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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

"RAGS TO RICHES!"--MO March 4, 1973 No.211--DO

Copyrighted March, 1973 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX England or GPO Box, San Juan Puerto Rico 00936


1. THE MOST GOSPEL-NEGLECTED CLASS ARE THE RICH AND THE INTELLECTUAL, because the missionaries are afraid of them! Lenin's message was for the poor and the peasant and the labourer, yes. But do you know who pulled off and led the Revolution?--It was not the poor and the peasants and the lowly labourer! It was the educated rich, sons and daughters of the intellectuals, children of the ruling classes! They were the ones who had sympathy for the poor who couldn't help themselves! They had to go to bat for them and save them!

2. WHERE DID WE START? AT THE TOP! WE WON THE SONS OF THE RICH AND THE EDUCATED. The money itself means nothing to God, and He's got plenty of it! It's being stingy and selfish to move out to some remote shanty just to save money instead of souls, because it's limiting the great witness we could have, and our sphere of influence, and it's being afraid of being of service to God! What are we sending people to the mission field for, anyway!--To bury themselves in some dunghill to save a few pennies? God has the money!--Let's pay for it! Get yourself a place where you can witness!

3. IT'S EASIER TO BE ABLE TO GIVE THAN TO HAVE TO RECEIVE, but God wants to teach us to ask and receive what He has for us. One of the toughest lessons we had to learn in the life of faith was to have to receive!--Receive from our own relatives, our friends, our in-laws.--That's going through hell, as far as your pride is concerned! But ooh, it's so good for your humility! It absolutely humiliates you until you're really humble!

4. THE RICH'S CONSCIENCE HURTS THEM This is why people like the rich give millions to Socialist causes and the causes of the poor, because of all the money they stole from the poor, like some of you who've been rich and want to give it back and go out there and live like the poor! But they're never going to get anywhere that they can help the poor by that method! Some people have to be in the streets, but somebody has to receive it from God and give to you to give to them, and somebody has to get the message on paper in printed form so we can reach millions!

5. I THINK THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH SOME OF OUR KIDS.--THEY'VE BEEN SO RICH! They want to give it all up for the Lord, and that's great! But then they want to get out there and degrade themselves to the dust and put themselves down with the poor and just stay there! But where do they go from there?--They must do it with a method in their madness--to go down there like Jesus did:--He, though He was rich, became poor, that we through His poverty might become rich--not develop more poor!

6. HE WANTS TO MAKE US RICH, TOO! He didn't leave the halls of Heaven and ivory palaces to come down here and live with us poor so we could all stay here and stay poor forever! He wasn't about to begin to stay here and walk these dusty roads forever with some poor stinking fishermen! That was not His aim! Otherwise, it would have been a dead end and He never would have gotten any further! HE CAME DOWN HERE TO OUR LEVEL TO TAKE US WITH HIM BACK UP TO HIS AND MAKE US RICH TOO!

7. IF YOU THINK THE END IS FOR EVERYBODY TO BECOME POOR and live like pigs, you're mistaken! That's not the end nor the goal, and you've got the wrong idea! GOD'S IDEA IS NOT TO SHARE THE POVERTY, BUT TO SHARE THE WEALTH! But you have to share their poverty temporarily to give them the wealth! He only had to come down to our level to find us, to go out into the streets and the highways and byways, like some of us have done,


8. I WAS BROUGHT UP IN A WEALTHY HOME, We are intellectual and intelligent and well educated because it took that to lead the Revolution!--We had to have the intellect, education, and intelligence to be able to have the brains that God by His Spirit could use to reach the world! Those poor people who live like animals need to be rescued, but they're never going to be rescued by another of their own kind because they just haven't got what it takes, They've been smothered and dampened intellectually for so many years that they're practically like zombies, and after centuries of poverty and disease, their brains have become too dulled to be able to think in terms of economics, politics and revolution!

