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The video included a section in which those who helped make the video were identified:
The video included a section in which those who helped make the video were identified:
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'''Download:''' [[Image:icon_video.gif|icon_video.gif]]'''''[https://media.xfamily.org/video/fam/internal/mwm-glorify-god-in-the-dance-credits-from-compilation1-1981-09.mpg.avi MWM: Glorify God in the dance - Credits] &mdash; [[1981]]-09'''''  <small>(0:01:07.100, 3.8M, xViD AVI)</small></div>
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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

Glorify God in the Dance was the title of both a Mo Letter[1] and a pornographic video produced by Music with Meaning as well as a term used in the Children of God/The Family to describe nude dances performed on video camera by women, teens, and even young children for the pleasure of David Berg.[2][3][4] The term is taken from Psalms 149:3 where it reads, "Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp".

see also: Nudie-cutie


In September 1981, Family members at MWM in Greece filmed 20 adults and children performing pornographic strip-tease dances for the sexual gratification of David Berg and others. The video was titled "Glorify God in the dance" and primarily based on the instructions by David Berg in the Mo Letter of the same name published a few months earlier.


The video included a section in which those who helped make the video were identified:

Download: icon_video.gifMWM: Glorify God in the dance - Credits1981-09 (0:01:07.100, 3.8M, xViD AVI)

Glorify God in the dance
was produced by MWM


1. Topaz, USA
2. Rosa, Italy
3. Naomi, England
4. Sarah, USA
5. Rachel, Denmark
5. Mene, USA
7. Marty, Malta
8. Mary, Denmark
9. Patience, USA
10. Heidi, England
11. Lydia, Norway
12. Endureth, USA
13. Celeste, England
14. Fiona, England
15. Windy, USA
16. Lene, Denmark
17. Armendria, USA
18. Sabine, Germany
19. Maria & Karin, Germany

Their music was selected
by themselves and/or Angelo


Music for quite moments
Clothe her lightly
Song of life

Composed and played by
Jeremy, Michael, Solomon
Paul Michael, Angelo & Sarah

Music for lovemaking
by Anthony Ventura

by F. Goya

by Richard Clayderman



and a lovely tape of
Hawaiian music
sent to us by dear Dad & Maria

Narration Simon Peter
Floor Manager Gallio
Camera & light Zac
Sound Tim
Costume & art Lydia

Directed by Paul
(c) MWM
Filmed in Greece Sept MCMLXXXI


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