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"Aladdin's Lamp--Gaddafi's Magic?"

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1. THE ARABS ARE HALF-BROTHERS OF THE JEWS: THEY BOTH HAD THE SAME DISTINGUISHED FATHER, ABRAHAM. In fact, they both had the same distinguished great-grandfather, Shem, one of Noah's three sons and the father of all Shemites, or Semites, or most of the peoples of Asia. Noah's other sons were Japheth, father of the Europeans and Americans, and Ham, father of the black Africans. In fact the Egyptian word "ham" means "black" and Egypt was called the "Land of Ham" in the Bible, as it was the black descendants of Ham who established the world's first great civilization and world power (Black Power) in Egypt and peopled Africa.

2. ABRAHAM, A SHEMITE, WAS THE FATHER OF ISAAC AND GRANDFATHER OF JACOB, WHOSE NAME WAS CHANGED TO ISRAEL (from "Deceiver" to "Prince of God and Man"), who thereby became the father of the children of Israel, later nicknamed "Jews" by the Babylonians because their leading tribe was Judah, who produced most of their kings, or at least most of the illustrious ones such as Saul, David, Solomon, etc., as well as Christ. The Jews and Gentiles together today make up most of the modern affluent white capitalistic society of the West, controlling Europe and the Americas. As in Noah's prophecy of Genesis 9, God enlarged Japheth the Gentiles, and he dwells today in the tents of Shem, or enjoys the benefits of Jewish money and Arab oil, while the sons of Ham became their servants!

3. THE ARABS DESCENDED FROM ISHMAEL, THE SON OF ABRAHAM BY AN EGYPTIAN WOMAN NAMED HAGAR, SO WERE HALF SHEMITE AND HALF HAMITE, HALF WHITE-ASIAN AND HALF BLACK-AFRICAN, with some of the sons of Shemite Esau, Jacob's twin brother and sons of Lot, Abraham's nephew, mixed in, thus making the Arabs more Shemite than Hamite, and more white than black, and spread across both Asia and Africa as they are today in twelve major Arab nations and beyond, as God promised in Genesis 17:20. Of course, God also predicted that the Arab would be a wild man, his hand against every man, and every man against him, and only by his sword would he be able to survive! (Gen.16:12 & 27:40, et al.) Nevertheless, the Arab was promised that he would continue to dwell in the presence of his Jewish brethren until, "It shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck!"--Both Jewish and Gentile yokes!

4. THE ARABS BROKE THE JEWISH YOKE AND NEARLY BROKE THE GENTILE YOKE IN THE 7th AND 8th CENTURIES after Christ, spreading the giant Arabian Empire and its influence and language as far as the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia on the East to the Moorish conquest of Spain on the West, and would have conquered all Europe if they had not been stopped by Charles Martel in the Battle of Tours, France, in 732! Nevertheless, their language, culture, literature, music and art dominated North Africa and the Middle East and strongly influenced India, Persia, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Spain and Spanish America; and the Arab's [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Muslim ] religion is still the predominant religion of Africa, the Mideast, many parts of Asia, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines and elsewhere.

5. ARAB SCIENTIFIC AND MATHEMATICAL GENIUS has continued to exert an imperishable influence on most of the known world through their generally accepted numerical system of the digits of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and their various combinations, without which modern science and mathematics would be impossible, and which reached Europe by way of Spain as far back as the Middle Ages to happily replace the very clumsy Roman numeral system! Their science of astrology affects all of us daily, and their knowledge of astronomy and chemistry was more advanced than Europe's until the Renaissance! Arabic is the classical language of the Koran and the entire Arab world and has greatly influenced many others from Turkish, Hindustani and Malay in the East (including Persian) to Maltese, Sicilian, Spanish and other Mediterranean languages in the West. The extremely intricate and artistic ornamental inscriptions of Arabic calligraphy are still essentially important to Arabic architecture throughout the world, and the doctrines of [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Islam ] of the Arabs are still spreading in many nations around the globe. Arabs and things Arabic are nearly everywhere!