9. TO LENIN'S SURPRISE, CONTRARY TO EVEN WHAT MARX TAUGHT THERE IS AT LEAST ONE PLACE WHERE MARX WAS WRONG: MARX SAID IT WAS GOING TO BE THE PEASANTS AND THE LABOUR slaves who were going to rise up and take over the world. But they hadn't done it in centuries and never would have, if it hadn't been for the upper and middle class intellectuals the educated wealthy, that the Communists decry and love to call bourgeoisie! But it was the bourgeoisie, the radical intellectuals of the respectable middle class, who saved them and came down in the streets to fight for them and defend them and who led them and taught them or they never would have understood Communism!

10. THE POOR DIDN'T KNOW A DAMNED THING IN THE WORLD ABOUT ECONOMICS! Who do you think waded through those huge volumes of Das Capital by Karl Marx? Who do you think read it and could afford to buy it? It was the rich young intellegencia, the idealistic who had been reared in riches and lived in luxury! They're the ones who know that riches don't satisfy, and they're sick and fed up with it, and they want to help somebody, and they're conscience stricken and ashamed that they have had so much when others have so little!

11. THE MOST IDEALISTIC ARE THE YOUTH FROM DECENT HOMES, The young of today and the hippies are idealists. Contrary to what the System contends and thinks, the hippies are not some low down bums who came from poor class neighbourhoods. They are their own children, and they are the idealists, the ones who thought up and led the Revolution, and who still rule the Revolution, because the others don't have the brains for it!


12. THE POOR CANNOT SAVE THEMSELVES!--WE HAVE TO SAVE THEM! We could not save ourselves!--Jesus had to pay the price and come down and live with us and sacrifice Himself to save us.--And it makes me so mad when these people get down to where they're living in a colony and scraping and scraping and starving to death, until they THINK THEY'VE FINALLY ARRIVED--THAT TO BE A CHILD OF GOD MEANS TO STARVE YOURSELF TO DEATH!

13. IN ALL THE YEARS WE'VE LIVED BY FAITH, WE'VE NEVER STARVED! WE'VE EATEN WELL, and not only that, we've lived almost like the rich! God is not stingy, we limit God by thinking we have to live like bums on the street. We have come to rescue the poor in spirit that they, too, with us, might become rich! THERE IS NO REASON FOR OUR COLONIES TO THINK THEY HAVE TO LIVE IN SQUALOR OR AND TOTAL DESTITUTION AND NAKEDNESS! IT'S RIDICULOUS!

14. THE ONLY REASON WE HAVE GIVEN UP OUR RICHES AND THE COMFORTS AND CONVENIENCES OF THE SYSTEM IS TO BECOME POOR THAT THEY MAY BECOME RICH! God has promised plenty and abundance! Has he, or hasn't He?--"That we might have life and we might have it more abundantly!"--Have all this and Heaven, too!--Have our comforts and our conveniences, and give me food that is convenient for me, as King Solomon said: Give me enough! Give me plenty! Let me not be too rich lest I curse Thee, nor poor lest I steal!

15. GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE ENOUGH, PLENTY, ABUNDANCE, SUFFICIENT. The only reason any time at all that we sacrifice even our sufficiency and plenty is to help others become rich, not that we might remain there forever in the squalor and dirt and disease and privation and anaemia and malnutrition of poverty! that's not our end nor purpose! That's a pride trip for the rich!--"Oh look I'm poor now, and humble and I'm unselfish!" God is not against riches. Some people have the wrong idea. He's not against riches, he is not against wealth. He's only against riches and wealth in the hands of too few when too many don't have enough! God thinks wealth is great, and will give you all you can possibly stand, if you'll give them away and share them so everybody has enough!

16. OUR CALLING IS NOT TO ESTABLISH IMPOVERISHED LITTLE COLONIES WHICH ARE STARVING to death and naked and freezing, and with babies that die! This is not our goal! We're not to neglect our babies. We're to take care of them and clothe them and keep them warm and give them plenty to eat. You keep your babies in warm places and well fed and well clothed so they'll grow and be strong and healthy and be able to help somebody else. You have the wrong idea if you think that just going to the streets and winning those poor lost souls and then sticking them in a colony for the rest of their days in the end! That's not it and they'll never be satisfied with that unless you can show them there's more than just living together and sharing our poverty!

