Hajime Nakajima

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Family Name: Japanese Levi AKA Dust (married to Japanese Joy)

Legal Name: Hajime Nakajima

Description: Japanese Male, middle aged, wore thick glasses.

Lived in (besides other places):

-- Kamakura Lim (AKA the Camp) -- HCS School -- Osaka School

function: Childcare

Known offenses:

Responsible for the extensive, severe and long-term molesting and rape of at least one child (aged between 7-8) at the HCS during his time there in (88?). Responsible for the molestation and sexually inappropriate behavior toward other young girls in the same group (ages 6-8). Also knocked several children unconscious with "the cobra" or his fist.

Was at some point demoted to babe's status due to his sexual behavior with minors, though exactly what he was caught and punished for is not clear.

Dust was excommunicated from TFI at some point between 2005-2007.