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The primary Victor Camp in Brazil was located in the state of São Paulo, in the home known by the name "São Paulo Farm".

This Victor Program was initiated due to the theft of chocolate and other goods from the home's pantry by two second generation members and subsequently expanded to include around a dozen teenagers.

The Victors in this victor camp were removed to a building near the barn, and thusly segregated from the general population of the home.

This victor camp did not feature as much corporal punishment as did victor camps in other locations, such as Macau or Japan and punishment primarily consisted of permanent silence restriction, loss of movie night and get out privileges, and long periods of manual labour.

Manual labour was required on a daily basis and Victors in this camp spent daylight hours, working outdoors on various projects that included gardening, removing mud from a dam, and disposal of bovine feces and trash.

Last Chance Home

In the 90s there was a "last chance" home in Belo Horizonte where entire families were sent and placed on a probationary "last chance" status. They were in the home with the understanding that changes in their behavior, beliefs or even ambiguous "attitudes" were required in order for them to remain within the group.

In this home, a Victor Camp of sorts existed for the entire classes of children and teenagers.