6. ARABIC CLASSICAL LITERATURE is largely poetic and dealing mostly with their favourite subjects of war, wine, women and song, and, of course, the fine religious literature of the Koran is well known. But the Arabic literature with which most of us are familiar are the world-famous tales of the Thousand And One {\b \i Arabian Nights}, of which probably the most loved is that of Aladdin and his Lamp, known to nearly every child! The other night it was brought home to me personally in the shocking reality of a vivid vision with tremendous prophetic portent that will affect the whole world! I am convinced now that this simple little childish fairy tale has its actual basis in an ancient Oriental Arabic prophetic parable which is being fulfilled this very day! Would you like to hear it?--It's heavy!

7. IN THE STORY, THE HERO IS A VERY POOR LITTLE BOY NAMED ALADDIN. A magician helps him to find an ancient magic oil lamp and other riches in a magic cave deep underground. When Aladdin refuses to give the magician the lamp until he is safely aboveground again, the magician becomes very angry and tries to bury poor Aladdin alive! But by the spiritual power of an authoritative magic ring, Aladdin manages to escape with the lamp. Upon accidentally rubbing the old oil lamp, it suddenly produces a genie of mighty power which brings him great wealth, personal power and a palace, all of which help him to woo and win the heart and buy the hand of his lady love, the Princess and beautiful daughter of the Sultan, a rich and powerful ruler of his country. After much ado, they are happily married, and our hero, Aladdin, becomes heir to the Sultan's throne!

8. ALL GOES WELL FOR ALADDIN UNTIL THE EVIL MAGICIAN RETURNS AND TRIES TO STEAL THE LAMP, his bride, his palace and all his riches! Whereupon, by the power of the genie of his magic ring, Aladdin recovers all, and with the help of his bride slays the evil magician! All goes well again until the evil magician's brother tries the same thing and is also slain, so that Aladdin and his Princess can live happily ever after until her father the Sultan dies and they inherit the throne, reigning together for some years and begetting considerable illustrious posterity. Heavy? Well, you may think it's heavy when you hear the interpretation the Lord gave me in one flash of remarkable revelation which was the magic key!

9. I WAS SITTING IN THE AIRPORT READING A RECENT ARTICLE IN {\b \i TIME} MAGAZINE ABOUT LIBYA'S STRONGMAN GADDAFI AND HIS ALADDIN'S LAMP OF OIL, WHICH IS BRINGING SUCH POWER TO THE ARABS, when suddenly I got one of those supernatural pictures the prophets called visions of our modern Aladdin, Gaddafi, gleefully rubbing his oil lamp, which caused it to produce a giant genie, or gigantic demon of darkness of such awesome aspect and fearsome power that I nearly dropped the magazine in fright! I was really shook up when I suddenly realised that God had, by this revelation, given me the key that unlocked the door of the interpretation to this ancient prophetic parable of Aladdin and his Lamp!

10. WE HURRIED TO OUR ROOM AND, BY A MIRACLE, DISCOVERED A COPY OF AN OLD BOOK OF FAIRY TALES which we had bought the other day second- or tenth-hand in an old curiosity shop amongst very old used books, which, amazingly enough, contained the rather rare tale of Aladdin from the {\b \i Arabian Nights} which we had intended to give to some children! It was an unusually complete version and contained many remarkable parallels to current and coming events that the news and previous prophecies have revealed to us! Hallelujah!

11. NOW LET'S PUT THE PIECES OF THE PICTURE PUZZLE IN PLACE TOGETHER AND SEE HOW THEY FIT: How does Gaddafi fit the role of Aladdin? Gaddafi himself was a poor little Arab boy born in a tent, the son of a nomadic camel trader who roamed the poverty-stricken desert throughout most of his childhood. Significantly enough, he did his early studies by the light of an old Arab oil lamp. In his early teens, he became active in political demonstrations in favour of Egypt's Nasser, procuring the necessary materials for his flags, banners and slogans by personally provisioning them from different merchants, even as we do, and was often harassed by his enemies, as we have been.

