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28. I'm sorry, but it doesn't look like we're going to have dear Michael Landon in Heaven, but we will have Timothy. I guess you heard that Timothy Concerned passed away about three weeks ago. Michael Landon was only 54, & of course Timothy was even younger than that, around 40. Tim got melanoma, a very serious cancer that you get from sunbathing. The Chain were great sun-worshippers.

29. It started with a big round black spot on his skin. It's a skin cancer, & it's one of the most deadly of all the cancers, because it can suddenly spread out through your entire system. It spread to Tim's brain & he was dead in just a few weeks. He went to Switzerland to a specialist to try to get some treatment, but nothing helped. At least we know he believed in the Lord, he just didn't love Him quite enough. So I'm sure he's gone to be with the Lord & I'm sure the Lord will be able to teach him a lot of things he needs to know.

37. The same thing with Timothy. He forsook us & the Lord's Work. We never really heard anything good or anything he did for the Lord after that. He went back just to be with his wife (Deb [EDITED: "Cornia"]) & his lover, Rachel. But now he knows better, & he's gone to be with the Lord, so there are a lot better chances for him. PTL!

Source: MICHAEL LANDON! DO 2701 6/91

2. It's very dangerous! Timothy Concerned just died of melanoma, cancer of the skin, due to too much sun! He & Rachel were great sun-worshippers too. (Maria: Some people think being tanned is sophisticated & "cool.") Well, it's very bad for your skin; it dries it out & causes wrinkles. And the harmful ultraviolet rays can cause melanoma, which Timothy, Techi's flesh father, has just died of! When people get a bad cancer of the skin, it often goes inward & passes around through the rest of the body until it kills them. Tim's went to his brain & killed him!

Timothy—Lost His Crown!

15. Poor Timothy! Lord, I really loved him, but I was really disappointed in him. He had one of the highest callings in the World, one of the greatest opportunities, to be one of the leaders of the Revolution, & he fluked out because he loved this present World!—2Tim.4:10. Lord bless & help & be merciful to Timothy, Lord. He made the wrong decision, but he was under a lot of strain & a lot of pressure. To have lost his crown would almost be punishment enough, to know what he missed & how he disappointed You & me, Lord.

16. You'd think Deborah would get something like that considering all of the horrible things she did! At least Timothy never worked against us that I know of. (Maria: Well, for a woman to be left with her children & have the husband be the one who goes is probably a lot harder than if she herself were the one that was taken.) Well, yes, but I was talking about my Deborah, not Timothy's wife Deborah (Cornia). (Maria: Well, it's sort of the same thing. Probably what she has to endure in this life, the things that go on & the different suffering, is worse than just getting it over with quickly, getting cancer & dying. It's probably more difficult to endure life!)

37. I don't want God's body, God's property, lying out there being destroyed by the ultraviolet rays of the sun & their own disobedience! The Lord promises "the sun shall not smite us by day" (Psa.121:6), but that's only if we do our part. Timothy, who deserted us & his own daughter & the Family & went back to the World, undoubtedly sunbathed too much & got melanoma, & is now dead because of disobedience, his forsaking the Lord's Work & his king & his queen & even his own daughter! Pitiful, pitiful! Oh, the fate of these backsliders is so pitiful! "The way of the transgressor is hard!"--Pro.13:15.

38. May this be a warning to the errant & those who are tempted to backslide! Here are two cases: One who went ahead & backslid & the Lord killed him, & one who is in the process of backsliding if she doesn't repent! Amen? She's already backslidden against me to a degree by breaking Family rules. She already left me & my rules & my orders & defiantly disobeyed me in front of others.


43. The vision someone sent us of Timothy Concerned being too ashamed to come before Dad because of the way he had failed also portrayed some condemnation even in Heaven. But now that Timothy has been able to ask Dad's forgiveness, what do you bet that that will be the end of it and that burden will be lifted? If he accepts the forgiveness, he won't have a problem with it any more--just like us.

46. And if Dad has his way, what do you suppose he will assign Timothy to do? I have a feeling it will be like Edison with his apprentice who broke the light bulb, but he turned around and trusted him with the next one! (See "Good Thots" 2, page 1286, #287.) I got the distinct impression that now that Timothy has suffered and been forgiven for his failures, Dad would tell him, "Son, I want you to be the one that has the special job of tuning in to Techi and doing all you can to help her now!" Not that Grandpa won't be right there looking over his shoulder to make sure his precious Techi is okay, but it would be just like Dad, with his great love and forgiveness, to want to share this responsibility with Timothy.