17. GOD WANTS US TO GET OUT AND WIN THE WORLD, and take the message to them that they don't have to be poor and impoverished and starving to death and naked and cold! What's our message anyhow?--Riches for the spirit and riches for the body, too! I believe it!

18. Now there are a lot of those Latter Rain people who are preaching abundant living. Well, they are right about it. They are right about it, but I want to tell you where they're wrong. It's like this: IT'S FROM RICHES TO RAGS FIRST, IN ORDER TO GET EVERYBODY BACK TO ABUNDANCE SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN! But these Christians who proclaim the abundant life and rich living for all, they want to go from riches to riches, and skip this middle rags part! They don't want to leave their halls of heaven and descend to the poverty of the poor and the hippies in order that they might take them back with them to their rich houses. They just want to go from rich house to rich church and share their wealth with the already rich who don't even need it!

19. THE FIRST LITTLE SCHOOL WE HAD IN MIAMI WAS A HUGE BIG MANSION AND WE'VE ALWAYS GONE FROM BIG HOUSE TO BIGGER HOUSES--BUT ALWAYS, TO HOUSE THE POOR!--Because we've shared them with the poor that they might be rich, too! God doesn't want us to be poor and deprived forever. God wants us to be rich!--But not rich in the way the world is rich, selfishly rich where they've got millions heaped up that they're not using that they don't need and they aren't sharing. But He will heap it on us if we'll give it out!


20. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE HAVE TO GIVE OUT IS THE MESSAGE! Our poor kids physically naked and cold and with malnutrition, living in squalor and disease in one of our poorest little colonies, may be just as selfish and just as much refusing to share spiritually as the rich are materially, if they are not getting out the message God has given--not just to the poor, but to everybody, including the most neglected class of all--the rich!--And maybe that's why they're so poor! My mother said, "I belonged not to the dregs of society, but to the cream, or really the scum of society, the froth of society, the upper crust, and nobody ever preached me the Gospel, nobody ever led me to Jesus! That was something you did in the missions for the poor! The rich are the most neglected class of people there are, spiritually!"

21. Until a few smart, intelligent, formerly well-to-do, well-educated, intellectual Children of God went down to certain fields and started evangelising the rich and the rulers we never made much progress down there. There isn't enough time from now till the Lord comes to go to every little village and reach every little poor peasant! The REVOLUTION FIRST CAPTURES THE UPPER CRUST, AND THEY SHARE WITH THE POOR! Do you know where Revolution was most talked about before the French Revolution, before the American Revolution, before the Russian Revolution, and before every single Revolution? It was talked about amongst the people who had time to talk about it!--THE LEISURE CLASS!--And that wasn't the poor little labouring man out there sweating away!--All he had time to think about was getting his job done and getting enough to eat!

22. Throughout the centuries it has always been the task of some of the leisure class to analyse the needs of the world as far as economics was concerned, and formulate and lead the revolutions! KARL MARX came from a fine home of well-to-do German Jews who became Christians, and he had to be well educated to be able to write such an intricate, intellectual treatise, as involved and complicated a tome about Socialism as "Das Capital!" He had a university Ph.D. degree, and his best friend and supporter was a rich man, or the son of a rich man, Friedreich Engels!

23. BUT HIS TEACHINGS HAD TO BE ANALYSED AND PUT IN SIMPLE TERMS FOR THE MASSES. The purpose of our Index is to boil down some of our own teachings to the terse terms that are concise and to the point, so they don't have to read 1200 pages to get the point! Mao has some of his down to a tiny little booklet of only a few chapters and a bare 60 pages, and we need to do the same. But we can't do it until we get it all analysed and take the best of every subject and condense it to the things that'll stick with you and you can easily remember.

24. IF YOU THINK THAT JUST GOING OUT AND RESCUING THE POOR AND POVERTY STRICKEN--THAT THIS IS THE END--YOU'RE WRONG! YOU ARE WRONG UNLESS YOU HAVE MADE THEM RICH ALSO!--"That we through His poverty might become rich!"--We're not to stay and remain in poverty, but we're to go through it and get back to being rich! But we are not now reaching the rich as we should. Where did we start the Revolution? Hunting Beach was one of the richest and most exclusive little narrow-minded rich men's towns on the whole coast of California! They were so rich they didn't know what to do with their money! Nearly everybody had an oil well in his back yard! The people of Huntington Beach were rich and their kids were rich!

