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The Family initially stressed early education, but only at elementary levels. Advanced education was discouraged (see publication "To Hell with Homer") or forbidden.

The Childcare Handbook II


Opening page: The Childcare Handbook II:

I consider for our children right now, the best education you can possibly get is in the Word, in the Bible and in the Mo letters. I wouldn't advise any of our children to look forward to trying to get any kind of education above, frankly, the high school level, even junior high school level or hardly grade school level. As long as they can read and write and figure the 3 Rs, Reading Riting and Rithmetic [sic]. The best education they can get is an education in the Word and faith and survival and mobility and preaching the Gospel, right now!

Childcare Handbook Vol. II School Days Part One is prefaced with Berg's message, "I wouldn't at all advise any of our children to look forward to trying to get any kind of education above, frankly, the high school level, even junior high school level or hardly grade school level."

The quality of the elementary education ranged from superb to non-existent (in communes where the work children needed to perform precluded education).


We are not against education at least not our kind! The basic meaning of the Latin roots of the word literally means to lead out and this is surely what were trying to do- lead people out of the Pit of the Devils education materialism and sin and darkness- into his glorious light. But secular, materialistic, deceitful, lying, anti-god, anti-Christ, anti-bible, anti-prayer public education that makes raging monsters of its children on drugs, we are against. Nevertheless, a little of the worlds education sometimes can help in a few instances where you deal with the world and meet the system on its own grounds. How much formal education should we give our children to enable them to live in our present day society? How much education do our children need to be able to understand the Mo letters and the Bible? We should have a basic education for our children, the old 3R's. Our children need only what is known as basic education up to 6th grade education is about all our kids need.

Teaching Tips

Because were not going into life to try and make scientists of money-making businessmen out of our kids, their basic school education shout be to be accomplished within six or seven years at the very most. All they really need is the 3 R's & the 3 G's.

And now we have our own educational textbook for our own children! With everything you need to know for your child's education from babyhood through elementary education! The best education in this world, after all, our homes should be places where children learn about Jesus not the systems propaganda. There is so much to teach our kids out of the mo letters, why should we teach them anything else.


Its my conviction that children are allowed a normal, natural God-made sex life, then later when it comes to puberty & they move into complete sexual relationships & have extremely strong sexual urges, which god intended. Lord bless our children that they may be brought up naturally, in the way you intended & made them to be & the way they naturally are it they're permitted to be natural


Disciplining a child is hard work. Spanking & lecturing & punishing & keeping up with a child & catching him in everything hes done wrong is hard work.

You can't let them get away with a thing; otherwise you'll end up with a spoiled child who thinks he can get away with murder!

Now the little bottom is not very often the offending member unless it sits somewhere it shouldn't, but it makes a very handy well-padded spot to apply the chastisement where it not going to damage anything, but the child is still able to feel if effectively. I usually used the Handel end of a fly swatter & it does sting! Sometimes it leaves little red lines, stripes, but by their stripes they are healed. Never hit in a place that could injure them. My policy was two warnings & the third time was the charm or the harm in which I socked it to em. I used to tell Mom that the time to stop spanking is not when they're screaming, its when they stop screaming & beg for mercy. So I used to threaten them & say, Now the louder you scream, the harder I'm going to spank you! You can tell the difference between a really hurt cry and a made cry of hurt feelings: They don't cry as hard or as loud when their bodies ate getting hurt as when their feelings are getting hurt. So Keep laying it on until you know they really are sorry & really aren't going to do it again, because you've made them plenty sorry & they know that if they're going to get that kind of a spanking. The bible says spare not the child for his crying. Remember when child-training the Chastening. A child not only has to love you, but hes also got to be controlled through fear, he has to fear you & not be allowed to get away with anything.

When tested by social workers The Family would sometimes hide most of the children and leave the brightest or most educated to be tested. In the Heavenly City School, for example, raid drills were practiced and some children would hide in the bomb shelter or leave through the back into the woods when a "wolf jingle" was played on the PA system.