70. The Lord says He is going to wipe away our tears, so obviously there are some tears in Heaven (Rev.7:17, 21:4). In the vision someone got of Timothy Concerned, it was very clear that Timothy was crying when he met Dad. I don't think folks in Heaven will cry about what we on earth have done to them, but I think they might cry for what they have done to hurt us. They may feel condemnation over failures here on earth, just as we also feel condemnation for our failures, which neither they nor we have to suffer once we realize that we are truly forgiven. In Timothy's case, it looks like he didn't have his taken care of until Dad got there and he could ask Dad's personal forgiveness.

Source: JEWELS ON DAD'S HOMEGOING!--No.2! Comp.11/94 Maria #254 DO 2971

2. If you're suffering from condemnation, you'll be thrilled to read words of instruction and comfort from three Heavenly Counselors who can speak from personal experience, who have personal testimonies of overcoming condemnation. Don't miss this invaluable counsel from none other than the Apostles Paul and Peter, and Timothy Concerned!

53. In our Family history we have cases of those who have struggled with great condemnation. Bithia has had to fight to overcome the condemnation of the Enemy for the part she played in the persecution of our Family, getting their Homes raided and the members thrown into prison and their children taken away, and all the physical, spiritual and emotional suffering which that caused the Family worldwide. But the Lord is giving her the victory as she holds on to His forgiveness and refuses to listen to the Enemy!

54. And then there was Timothy Concerned, Techi's flesh father, who worked closely with Dad and me as our right hand man and who was a very important and needed part of our team. But he grew weary in well doing and laid down his crown and left the Lord's service! That was over 16 years ago, and now he's in Heaven with Jesus! He, of course, suffered great condemnation, too!

A Message from Timothy Concerned

87. (Prophecy, Timothy Concerned speaking:) Hi, Jesse. You don't know me, you probably have heard very little about me. But your parents know me well, or at least they know my story. My name is Timothy Concerned. I too know and experienced condemnation for years and years in my life because I made a grave mistake. I left my plow, I deserted my post, I deserted the king and the queen when they needed me. I loved the things of this world more than I loved the Lord. I desired reputation and riches more than the Spirit of God and His Kingdom. So I left. I turned my back and I walked away. The Lord was trying to speak to my heart. He was trying to check me and He was trying to stop me, but my heart was hardened through pride, through self-righteousness, through the deceitfulness of riches and shallow love relationships.

88. But before long I realized the error of my way, and deep, dark heavy condemnation came upon my soul. The Devil tormented me day and night! Finally, Jesse, I went to be with the Lord. I finally came into His Kingdom, into His Paradise. I went to my reward, and I found forgiveness in the Lord. I finally found sweet relief and deliverance from the condemnation of the Enemy. I saw that the Lord still loved me and He forgave me in spite of my horrible, horrible failure. I could have lived a rich life for Him, full of His blessings and fruit, but instead I turned my back and I left my plow and it was a pitiful, pitiful loss.

89. But even after I found the Lord's forgiveness, I was still embarrassed and ashamed to meet Dad. I felt I could hardly look in his eyes, I was so, so ashamed. But you know, Jesse, I have experienced and felt Dad's forgiveness. Do you know that when he came to Heaven he sought me out, he looked for me? I didn't have the guts to go to him and ask his forgiveness, so he came and sought me out. And when I fell at his feet and asked his forgiveness, he immediately raised me up and took me in his arms and said, "I love you, son. I forgive you!" 90. He has also said this to you, Jesse. He has forgiven you, and the Lord has forgiven you. So, dear sweet boy, receive this forgiveness, and don't let the condemnation and the guilt of the Enemy destroy your life as it destroyed mine. Turn and face Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face and receive all that He has to give you. You will not be disappointed and you will go on to fulfill the mission that the Lord has for you in your life. And when you come to meet the Lord, He will say unto you, "Well done, My good and faithful Jesse, enter into My joy! Come into your reward! Come to your blessing! Come to My arms!"

91. And when you meet Grandpa he will say, "Good boy, Jesse! I'm proud of you for how you fought and won, and how you overcame the attacks of the Enemy. Well done, son, well done! I love you and I'm proud of you!"