25. DO YOU KNOW WHO HAVE THE MOST PROBLEMS AND THE MOST HEARTACHES and the most diseases and the most financial trouble and the most broken homes and the most madness and the most suicide? Doctor Emmett Bascom Koger, my godfather in the Lord, used to have a large private practice in the wealthy homes of the suburbs of Miami Beach, as well as contributing his time as City Physician amongst the poor Negroes of "Coloured Town". He said the happiest people were those in "Coloured town! They don't have so many things to worry about! He said the most miserable people I've seen are those RICH who live behind those big gates in those fancy palatial mansions!

26. DON'T KID YOURSELF ABOUT THE POOR BEING SO BAD OFF, except where they're actually starving and deprived of the necessities of life like food and shelter. The so-called poor, like those in America, are richer than in most countries of the world! They are getting enough to eat, and working good and hard all day, and have a place of live.--In other words, they have sufficiency, and generally are healthier and happier than the too rich of the decrepit old broken-down aristocracies of decedent Capitalism that's going to pot!


27. WE ARE NOT OUT TO MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD POOR, or to try to trim everybody down to the lowest level.WE'RE OUT TO BRING EVERYBODY UP TO OURS, TO SHARE OUR WEALTH with everybody so we can all have enough! When we started this, we didn't give everything we had away, believe it or not! We used it to help them, and shared what we had with them! Wee didn't share it until we had nothing left, so that they had more than we had!--No, we shared it until we all had the same, living in the same house, eating the same food, with the same income, all equal! We did not give away everything we had, so that they had everything and we had nothing!--We shared it!

28. THE TROUBLE WITH MOST CHRISTIANS IS, THEY DON'T REMEMBER THE REST OF THE SCRIPTURES. When the Lord said, if they ask for your coat, give them your vest too, did He expect you to go around naked the rest of your life?--Of course not! You can never out-give God! He also says HE'LL GIVE YOU BACK AN HUNDRED FOLD! The point is, you can't share it or give it away fast enough! God is not in the business of giving everything away and having nothing left for Himself!--There's always plenty more where that came from! God's principle is not for the rich to descend to the level of the poor and give everything away and die of starvation! GOD'S IDEA IS, the faster you give it away and share it, the more He'll heap it on, and the richer you'll become so you can share more!


29. IF THERE'S ANY POOR LITTLE COLONY THAT'S STARVING TO DEATH THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG! God usually supplies His Children abundantly! If they had it, they wasted it, or didn't share it as they should have when they had it; or they weren't diligent in their provisioning, they didn't seek and find, ask and receive or obey the Lord. MOST OF ALL, THEY PROBABLY DIDN'T HONOUR AND CULTIVATE THEIR KINGS AND QUEENS AND MINISTER TO THEM SPIRITUALLY, SHARE THEIR SPIRITUALLY RICHES with their system friends, so the friends could share their material riches with them!

30. IF THEY'RE WITNESSING, MAYBE THEY'RE NOT WITNESSING TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE! They're being selfish and too proud to go to the most poor of all spiritually, the ones that need us the most, and are the hardest to reach--the rich--and share their spiritual wealth, so the rich could in turn share their material blessings with them. They're pretending to be humble living in poverty, but they're too proud if they're not sharing their spiritual riches with the spiritually-impoverished, materially rich! Therefore they themselves are starving materially because they are selfish spiritually, and they're not sharing their spiritual wealth with the poor, spiritually-impoverished rich!

31. IT IS GIVEN TO THE POOR TO BE RICH IN FAITH, BUT THE POOREST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD SPIRITUALLY ARE THE RICH MATERIALLY, and they are the hardest to reach because of our God-damned pride, the spiritual pride of the poor! We're ashamed to go to the rich for fear somebody will accuse us of wanting their money!--Why shouldn't we want their money for God's work! The Lord and I worked hard to capture one King. We couldn't have given him much more than we gave him, other than my own life also, which I'm doing daily! We spent days and nights and months in prayer for him, got revelations from God of him, gave him one of our own Queens--and are doing the same for another now!

