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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

"THE EMERGENCY"--MO April 24, 1972 No.160A--GP

Copyright April, 1972 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

1. WE HAD JUST FINISHED WRITING UP THE FORMER REVELATION FOR YOU A DAY OR TWO AGO and were about to mail it, when the Lord gave us another dream last night which shall call "The Emergency"--and which the Lord evidently gave to underscore the urgency of the situation described above by giving you a literal, specific example of some of the actual things that are going to happen! The dream was just as vivid and real as if I'd actually lived it in person, and is still as clear in my memory as though it had happened only yesterday. As with all these God-given dreams, I was awakened immediately afterward by the Lord to meditate on its meaning to review it again prayerfully so that I would not forget it, and to pray about its significance. It is certainly startling confirmation of the former dream, "The Great Escape!", and a somber warning to us all of what will happen to many if we do not heed its admonition, as well as a warning to those who feel called to stay behind, to be better prepared for what's coming!

2. IN THE DREAM, I DIDN'T SEEM TO BE THERE PERSONALLY AMONGST THOSE LEFT BEHIND IN THE U.S., but could see everything clearly as though I were there in Spirit, like an angelic observer. The country was definitely the United States, and the area in which the dream took place looked a lot like the flat country of Florida near the coast, but it could have been any flat coastal area in the States, maybe even California, since there were bluffs along the sea itself. There was a small seacoast restaurant that stood on a promontory jutting out into the sea. A few miles to the south there was once of these tall water towers, a water tank standing on legs, which apparently was located in a nearby by small village.

3. IN THE DREAM I WAS STANDING IN FRONT OF THIS SMALL, OLD, ONE-STORY BUNGALOW of five or six rooms, situated on a little country road which looked like crushed limestone, like some of the backwoods roads in Florida, although it might have been gravel or even dirt, and not far from town. About five or six of our kids were standing outside the house looking at their vehicle sitting there in the driveway and discussing how useless it was now that they had run out of gasoline and there was no way of obtaining more. And one of the boys kicked the tire as though say, "Look at you now!--You're just a worthless pile of junk!" Somehow I knew there was some kind of national emergency, and you could feel the tension in the air. There was a food shortage also, and transportation was needed into town, four miles away, to a big government warehouse, where loaves of bread were being doled out to the public, as they stood waiting in long lines.

4. THE LITTLE COLONY DECIDED THEY WOULD HAVE TO WALK the four long miles to town, and by the time they arrived they were very tired as they were not as accustomed to walking as they should have been. They remorsefully exclaimed again and again how sorry they were they hadn't gotten an animal for transportation, and I heard them saying, "Well, it hit so suddenly!--We weren't expecting it so soon! We were planning on getting a horse and wagon as soon as possible!"

5. AFTER STANDING IN THE LONG LINE FOR WHAT SEEMED LIKE HOURS, and finally receiving the treasured bread, they began trudging the long road home, when a short way outside town they passed a work gang, like a gang of prisoners or a chain gang, and they were immediately forcibly pressed into service by the civilian militia, similar to Hitler's Storm Troopers, who had taken over!--Like the hardhats in uniform running things by force! As they were being assigned to digging ditches, one of our boys said, "Well, I'm not able to do such hard physical labour!"--And the officer in charge gruffly replied, "You get in there and dig and we'll find out if you're able!" Another of the boys confronted the typically tough hardhat nazi type in charge of the labour squad, protesting, "You don't have a right to make us work here!"--And the answer sarcastically fired back was, "You don't have any rights!--You just do what we say, or else!"

6. IT SEEMED THAT EVERYWHERE THE YOUTH WERE BEING FORCED INTO LABOUR CREWS--forced civilian service of various kinds in the emergency! Either the water or the sewer lines had been disrupted by the catastrophe and these gangs were being forced into service by the American Storm Troopers! A couple of our little group managed to escape, running to another little village not far to the north of where they lived, it being too dangerous to return home for fear of being found, and tried to find refuge in the garage of a friend. But he regretfully told them it was impossible for him to keep them as they had no Government Identity Cards which were required for each person by the dictatorship that had taken over much like Hitler's Storm Troopers, although not yet so well organised. In fact, the fellow at the garage said, "I can't even repair vehicles here without authority from the Government!"