12. AT THE YOUTHFUL AGE OF ONLY 27 IN 1969, HE LED A SUCCESSFUL REVOLUTION OF THE POOR as a young army officer, ousted Libya's corrupt monarchy and became her new head of state. He also promptly ousted the foreign scientific magicians, who had helped discover Libya's lamp of oil far beneath the sands of her desert, and began rubbing that lamp vigorously to produce its black gold and force its powerful genie of foreign oil companies to pay him more than double their former prices, from one billion dollars in his first year of 1969 to over two billion in 1971 and approximately three billion in '73, amassing the largest gold reserves in the Arab world, and giving him a distinct place of leadership amongst its one hundred million Arabs, second only to that of Egypt!

13. DESPITE THE COMPLAINTS OF THE FOREIGN MAGICIANS, HE CONTINUES TO KEEP ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER LIBYA'S LAMP OF OIL AND USE THE MAGIC GENIE of its power to accrue more wealth and power for both Libya and himself, although the Western magicians would certainly like to bury him alive if they could! But he himself seems to wear some uncanny ring of spiritual authority which causes him to lead a nearly charmed life in opposition to his enemies. To their disgruntled and frustrated chagrin, he keeps gleefully rubbing his new magic lamp and producing its black genie of oil which has now brought him so much wealth and power that he's offering to join hands with the Arabs' formerly all powerful Egypt, daughter of her Sultans, Nasser and Sadat, to become the only heir apparent to her throne, a marriage which is to be consummated by the end of 1973; joining Egypt and Libya into one nation with Sadat as president and himself as second in command until the end of Sadat's reign when Gaddafi would become the logical leader of the Arab world!

14. AFTER THIS MAGIC RISE TO POWER, if Gaddafi's future follows the prophetic fairy tale of Aladdin, the evil foreign magicians are going to try to return and steal his lamp, bride, palace, power, and all. Whereupon, our modern Aladdin, by the powerful spiritual genie of the magic ring of his divine authority, will arise in rage and slay those evil foreign magicians and lead his princess and their forty black and white royally attired servants to recover not only his own but the magicians' power and possessions as well! Oddly enough, there are exactly forty African nations full of both blacks and whites to whom Gaddafi could prove a powerful and welcome messiah. Many are already Moslem and already under his financial influence and leadership, five of whom have joined his retinue just within the past year alone! The rest could be compelled to follow and together they could make a formidable company of Southern kings who, combining with the other Arab nations and the Eastern kings of Asia, India, China, Russia, etc., could easily topple the power of the Western magicians who have ruled the world for so long!--Aladdin becomes ruler of the world!

15. THIS COULD BE THE FULFILLMENT OF MANY OTHER PROPHECIES which we and others have received about Gaddafi by name as well as inference, including both Grandmother's and Jeane Dixon's prophecies as well as our own "Pied Piper" and "Questions and Answers," predictions from 1965 to 1971! Heav-ee!

16. IN THE SPRING OF 1965, GRANDMOTHER RECEIVED THE NOW FAMOUS "WARNING PROPHECY" OF THE GREAT CONFUSION AND ITS AUTHOR WHICH WERE TO ARISE OUT OF EGYPT: "Turn your eyes towards Memphis, for out of it shall come the Great Confusion. The Author of Confusion is even now marshaling his forces for this Great Confusion. He is gathering his forces from a great nation and Eastern nations, friends that will join with him. So sudden will be the great Confusion that it will cause a mighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times. But be ye not deceived. Be prepared! And be not deceived by the Great Society, for it will come to travail and then bring forth the Great Confusion. Be prepared! Even now the skies are red, red with warning and black, black with clouds gathering for the Great Confusion which is almost upon you!" (ML #655).

