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List of past and present homes



  • The Heavenly City School (HCS), Tateyama, Chiba-Ken, Japan
  • International Video Ministry (IVM), Tateyama, Chiba-Ken, Japan
  • Training Center (TC), Outside of Bangkok, Thailand
  • JETT I, Bangkok, Thailand
  • JETT II, Bangkok, Thailand
  • JETT III, Bangkok, Thailand

Australia and Oceanea


  • Aurora Home, Flüelen (near Altdorf and Lake of Lucerne), Switzerland
  • Border Base, Nagymaros (north of Budapest), Hungary
  • EURCRO Office, Flüelen (near Altdorf and Lake of Lucerne), Switzerland
  • MM Home, Leányfalu (north of Budapest near Visegrád), Hungary
  • The Embassy, Warsaw, Poland
  • The Rome Combo, Rome, Italy
  • The School (Poland), Skierniewice (south-west of Warsaw), Poland

North America

  • Friendswood, Houston, Texas
  • The D.C. Home, Washington D.C., USA

South America

  • The Enterprise, Chaclacayo (east of Lima), Peru
  • The School (Ecuador), Cumbaya (east of Quito), Ecuador