92. So don't take a chance on missing out on this commendation from the Lord and from Dad, Jesse. Fight for it! Fight for your place in the Kingdom. Desire it and respect it and want it more than anything else in this world. Don't lose your crown or desert your plow like I did, for the Lord has great and marvelous things in store for you, as He does for all of the children of David who are faithful and whose faith fails not.

93. I love you, Jesse. I'm sorry I can't speak to you as a great man of God with testimonies to tell of my victories. I can only speak to you as a dandy bad example. But please know that I speak to you in love and sympathy, and I pray for you that your faith will fail not. (End of prophecies.)

Source: NO CONDEMNATION! Maria #290 DO/TS 3008 7/95

Dearest Mama and Peter, I recently met Steven, Timothy Concerned's 21-year-old son, selling rings with some Israelis on the street in Tokyo. I know it was a miracle of the Lord that we met; maybe Tim was even guiding in the spirit. Steven was very sweet and positive, but did not know much about the Family, the Endtime, etc. He eagerly received and read the "Final Signs of the End " poster. I went by his stall the following day, and met his sister, Maeve, also. She does hostessing work here, as does Steven's girlfriend. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Maeve say how much she enjoyed reading Dad's early Letters that her folks have kept, still read, and hold in high regard. Both Steven and she fully related to my witnessing and confessed to be Christians. I offered her a Treasures, and she eagerly took it and gave me a donation. I also gave her a Fear Not tape, which she was happy to receive. When I left, I asked if I could pray for them, which they were happy for, and we all bowed our heads together. It was very sweet; I felt their dad was with us too. (Written later:) The Lord worked it out for both Steven and Maeve to come to a small Christmas party with us. When Steven phoned me I had told him that I had a message for them from someone who knew them well, but I didn't tell them who it was from, so their curiosity was really aroused. I explained that after we met them, we had written you and asked if you had any Words from the Lord to encourage them, and that the Lord had allowed their dad (Timothy) to come through and speak, so enclosed was a message from their dad to them. I said a prayer with them and gave them each a copy of his message. You could tell that they were really happy. They seemed to have no problem receiving it, and different people later commented that Steven and Maeve were really thankful and believed the message. We then had a cozy Christmas evening and fellowship time together. -- Steven Ascribe (of Tabitha), Japan

Source: the grapevine February 1, 1997 DO/TS Issue #12

121. (Timothy Concerned speaking:) One of the things that struck me the most when I got Here was how very differently the Lord views things in comparison with how I generally saw them there. When I came Here it was a real shock to realize that my logical conclusions were often wrong--that the Lord sees things so completely opposite much of the time!

122. Not that you in the Family can't see things how the Lord sees them, because not only do you have the Word, but He's also opened up the channel of communication much more in recent years and can tell you what He thinks about anything that happens, which of course helps you to understand His perspective on things more. But it still takes faith, because so much in Heaven is contrary to how people on Earth perceive things.

123. When you live on Earth you see through a glass darkly, whereas when you arrive Here you will see things face to face. But for those who are somewhat rebellious or unyielded, like I was, if they persist in disobedience or rebellion, they are allowed to be deceived. They deceive themselves, with the Enemy's active assistance, into thinking that their positions are right and proper, when they aren't. Thus the contrast between the way they see things on Earth and the way they are in Heaven, in reality, is even greater. That's what happened to me.

124. One thing that's very different in Heaven is our perspective on the difference between those who are weak and those who are strong. That's the eternal controversy for you on Earth--whether it's better to be weak or to be strong, ha! On Earth there are some people who are very outwardly strong and they appear very together, but inside they're very weak spiritually. There are other people who are very weak outwardly, but inside they have tremendous inner strength--strength in the spirit--and they're able to outlast many of the seemingly stronger folks.

125. Then there are folks who are outwardly strong, but because they stay desperate with the Lord and He faithfully keeps them humble in one way or another, they also have spiritual strength.

126. There are also folks who appear very weak, who really are very weak. They don't use their weakness to draw closer to the Lord, but rather just accept it as the way they are and stagnate. They don't keep reaching up, reaching forward. You see, it's all in how much you want to stay close to the Lord and how much you want to grow.

