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Family Care Foundation (FCF) (EIN 33-0734917) — a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation based in Dulzura, California. FCF attempts to attract tax-exempt charitable donations for ventures run by The Family International members.

In 2003, FCF's total revenue was over $3 Million, with charitable distribution at slightly over $2.5 Million (see 990 forms, below).


- President of FCF; former Prime Minister of The Family International
- Canadian/American
- legally changed his name to Lee Ronald Smith, 1992-12-21
- legally changed his name back to Grant Cameron Montgomery, 1996-10-29
- Aliases: Gary, Hosanna, Paul Papers
- Executive Director of FCF
- American
- Aliases: John
- an FCF Director; brother of Steven Kelly
- American
- Aliases: Steve Tall
- Treasurer of FCF; wife of Kenneth L. Kelly
- American
- FCF India
- Aliases (Arthur Lindfield): King Arthur
- FCF Indonesia
- FCF Mexico; former member of NACRO
- American
- Aliases: Dust

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