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[[Image:HCS_pyramid.jpg|thumb|left|150px|The HCS "Pyramid" (2005)]]
[[Image:HCS_pyramid.jpg|thumb|left|150px|The HCS "Pyramid" (2005)]]
[[Image:HCS_pyramid_close.jpg|thumb|left|150px|The HCS Pyramid in a state of deterioration (2005)]]
[[Image:HCS_pyramid_close.jpg|thumb|left|150px|The HCS Pyramid in a state of deterioration (2005)]]
[[Image:Hcs1.JPG|thumb|left|150px|HCS (date unknown)]]  
[[Image:Hcs1.JPG|thumb|left|150px|HCS (1988)]]  
[[Image:Hcs2.JPG|thumb|left|150px|HCS (date unknown)]]  
[[Image:Hcs2.JPG|thumb|left|150px|HCS (1988)]]  
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The largest and most famous Family center in Japan. Located in the town of Tateyama, it is officially known as the 21st Century International School, but is known to group members as the Heavenly City School or HCS. At various times, it has been the headquarters of many Family-run projects, including the production of audio / visual products. However, in recent years both the importance and number of residents at the HCS have diminished.

In November, 1987, David Berg, Karen Zerby and their entourage left the Philippines and headed to Japan to oversee the HCS, where Berg began writing a series of Mo Letters pushing education, including "The School Vision!" (ML 2430), saying "It's Japan's hour!", followed by a stream of Letters about Japan such as "It's Up to Japan!" (ML 2404). Berg warned that the Family needed to reach the Japanese youth before the Antichrist made them "demon-possessed leaders to rule the World" (ML 2413:77).


"The School" – The largest building on the property of the HCS complex
Front entrance (photo from 2005)
Left wing (2005)
The HCS "Pyramid" (2005)
The HCS Pyramid in a state of deterioration (2005)
HCS (1988)
HCS (1988)

Location and Contact Points

21st Century International School
4359-94 Kanamari
Chiba-ken 294-0023

Phone: 0470-28-0776
Fax: 0470-28-0729
Email: pafed@awa.or.jp