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David Brandt Berg (February 18, 1919 - October 1994) was born in Oakland, California, USA on February 18, 1919 to Hjalmer Emmanuel Berg and Rev. Virginia Lee Brandt (a Christian evangelist; she died in 1968). David was the youngest of three children, with a brother, Hjalmer, born in 1911, and a sister, Virginia, born in September, 1915. Virginia Brandt is the daughter of Rev. John Lincoln Brandt, preacher, author, and lecturer of Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Early years (1919 - 1948)

David Berg graduated from Monterey High School (in California) in 1935 and later attended Elliott School of Business Administration.

Christian and Missionary Alliance minister (1948 - 1954)

Berg, like his father, became a minister in the Christian and Missionary Alliance and was placed at Valley Farms, Arizona, USA. Berg was eventually expelled from the organization for differences in teachings and for alleged sexual misconduct with a church employee.

Soul Clinic with Fred Jordan (1954 - 1968)

Fred Jordan, Berg's friend and boss, allowed Berg and his personal family to open a branch of his Soul Clinic in Miami, Florida, USA as a missionary training school. After running into trouble with local authorities for his aggresive methods of proselytizing, Berg moved his family to Fred Jordan's Texas Soul Clinic.

The Children of God/The Family (1968 - 1994)

David Berg (also known as King David, Mo, Moses David, Father David, Dad, or Grandpa to members of the Children of God), in 1968, founded the new religious movement/cult/missionary organization known as the Children of God, later known as The Family of Love or The Family and currently The Family International.

Berg and his entourage have lived in the following countries (among others) over the years:

He lived in total seclusion and secrecy from his followers and, along with Karen Zerby, is thought to have used a fake Australian passport when traveling.

Berg died in 1994 and was buried in Costa de Caparica, Portugal (his remains have since been cremated). His organization is currently led by his widow Karen Zerby (whom he took as a soi-disant "second-wife" in August of 1969; known as Mama Maria or Queen Maria in the Children of God) and Steven Douglas Kelly (an American also known as Christopher Smith, Peter Amsterdam, or King Peter in the Children of God).

Personal family

David Berg married his first wife, Jane Miller (known as "Mother Eve" in the Children of God), on July 22, 1944 in Glendale, California. They had four children together:

  • Linda (b. September 10 1945, known as "Deborah" in the Children of God);
    • m#1. John/Jethro
    • m#2. Bill Davis (known as "Isaiah" in the Children of God)
      • Alexander David (b. August 1975)
  • Paul Brandt (b. June 21 1947, known as "Aaron" in the Children of God and very likely committed suicide in April 1973 near Geneva, Switzerland);
      • Merry Berg (b. 1972, known as "Mene" in the Children of God)
  • Jonathan Emanuel (b. January 1949, known as "Hosea" in the Children of God); and
    • m. Luranna Nolind (known as "Esther" in the Children of God)
  • Faithy (b. February 1951)
    • m. Arnold Dietrich (also known as "Archbishop Joshua" in the Children of God)

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