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Bergisms refer to David Berg's personal idiosyncrasies for the administration of The Family International's affairs.

Examples of this include the overuse of exclamation points (once exclaiming "ordinary people used periods, but world-changers used exclamation points!") and excessive abbreviation of common words (e.g. "GBY", "GBAKY", "TTL", "PTL", etc).

Berg was especially concerned with saving anywhere and everywhere. This would extend into publication guidelines requiring the use of "&" over "and" in order to save space in publications. In the early days, he would require washing used plastic bags, using dishwater to flush toilets, and using only three sheets of toilet paper.

Berg was also fond of overusing "Ha!", in his writings, as an interjection emoting amusement or hilarity in a given subject.

Many of these practices and writing styles in particular have become commonplace throughout The Family.

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