & sexual orgasms from the time they’re born, the System prohibits them from having them until they’re 18 to 21 years of age!

24 IT JUST SHOWS YOU HOW THE SYSTEM IS THE TOOL OF THE DEVIL & IS THE BIGGEST ENEMY OF SEX THERE IS! They only allow sex as long as they can control it & use it & capitalise on it & make money on it & control people with it!—Just like the Catholic Church & the government does! Whew! It makes me so mad!

25 AND MY GOD, YOU DON’T DARE TALK ABOUT INCEST, it’s almost a word you don’t dare even hardly pronounce in private, much less engage in it! You can’t even teach your own children about sex! You can be accused of incest or corrupting a minor or promoting juvenile delinquency or contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I mean there are oodles of all kinds of crazy laws about sex.