32. WE ARE SPIRITUALLY RICH, BUT WE ARE BEING SPIRITUALLY SELFISH AND PROUD NOT TO SHARE WITH THOSE WHO ARE SPIRITUALLY POOR! It is given to the poor to be rich in faith, what is it given to the rich?--To be poor in faith! Now why are the rich poor in faith?--And why are the poor rich in faith?--Because that's all they've got--their faith and God! So to them God pours out abundant spiritual riches, and they are happier, healthier, or should be, and more spiritually rich, and more of them spiritually saved than most of the rich of the world!

33. WE DID NOT START THE REVOLUTION AMONGST THE POOR! IT JUST LOOKED LIKE THAT to the churches, seeing that frowsy, motley bunch of hippies sitting there on the floor! But what they didn't know was, that those they were pulling their skirts away from in horror and trying not to touch were the daughters of millionaires and sons of the rich, who were sick and fed up with the lives their parents were living, and had forsaken it to find peace and the Truth and the Answer somewhere else! They knew it wasn't in riches, so they were trying poverty!

34. WE LIKE TO BRAG TO THE SYSTEM HOW WE SAVE DRUG ADDICTS AND CRIMINALS and prostitutes and the down and outers, etc., because that's what tickles their ears. What they don't like to hear is that we're saving their own children not only from drugs, crime and vice, but also from an even worse life of unhappiness and misery and spiritual squalor: The life of the rich in the system! In their self-righteous hypocritical pride, the System only wants to hear how you're saving the dirty filthy hippies and bums and drug addicts, etc.

35. WE ARE NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE POOR! WE ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE RICH--SPIRITUALLY!--And God doesn't mind them being rich materially at the same time, if they keep giving it away as fast as they can, so He can keep giving them more! I'm willing to live in a shack, but I don't have to, and if living in shacks and shanties takes too much of my time, so I can't devote it to giving God's message, them I'm wasting my time, IF I SPEND ALL MY TIME TRYING TO BARELY EXIST stuck out in some shack where I spend all my time carrying water and trying to scrape a few scraps of food together, I AM WASTING THE MOST PRECIOUS THING IN THE WORLD--GOD'S TIME--AND MY TIME AND MY TALENT AND MY SPIRITUAL RICHES!


36. I WANT YOU TO LOOK AT WHERE OUR MISSIONS HAVE MADE THE MOST PROGRESS. Many others never made as much progress in all the years they worked there as we have in the last few months, because we started with the rich, the intellectuals, the presidents and the governors and the police and the heads of the secret service--the men who have the power and authority to let us and help us work! When Paul landed on the Island of Cyprus, he would have been there yet if he'd just associated himself with the fishermen only. Of course he preached to the fishermen! He preached to the poor all the way across the island, but he was on his way to see the governor! He won him to the Lord, and as a result, Cyprus became the world's first Christian nation because he won the one with the power and authority to permit it and finance his preaching to help the poor!

37. WHEN PAUL JUST WENT TO THE POOR ONLY, HE GOT KNOCKED OUT and the officials ran him out of town when they heard about the stir he was making and they didn't know what he was up to. But when he went to the powerful first, they got the point and got Jesus, and they had the power and wealth to permit him and finance him. They needed the knowledge of why and what he was preaching, and that it was something everybody needed, including them!

38. WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MANY OF US, AND WHAT'S HAPPENED TO A LOT OF THE OTHER CHRISTIAN MISSIONS IS: They got so bogged down with the poor only! The poor ye have with you always, Jesus said. They got so bogged down with the poor they were never able to reach the rich at all! Now we're to preach the Gospel to the poor, absolutely--but who are the poorest of this world?--The poorest of all are the rich. The poor little rich girls, the poor little rich boys! Who has God led us to above all?--The poor little rich boys and the poor little rich girls! That's who most of our disciples are!--Believe it or not!--Middle and upper middle class rich kids!--Rich compared to the rest of the world!