127. I was really one for judging by outward appearance. That has its definite drawbacks, because if you consider yourself better than the person you've just sized up, it immediately lends itself to being critical of them, or at least condescending. If you consider them to be better than you--more gifted, more beautiful, more talented, more used, more loved, whatever--you immediately are tempted with comparing, envy and jealousy, among other things. So all in all, it's very dangerous to judge by outward appearance.

128. Of course, sometimes you can't help it--it's very natural to size people up. But you have to remember to keep yourself in check, and that when you meet someone or you interact with them, you have to ask the Lord to help you see them as He sees them; otherwise it can be a real downfall of the Enemy and leave room for a lot of pride or discontent with the way the Lord made you.

129. Okay, well, I'm getting a little off the subject, because I wanted to talk to you about something else--although this, too, has to do with how you look at people. This is about whether or not you're seeing the Lord's strength in them and keeping your eyes on the Lord and not on the person's outward appearance.

130. You've probably heard of people from time to time--even known some of them personally--who have made the decision to leave their service for the Lord in the Family. You've probably wondered how something like that happens in a person's life. How do they come to that decision when the Family is such a terrific place to be? The Family is full of challenges, changes, new things, new steps, new moves forward.

131. Well, they simply made the decision that they were going to stop--that the next step was just too much for them. They became settled down in spirit, lazy in spirit, and stopped fighting. It really wasn't too much or the Lord wouldn't have asked it of them. But little by little, as they said no to the Lord, it chipped away at their spiritual strength and they were weakened.

132. The Lord doesn't force anybody. If they weren't ready to take one step, but tried to keep coming back to it and overcoming, they would have eventually overcome and gone on and continued to be strong. But they became content with the place they had. They considered themselves strong, so they stopped making progress. But, like Dad said in "Greater Victories," you just can't stop!

133.You can't allow yourself to become spiritually weakened and just keep up a strong false front, because when the crunch comes, it won't hold water! We see all that now from the spiritual realm, so it's no surprise to us. We don't worry about others who might look weaker on the outside, or less talented or less used, as long as they really love Jesus more than anything else and are willing to obey and follow Him wherever He leads--because that's what makes them strong in spirit!

134. You really don't have to worry. You don't have to think years ahead, or even months or weeks ahead. You don't have to wonder how you're going to make it, or whether you're going to be weakened and quit--all you have to do is live each moment as it comes. Just pray and ask Jesus to help you make the right decisions, each one as it comes.

135. Just try each day to love Jesus a little more, to be a little more on the attack about whatever the Lord shows you. And if the Lord presents you with something that He wants you to work on, then make that your priority, the most important thing you have to do, because it is!

136. Don't look around and compare. And don't worry about those precious Family members who aren't with you anymore. They're still going to be with us in Heaven. Even if they don't go on for the Lord, they've still done a lot for Him thus far. But take it as a good lesson that you just have to keep going forward a little bit every day.

137. The Lord doesn't judge you by accomplishments, by talents, by how much you know, or how good you are. He judges by your heart--and the thing that gets the highest marks, above anything else, is love and humility, because love and humility make you willing to do anything. They give you yieldedness and peace. They allow the elixir to flow through you and make you a blessing in all that you do, even if it's just little tiny things.

138. You can be thankful that you're not super talented in a big showy way, because then you'd be strong on the outside, but possibly much weaker inside due to your pride. The gifts the Lord gave you were quiet, inside gifts--the gift of understanding, the gift of wisdom, the gift of love. Those are gifts that will come to the fore when you need them. Strive to exercise them every day. I know it doesn't sound very glamorous to have the gift of weakness, but it's one of the most precious honors that the Lord can bestow upon someone.

139. So remember that, Honey. Use the gifts of humility and love, and strive to keep going forward every day. That's simple enough, isn't it? Then you don't have to worry! Just take it one moment at a time, one decision at a time, and pray for the Lord to give you the love and humility to make the right ones. Even if you don't make the right decisions first off, you can always try to go back and make it right. Then soon it will become a habit, and the Lord will help you each time.

140. And, Honey, really try to see things as the Lord sees them. It makes things so much clearer. Of course, it's nothing you can work up in the flesh, but you can ask Him to show you. Each time He speaks you can really absorb it and appreciate it, and that's all part of learning to see things more through His eyes. (End of message from Timothy.)

Source: The Weakness Revolution--How You Can Make It! Happy New Year 1999, Part 1. Maria #464 CM/FM 3218 11/98