17. IN 1965, COLONEL GADDAFI WAS 23 YEARS OF AGE AND ALREADY A REVOLUTIONARY MILITARY LEADER IN THE LIBYAN ARMY plotting with his fellow army officers to take over Libya, which they did in 1969. Since then, he has skyrocketed into the leadership of the Arab world through his inspired manipulation of Arab oil, and bids fare to play the leading role, which Egypt's Nasser once said was "wandering aimlessly about in search of an actor to play it"!--And his ambition is to succeed where Nasser failed. Gaddafi himself has said that the Arabs have lost their direction and are engulfed in torpor, darkness and despair: "Egypt is a country without a leader, and I am a leader without a country!" So he obviously looks toward Egypt's leadership and that of the Arab world as his goal. Memphis was the ancient capital of Egypt and symbol of Hamite or Black Power! She is also being aided by Red Power: Hence the colours in the Prophecy! The clear reference to a Great Nation and Eastern nations that are to help him could be any one or more of a number who need his oil! His avowed hatred for the leading great societies of Western Gentile and Jewish capitalism would make him happy to bring them into Great Confusion, which he is already encouraging with arms for their enemies--and the time draws near!

18. HE HAS ALREADY OUSTED THE AMERICAN AND BRITISH AIR BASES AND THE 25,000 FORMER ITALIAN COLONISTS of Libya, has given millions to U.S. Black Muslims, shipped arms to the rebels of Ireland and those of several African countries to help them fight their remaining dominant Whites, is accused of being behind the kidnap murders of the U.S. and Belgian diplomats in Sudan recently, has spent hundreds of millions on an immense air force which he has offered to assist Egypt against Israel and which recently took potshots at an American military plane flying too close to his country and is said to be willing to loan millions to those who can assure him they can help Islam and hurt Israel! He damns America, despises Britain and dislikes most other foreign Western infidels, but is reluctantly using them to pump his oil and build his country. So he certainly seems to fit the picture of the above prophecy! If he is not the "Author" himself, it looks like he would definitely be glad to be one of his "friends"!

19. AND IF YOU DON'T THINK THE ARABS, WITH THE HELP OF AFRICA AND ASIA, COULD DO IT, YOU NEED TO TAKE ANOTHER LOOK TOWARD MEMPHIS AND THE POWER OF ARAB OIL in contrast to the oil-starved nations of the capitalistic West! The U.S. alone, though it has only eight percent of the world's population, uses 40% of the world's oil, and her rate of use is increasing by nearly ten percent a year, much of which she imports from the Arabs. Europe, too, imports over two-thirds of her oil from the Arabs and uses a large portion of the world's total, while only Russia and China seem self-sufficient, and the under-developed Arab states are absolutely oil rich! In fact, Arab oil is making the Arabs one of the richest and most powerful forces on Earth with her hands throttling the throat of an oil-thirsty world!

20. THE ARABS NOW CONTROL MOST OF THE WORLD'S OIL, through which they are fast getting a hold of most of its money and through both of which they could soon have most of its power!--And most of this was brought about by an Aladdin named Gaddafi and his magic-lamp-like genius! After taking over Libya and her oil, he encouraged the other Arab states to insist on higher prices from the infidel world, thus raising Arab oil income from a mere four billion in '68 to ten billion in '73 and what could be forty billion in 1980, and a grand total of about 240 billion by 1985! This would give the Arabs more income than all of the biggest U.S. industries combined and more money in the bank than both the U.S. and Japanese governments put together! This is twice the world's gold and foreign exchange reserves, and only half of it could buy all the West's oil companies combined! This is more wealth than any nation or single group of nations has ever had in history, and it was the recent movement of Arab money which helped cause the world's repeated severe money crises lately, so it's ridiculous to talk about money and its future without the Arabs who are about to control most of it!

21. BUT ARAB OIL IS EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN ARAB MONEY! Although the Arabs are already buying Holiday Inns and parts of Paris and Western refineries and gas station chains, and are planning to buy huge chunks of Western investments like hotel chains, broadcasting companies, newspapers, motion picture industries and nuclear weapons, money is not the strongest power that now the Arabs wield: Oil is our Aladdin's greatest weapon! His underdeveloped, formerly impoverished and Western-exploited nations of Africa and the East could soon be in a position to almost totally control the economies of the West, not only with these vast sums of money, but with the Arab's vast resources of oil. Without Arab oil, the industries, machines and transportation of the Western world could be slowed virtually to a standstill. Nearly everything mechanical in this modern age runs on some form of oil and even if other fuels were found to replace it, their machines still could not run without oil's lubrication!--Including their war machines! The whole Western world would be thrown back three or four generations into the horse-and-buggy days, and the capitalists of the West would still hardly have enough oil left to grease their wagon wheels!