39. THAT'S WHY THEY ARE SUCH LEADERS NOW. They had the education and the background and ability, and God chose them that they might carry on. God wants you to capture leaders!--People who are already leaders! If they aren't showing any leadership ability where they are now, before you get to them, they'll probably never show any afterward! They've got to have something in them to begin with. We need many quality labour leaders even college grads--people of intelligence and talent and skill.

40. WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME TO TRAIN THE POOR AND UNEDUCATED FROM SCRATCH TO LEAD this Revolution! If we're going to win the world, we don't have time to fiddle around training people from scratch right now. We have to capture the leadership, the intellectuals, the bourgeoisie, the class the Communists say they hate the most. But if they are honest, they'll admit it was the bourgeoisie that brought about the Revolution!--The children of the intellectual bourgeoisie!--Their idealistic children!

41. THE PLACES WHERE WE ARE MAKING THE MOST PROGRESS IS WHERE WE HAVE REACHED THE LEADERS AND THE RICH FIRST. The Early Church was capturing centurions and rich people and governors and kings, and if they hadn't, they would have gotten run out of town before they had a chance to reach the poor. John was known of the High Priest.


42. GOD HAS PROMISED US PALACES AND CITIES AND COUNTRIES AND NATIONS AND KINGDOMS and the world!--Not only a bunch of shanties and shacks in the dung-heaps! He has told us if we'll get out and give the message to the world, and most of all the poor in spirit, that He will give us the world and the heathen, and the uttermost part of the earth for our inheritance!

43. THAT'S WHERE THE HIPPIE MOVEMENT MISSED THE BOAT! POVERTY AND DRUGS WERE THEIR DEAD END!--TO LIVE IN DESTITUTION AND SELF DESTRUCTION!--THAT BECAME THEIR GOAL, therefore it became their dead end.--Nothing beyond. Where else could they go?--Back to their miserable riches?--Never! So they wound up in poverty, and that didn't satisfy either!

44. BUT WE HAVE SHOWED THEM THERE IS SOME PLACE BEYOND TO GO TO! We have showed them there is goal beyond the poverty, through the poverty, back to the right kind of riches, the ones they never knew existed, but what they were hungering and thirsting and looking for all the time! When we become willing to suffer poverty to obtain the true riches, then God is perfectly willing to let you have anything you need physically and materially, plenty and abundance! If you are unselfish and generous with your spiritual riches, and if you prove that even as He gives you spiritual riches, you will give them away and share them with those that need it, He will also trust you with material riches to share!--And that's what we're doing!


45. IF I WERE A RELIGIOUS RACKETEER, I COULD HAVE BECOME A RICH MAN, if I'd been a hypocrite and a phoney and been trying to make a mint for myself! I could have figured out some way to make this thing make money for me. But we have done the unheard of, the ridiculous: We have as good as said, disorganise, scatter, decentralise, be independent, everybody handle your own finances! Take care of yourselves. We don't want your money, unless you want to give us a little to help us to help you help the world by getting the message out, if out of your abundance you can spare some to help us.

46. We didn't say, like many denominations, you Colonies give us 10% of everything you have, 10% of everything you have must come to headquarters. Many churches levy a tax on their people, laying burdens on the poor that they aren't able to bear, which their leaders aren't willing to lift with one of their fingers!--Jesus said so! We could have been another religious racket like them, and I could have wound up with all the money and you kids still be poor! But God wouldn't have blessed it, and I would have lost it, or something else would have happened to it. Instead, we have literally told you kids to keep it and invest in you own needs, literature or other Colonies.--Scatter it to the poor! Give out to others!

47. I NEVER UNTIL JUST A FEW WEEKS AGO EVER WROTE ANYTHING ABOUT YOU KIDS GIVING TO US AT ALL--THREE YEARS AFTER WE GOT STARTED!--But you have to sometimes tell children that it is time they started helping their parents, when they have plenty themselves. The kids themselves have the money in their own Colonies. We have encouraged the policy of sharing everything we've got. You keep it, and you share it where you are with others, not just with us.

48. THE CHURCHES HAVE NOT SHARED MUCH WITH THE POOR, but sucked and sucked and taken almost everything for themselves, and squeezed the last drop out of the poor to build their fancy cathedrals and idols and live in luxury!--But the worm has turned! The people are fed up with a selfish church that would not share and would not feed them spiritually or physically either, so the people have turned to Communism.--The churches are being wiped out!