7. THE NEXT THING I REMEMBER IN THE DREAM WAS SEEING THE INSIDE OF A CLOTHING STORE, and the man in charge telling the lines of people, "We only issue clothing to those who cooperate with the Regime!" Our kids were apparently on the run, at least the kids of this particular Colony were, because their Colony was too exposed and they had not stocked it with supplies and had no transportation. They had an electric water pump and their own well, but the electricity was off, so they couldn't get water except in the village four miles away. So they were obviously very unprepared for this emergency. I'm sure the Lord gave this picture as an ominous lesson and warning to you Colonies in the States to get better prepared for what's going to happen soon! Get those farms and ranches ready with food, water, and animal transportation, as well as some independent forms of lighting, heating, and cooking! Better have some clothing stored up, too, and these refuge Colonies should also try to be prepared for a large influx of other refugees from other Colonies and elsewhere! I've warned you time and again about this, and have also warned you to get as many people out of the U.S. as possible, so I've delivered my soul, but I suppose when it happens that many of you will still be there and unprepared!

8. THE EXPORTING AND SUPPORT OF OUR MISSIONARIES TO THE REST OF THE WORLD SHOULD BE A SHARED RESPONSIBILITY, with financial help coming from all Colonies who are able. These missionary funds can either be channelled through your Regional and National Supervisor or sent directly abroad to the Colonies you are interested in and feel need help. Since GHQ is in charge of this world-wide missionary effort and the deploying of these troops through pioneering efforts, it might be best to send any funds each of you Colonies want to donate for this purpose directly to London. Get together and agree on a plan for this.

9. EACH REGION AND ALL OF ITS COLONIES SHOULD ALSO SHARE IN THE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY of preparing and stocking your local farm or ranch Refuge Colonies for those caught still in the U.S. when all of this happens including those who feel called to remain to gather the remnant of the Harvest which will turn to the Lord during this time. As it as for Jeremiah and his friends, the hardest time will be during the transition period of chaos and confusion of America's final resistance against conquest by her enemies and during her last and final fanatically desperate regime of insane totalitarian terrorism! In a like period in Jerusalem's last days, Jeremiah and his friends were actually safer in jail!--And when the enemy took over, they actually released them and gave them houses and lands and vineyards and financial help, because, since their own people had put them in jail, the enemy thought Jeremiah and his friends must be on their side, the side of their Babylonian conquerors! As usual, God's people are really only on the Lords side, and merely Scripturally and obediently subject to whatever Government is in power, according to God's World!--See Romans 13.

10. ALTHOUGH THE WORLD COMMUNIST TAKEOVER WILL ADVERSELY AFFECT ALL NATIONS WHICH HAVE BEEN FRIENDLY TO THE UNITED STATES, AMERICA, AS THE PRIME CULPRIT and stronghold of anti-Communist resistance, will be the prime target of Communist retaliation, and therefore suffer the most. Other anti-Communist countries are mostly only half-heartedly so, such as England and Germany, and France has already sided with the Communist world, and these will be easy push-overs, and probably offer little or no resistance, if any, to a Communist takeover when America falls. But things will probably be hard in these countries also, so you Colonies in other Western anti-Communist or semi-anti-Communist or even so-called neutral nations should prepare accordingly for hard times to come during the fall of the Western world to world Communism!

11. SO I WOULD SUGGEST THAT EACH OF YOU WHO POSSIBLY CAN ENCOURAGE YOUR PARENTS AND LOVED ONES TO SEND YOU ABROAD THIS YEAR to travel, for whatever reason you want to give them! If you love them and they love you and the Lord, you might even suggest to them that they do the same, for their own safety, as it will no doubt soon be nearly impossible to get out or to take any money or possessions out of the country for suspected refugees. For example, the Cuban refugees and exiles were only permitted to leave that country with one suitcase of personal belongings and nothing of value, and only five dollars in their pockets! So you Colonies abroad should be preparing towards the end of receiving such refugees when the time comes. Everything else the Lord has showed us has happened just like He showed it to us, so I'm sure this will also!

12. MEANWHILE, WE SHOULD CONTINUE TO DECENTRALISE AND SCATTER INTO AS MANY NATIONS AS POSSIBLE so that as many of us as can will survive when the Trouble comes. We should particularly evacuate everyone we can from the U.S. as rapidly as possible, since that is where the worst trouble will come, particularly from our own countrymen in their last desperate desire to try to save doomed America by not only resistance of external enemies, but fanatical suppression and terrorism of any internal elements of whose loyalty they are not certain, not only actual Communists & pro-Communists, but any suspected of sympathising with the Communist cause or bearing any slight resemblance to Communists or Communistic ways of life and Socialistic doctrines and philosophies, including Christian communes, hippie houses, and Colonies such as ours. I believe there will be an all-out war on the youth of America, as the scapegoats that they will blame for America's troubles, like the Nazis did the Jews, particularly on any youths or youth groups considered radical or anti-Establishment or anti-Church, such as they view us! May God have mercy! Pray! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family}