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!colspan="5"| <h3 style="font-size:110%; margin:0; padding:0;">[[2000s]]</h3>
!colspan="5"| <h3 style="font-size:110%; margin:0; padding:0;">[[2000s]]</h3>
| [https://media.xfamily.org/video/tv/fox-oreilly-2006-10-11.wmv Fox News: The O'Reilly Factor: Child Custody Dispute in San Diego]
| 2006-10-11 || 4:49 || 37.2MB
| [[Montel Williams: Sex Abuse and Mind Control: Raised in a Cult]]  <small>('''Download:''' [https://media.xfamily.org/video/tv/montel-2005-10-24.avi AVI] [https://media.xfamily.org/video/tv/montel-2005-10-24.wmv WMV])</small>
| [[Montel Williams: Sex Abuse and Mind Control: Raised in a Cult]]  <small>('''Download:''' [https://media.xfamily.org/video/tv/montel-2005-10-24.avi AVI] [https://media.xfamily.org/video/tv/montel-2005-10-24.wmv WMV])</small>

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Television coverage

Note: For media coverage in print, see Category:Press.
Title Transcript Date Length Size


Fox News: The O'Reilly Factor: Child Custody Dispute in San Diego 2006-10-11 4:49 37.2MB
Montel Williams: Sex Abuse and Mind Control: Raised in a Cult (Download: AVI WMV) Transcript 2005-10-24 40:56 128.8MB
Featured video icon60 Minutes Australia: Sinful Acts Transcript 2005-10-16 15:59 64.8MB
CBS Local News San Diego: 'The Family' Religious Sect Has Ties to San Diego 2005-10-03 3:16 5.9MB
Dr. Phil: The Family Cult Escapees (Download: WMV) Transcript 2005-10-03 36:59 93.8MB
60 Minutes New Zealand: The Children of God Transcript 2005-08-22 27:15 81.7MB
Dateline NBC: A Child Lost Transcript 2005-08-19 17:24 46.5MB
FOX: A Current AffairTabloid overview of The Family and Ricky Rodriguez. (Download: AVI) 2005-05-09 11:05 31.6MB
CBS Local News San Diego: FBI Launches Investigation Into Sex Cult 2005-04-04 2:56 5.3MB
CBS Local News San Diego: People Raised in Sex Cult Gather for Memorial 2005-03-26 2:03 3.7MB
CBS Local News San Diego: Religious Sect Has Ties to Two Local Charities Transcript 2005-02-17 4:00 7.2MB
CBS Local News San Diego: Cult Member Responds to Abuse Allegations 2005-02-11 3:38 6.5MB
CBS Local News San Diego: Dulzura Charity Funded Accused Child Molester 2005-02-10 3:21 6MB
ABC Primetime Live: Tale of the Tape Transcript 2005-01-27 18:36 46.7MB
CNN Anderson Cooper 360°: Murder-Suicide Leads to Secretive Cult Transcript 2005-01-18 20:43 52.5MB
ABC Good Morning America: Family International Cult Under Scrutiny After Murder-Suicide Transcript 2005-01-18
Featured video iconDateline NBC: Losing FaithOn estranged children of cults. Focuses on Julia McNeil's life in and after The Family. (Download: AVI) 2004-07-16 16:26 41.7MB


ABC ExtraZack Prendergast "Parent of the Year" controversy. 1999-08-06 3:12 1.2MB
NBC Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric (Download: AVI) 1993-09-08 14:27 38.3MB
CBS News with Paula Zahn Transcript 1993-09-03 1:47 5.7MB
CNN Headline News Transcript 1993-09-03 3:07 10.7MB
American Journal with Nancy Glass (Download: AVI) 1993-09 7:33 23.6MB


ABC News 20/20: To Bring Her Children HomeVivian Shillander's story of removing her children from The Family. (Download: WMV AVI) 1988-07-15 29:27 52.8MB
» Discovery Channel: The Justice FilesBrief update on the Shillanders (duplicate footage from 20/20 removed). 1993 4:26 5.7MB


CBS Evening News: Jesus Movement Spreading to England (Download:AVI) 1973-04-26 5:23 16.8MB
NBC Evening News: Children of God (Download:AVI) 1972-03-05 3:48 11.8MB


Telemundo: Maria Laria: Niños de Dios II 1993-10 44:05 75.7MB
Telemundo: Ocurrio Asi 1993-09 26:43 74.4MB
Telemundo: Ocurrio Asi: Lo Mejor de lo Mejor 1993-09 03:24 9.6MB
Telemundo: Cara a Cara con Maria Laria: Fui prostituida en una secta 1991-07-02 27:31 76.5MB


Title Date Length Size
Featured video iconCult Killer: The Rick Rodriguez Story (Download: WMV) 2006-08-21 52:51 (47:53) 129MB

Featured video iconThe Love Prophet and the Children of God (Download: AVI)"An inside look at the controversial religious movement and its infamous founder."
By DLI Productions. Awards: Best Biography, Gold Plaque, Chicago International Television Competition, 1998.

