Bible woman

From XFamily - Children of God

A woman with a natural, non-cosmetic appearance, who goes out of her way to care for men around her. In the past, Family women were discouraged from wearing "worldy" attire or make-up. In Mo Letters such as Mountin Maid, Revolutionary Women, and Come On, Ma! Burn Ya' Bra!, David Berg expressed his preference for women with long flowing hair, little or no make-up, and few or no undergarments.

As a result of these publicized fetishes, many Family women had their bras confiscated by leadership and were discouraged from shaving their legs or underarms. Obesity was also highly criticized, and occasionally even grounds for a member to be moved to a lower membership status.

These guidelines have since become near obsolete, and Family women may, within limitations, do as they please in regards to fashion and cosmetics.