49. WHEN THE LORD SAID TO FORSAKE ALL, HE DIDN'T SAY TO FORSAKE ALL AND LEAVE IT BEHIND AND FORGET ABOUT IT! BUT HE MEANT TO BRING IT WITH YOU AND GIVE IT TO THE POOR, like He said to the rich young ruler. We need what you've got, not for us to use, but for you to use to help others.


50. SOME OF OUR RICH FRIENDS MAY NEED THE EXPERIENCE OF TEMPORARILY LIVING FOR A FEW DAYS IN ONE OF OUR COLONIES JUST TO SEE WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE POOR! But they don't need that forever, so they'll be totally impotent and inept and unable to help us! What they need to do is to use their wealth and power and influence and contacts to be a help to the kingdom of God. They shouldn't totally curse them and abandon them and give them to people and ungodly relatives and friends who don't need them. We need to get it so we can give it to God's Kingdom to make God's Kingdom rich so we can share it with those who do need it!

51. IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE ARE MANY WHAT?--HUTS?--SHANTIES?--SHACKS? NO! In my Father's House are many MANSIONS! He, though He was rich, yet He became poor, that we through His poverty might become poor?--No!--rich! God wants us to be rich! We're already rich in faith. He wants us to have plenty materially also, so we can share our material blessings as well as our spiritual wealth!

52. A POOR LITTLE STARVING COLONY IS NOT THE LIVING END--IT'S THE DEAD END! Paul got entertained by princes and kings and governors, and lived a great deal of his time in palaces! He knew how to take it or leave it. I know how to live in want or how to abound, he said. You kids need to start learning a little about how to abound, and take over some castles and mansions and riches so we can share our spiritual wealth with the world!

53. WE NEED TO SHARE NOT ONLY THE WONDER WORKING WORDS WITH THE WORLD, not only our spiritual wealth and wisdom of how to be rich spiritually though those wonder working words, BUT HOW AT THE SAME TIME TO BE VERY WELL OFF materially!--"All things are yours in Christ Jesus!"--"According to His riches in glory!" He'll supply all your need! The key word is supply, not need!

54. SOME OF YOU KIDS HAVE THE IDEA THAT IF YOU LIVE IN CONSTANT DIRE NEED, THAT'S SPIRITUALITY! If you want to see that kind of people and religion and where it's gotten them, go to some poor heathen countries where they sit there is rags and filth on nails and torture themselves, whose goal is poverty! Well, they've got it! Their idea of Heaven was apparently poverty, and that's what they've got!--But did it make them happy?--No, they're miserable and starving to death! Poverty is not our goal!--Neither spiritual nor material poverty!

55. GOD DOES NOT WANT US TO BE RICH IN THE WAYS OF THE WORLD, WHERE WE SELFISHLY KEEP OUR RICHES TO OURSELVES AND DON'T SHARE with those that need it. It says the righteous shall give of his abundance, so they can share with the poor! But some of you give people the idea that you've got to live in poverty in order to be spiritual! It was not my teaching. I think it's a hangover from hippyism. They condemn anybody that doesn't live in poverty. The sin of the rich is not living in comfort and convenience so they can work better to help the poor: They can get things done better many times that way. Their sin is they don't share with those in need.

56. NOW YOU NEED SOME EXPERIENCES IN POVERTY TO LEARN FROM THEM and know what it's like. Jesus is not an High Priest who cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities. Jesus went through them, so He could have more sympathy and understanding, and then be able to lift us up to His level. My brother used to say, DON'T LET PEOPLE DRAG YOU DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL.--LIFT THEM UP TO YOURS! But to do that you have to go down and get them and then bring them back up to yours. You can't just stay down there!

57. HIPPYISM REACHED A DEAD END BECAUSE IT HAD NO PLACE ELSE TO GO. God sent us along to show them there is a goal beyond.--We are going to run the world! Do you think we're going to do it from shacks and shanties in the dung-heaps? We are going to live in palaces like the kings and queens and princes and princesses we are! We are going to live like that because we are going share what we have with the rest of the world.--Therefore God can trust us with those riches.