1998 52:22 151MB

Family videos

DISCLAIMER: Videos by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts. We collect them here to document their existence and the history and practices of the organization but do not condone the points of view or activities.

See also: Category:Family Videos
Title Date Length Size

Publicly distributed

Insight: Experts comment on The Family and other New Religous MovementsPublic relations video produced and distributed by The Family. Appearances by friends and supporters of The Family including Eileen Barker, Allen R. Brockway, David Casterline, Bart Cox, Rex Davis, Charlotte Hardman, Rick Lannoye, James Lewis, Lawrence Lilliston, Gordon Melton, David Millikan, Christopher Murphy, Ellen D. Oliver, George Roberston, Gary Shepherd, Jack Thompson and Bryan Wilson. 1994 1:05:45 154MB

Internal videos

A Day At The JumboVideo tour of the Philippines Jumbo. 1987-10-27 12:33 29.7MB
Fellowship At The JumboVideo footage from a fellowship meeting at the Philippines Jumbo. 1987-09-26 18:21 43.3MB
"One Wife" ClassGrant Montgomery teaches a class on the Mo Letter "One Wife" at a Y.E.S. fellowship in the Philippines. 1987 8:55 21.2MB
Class at Y.E.S. MeetingPaul Peloquin teaching a class at a Y.E.S. meeting in the Philippines. 1987 4:36 11MB
Security Skit at Y.E.S. MeetingA skit about following security procedures. 1987 2:58 7.2MB
Report to Dad and Maria from AustraliaA video report to David Berg and Karen Zerby from a couple in Australia and their son. In the video, a father reports that two children have shared sexually with their stepmother, Sally. An excerpt of this video was featured on 60 Minutes Australia: Sinful Acts. early 1980s 6:36 15.6MB
Flirty Fishing in Osaka-Kobe, JapanFamily members in Osaka, Japan report on their Flirty Fishing activities. mid-1980s 10:17 24.4MB
Nightclub visits in Osaka-Kobe, JapanFamily members in Osaka, Japan report on their visits to nightclubs to raise funds and sell tapes. mid-1980s 7:18 17.3MB
Selling tapes in Osaka-Kobe, JapanFamily members in Osaka, Japan report on selling tapes office-to-office and door-to-door. mid-1980s 4:01 10.2MB
German/Dutch LIM/LIT-PIC 1981 ReportNew Year's Eve 1981 report from the German/Dutch Lit-Pic/LIM 1981-12-31 8:02 18.46MB
Mexico Teens On The Road To California Mexico teens visit California mid-1980s 9:57 23.62MB
Teens sing "Dad, We're Going To Carry It On"Teens sing a song for David Berg mid-1980s 1:57 4.75MB
Teens sing "We Believe in You"Teens sing a song for David Berg mid-1980s 3:09 7.68MB


Title Transcript Date Length Size
Ricky Rodriguez video Transcript 2005-01-07 56:38 26.4MB
Samuel Ajemian (RealMedia) — Interview with Samuel Ajemian 1996 14:53 2.2MB
Miriam WilliamsInterview with Heaven's Harlots author Miriam Williams 1995 29:37 13.2MB

Ricky Rodriguez memorial

Footage of the memorial held for Ricky Rodriguez on 2005-03-26.

Title Length Size
Rick Memorial 1 29:54 69.1MB
Rick Memorial 2 53:41 123MB
Channel8 Footage 1 19:17 54.7MB
Channel8 Footage 2 29:00 93.4MB

Short clips

The following excerpts of footage listed above are primarily used to help illustrate relevant articles throughout this website.

Title Excerpted from Length Size
Children explain "My Little Fish" to reporter ABC 20/20: To Bring Her Children Home 1:05 2.8MB
Deborah Davis on Flirty Fishing and her father David Berg ABC 20/20: To Bring Her Children Home 1:07 1.9MB
Merry Berg and other former second-generation members speak about their experiences in The Family NBC Now, 1993-09 4:17 7.7MB
David Berg replaces his original wife, Jane Miller Berg with Karen Zerby The Love Prophet 0:45 1.9MB
Jane Miller Berg talks about her husband's infidelity The Love Prophet 0:24 1.0MB
Steven Kelly talks about how he became "King Peter" The Love Prophet 0:33 1.4MB
Faith Berg describes how Flirty Fishing began The Love Prophet 1:10 3.0MB
Steven Kelly talks about the exorcisms of Merry Berg The Love Prophet 1:08 2.9MB
An adult female dances nude on video for David Berg while children watch The Love Prophet 1:01 2.6MB
Mention of Paul Péloquin's abuse history ABC Primetime Live, 2005-01-27 1:07 1.9MB