Discipleship Training Revolution

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Discipleship Training Revolution (or DTR) was a series of seminars held throughout the world with the purpose of "re-training" everyone from the local leadership to teenagers. It began in 1991.

As defined by The Family International

Discipleship Training Revolution!—An Open Letter to All JETTs & Teens!

— By Maria; Maria#142 ML#2677 DO; 1991-02

28. Many of you attended TTCs or YESs or JETT Camps, & there you dedicated your lives to Jesus!--You determined to give your all, 100%, to give it all you've got & make Him proud of you, & to do all that you can to win others to His cause. Now is your chance to re-dedicate your lives, to bring the best of your TTC training, the best of your Family training, the best of your Teen Combo training, the best of the Victor training, & the best of our new disciple babes training into our Homes! Let's put it all together, the best of everything, & make our Homes the very best Homes they can possibly be! And let's not call this training program the Victor Program or the TTC Program or the Babes Program, but the Discipleship Training Revolution (the DTR), so we can all be the best disciples for Jesus, so we can all be 100% disciples for Jesus!

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