58. HE HAS GIVEN RICHES TO THE WORLD FIRST to show that they'd do with them. Therefore He's going to wipe them out because they've robbed the poor to stay wealthy instead of sharing the wealth. That's what God doesn't like about the rich. The richest people in the world in God's Kingdom are going to be those who share the most, and He will heap on them more than they can hold!--Give and it shall be given unto you!--See if I will not open the windows of Heaven and pour out such a blessing you will not be able to hold it! It's only places like the Dead Sea which have no outlets that get so stinking dead you can hardly stand it!


59. WE DON'T MINISTER TO OUR KINGS ENOUGH, and honour them and love and care for them and show our gratitude and gratefulness toward them as we should. We should not always be expecting them to forsake all their riches and their power, because if they did they wouldn't be able to help us anymore! We need to honour them for what they are and where they are, as long as they share their riches with those of us that need them!

60. HOW ARE WE GOING TO HELP THE POOR UNLESS WE START WITH THE RICH and the powerful who can make it possible? Read the stories of Joseph and Moses and their Pharaohs! Look at little David and his King Saul!--Esther and King Xerxes!--Baby Jesus and the Kings of the East who brought him rich gifts on which to live in exile in Egypt!--Paul and his powerful friends!--The Popes and their Kings!--Luther and his Kings!--Etc., etc.--Do we need rags or riches?--Or both? Jesus Himself started with the rich!--Our Heavenly Father, Lord of the Universe, King of Kings, HE WAS RICH!-SO HE HAD THE POWER AND THE RICHES TO COME DOWN TO HELP US POOR TO SHARE OUR POVERTY TO MAKE US RICH! Amen?--Hallelujah! Let's share our riches with the poor to make them rich!--God bless you!--And He will!--Be rich!--Love, MO.


61. P.S. REMEMBER, JUST BECAUSE GOD WANTS YOU TO BE RICH AND HAVE AN ABUNDANCE when and where possible and with whom it's expedient and necessary, THIS DOES NOT MEAN FOR SOME OF YOU GUYS TO NOW GO THE EXTREME AND GET SO LOADED THAT YOU THINK YOU CAN START LIVING LIKE LORDS OF LUXURY over God's heritage, or treating your people like slaves, or feel like you're failing because you're not yet rolling in dough!

62. DON'T FORGET THAT, THOUGH JESUS WAS RICH, HE DID BECOME POOR and live in poverty a while so He could make us rich as kings and priests of the Kingdom of God, but you may have to wait till the Millennium to make it! WE JUST DON'T WANT YOU TO THINK YOU HAVE TO BE POOR if God makes it possible to share the riches of some kings or queens with your flocks! He says "The Lord is my shepherd: I shall not want!--He leadeth me in green pastures"--and it takes a little of that green stuff to keep 'em green!--You know, those nice green lettuce leaves with the pictures of the great men and women of your country on 'em that come in denominations of one, five, ten, etc.!--You know what I mean?

63. REMEMBER ALSO THAT, THOUGH THE APOSTLE SAID THAT HE KNEW HOW TO EITHER BE IN WANT OR ABOUND, he also said that he had learned how to be content in whatsoever state he was in! We just want you to learn how to take it or leave it, as the need may be. Just don't be afraid to be rich if the opportunity arises to share some wealth with all the rest of us! Neither be sorry that you're poor for the time being, for it won't be long till God makes you rich again if you stay in His will and keep waving His Words of Wisdom before the world!

64. HE'S PROMISED THAT, IF YOU'LL PROVE HIM BY TRUSTING AND OBEYING Him, He'll pour out such a blessing that there'll not be room enough to hold it! He says "Give, and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together and running over!"--Like love-making! "Freely ye have received, also freely give!"--It's all free, whether you take it or leave it, receive it or give it. Just don't let it go to your head, as the Apostle also said, "None of these things move me. Most of you already know the deceitfulness of riches, but poverty won't get you anywhere, either. We need both our ups and our downs!--Take it as it comes! But don't be afraid or either!--Use it! All things are yours in Christ Jesus! Seek first the Kingdom, and all these things shall be added! Amen?

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