22. OF COURSE, THIS WOULD NOT BOTHER VERY MUCH THE ALREADY POOR HORSE AND BUGGY ECONOMIES and cultures of most of the rest of the non-industrialized world such as Africa and Asia, who are still plowing with oxen and riding on camels and the like, so why should they worry about oil?--It's the rich West that worries about oil, and she's got to control that Arab oil, or Arab oil will soon control her!--And our Aladdin knows it!--And that's where the rub comes: He's rubbing his lamp like mad and hanging onto it in spite of all the Western magicians can do! If any Western magician finally decides in desperation he's gonna have to get rid of Aladdin to get his lamp of oil, our dear hero may just decide for himself that he and his Egyptian bride and their black and white African servants and Eastern friends may have to get the magician first before he gets them and thus bring about great Red and Black Confusion to the Great Western Society!

23. THE GREAT AMERICAN MYSTIC AND PROPHETESS, JEANE DIXON, FORESAW JUST SUCH A YOUNG MAN ARISING OUT OF EGYPT TO RULE THE WORLD in a vision she had February 5, 1962, and she thought that was his birth date, as it was a very significant date marked by many mystics and astrologers as having great import for the world. However, our little Aladdin was already twenty years of age on that date and busily engaged in fomenting revolution in Libya and the Arab world, so perhaps that was the date upon which he was divinely anointed and empowered to do so as he has since succeeded! But she did see something important happening to him about now, which it certainly is, and she saw him plotting with his followers as early as the age of 19, which he did, and saw his impact felt by the world at the age of 29 or 30, which it was, when he began to lead the Arab oil war against the West! She also says that though she supposes him to be of actual ancient Egyptian lineage of the pharaohs, he is really living in another part of the United Arab Republic, which he is: Libya! She also sees in this young man, who becomes leader of Egypt, the figure of the Pharaoh, Amenhotep, with his queen, Nefertiti, the heretic who eventually turned the world from its former gods to worship himself, and she sees that ancient prototype pair presenting this modern son and descendant as a fit and final heir to their rebel throne as the final Antichrist world ruler so often predicted in the Bible.

24. NOT ONLY THIS, SHE ALSO SEES HIM WITH SUCH INFINITE AND SATANIC WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND HYPNOTIC PERSONALITY, THAT ALL THE WORLD WILL WONDER AFTER HIM, as predicted in Revelation 13, and particularly the youth of the world will idolise him and flock after him. At the end, she sees him leading them up a road to a point of decision and division where they can either follow him to the left or take the straight and narrow to the right. She even sees him wearing a flowing robe, as our present Bedouin Aladdin often does! She sees him leading them into darkness and destruction in the end. But then she notices some small groups of faithful young pilgrims leaving him and climbing over difficult obstacles along the narrow path that led to the right and their Heavenly Home with Christ. (As we came to this last part on September 6, 1971, the Lord said to us: "These be the Bands of David!") You can read all of these things and a lot more in her first book, A Gift of Prophecy, printed by Bantam in '66, and better yet in her second and more complete edition with revised interpretations printed by Bantam in 1970 and called {\b \i Jeane Dixon--My Life and Prophecies}.--A lot of them have come true: Why not the above about the man of Egypt! God bless her! She's a good Catholic and truly a prophetess of God, I wot!

25. OUR PRESENT-DAY ALADDIN IS CERTAINLY AN ADMIRABLE CHARACTER, to say the least! His unselfish, courageous and self-sacrificial fanaticism first drew our personal attention, when, at great risk to his own person, he endeavored to mediate between Hussein's troops and the Palestinian guerrillas in Jordan back in 1970, the Lord having already drawn my attention to him, although he was, at that time, still virtually unknown to the rest of the world, having been Libya's leader less than a year. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"]

26. HOWEVER, ALMOST EXACTLY ONE YEAR AND MANY LANDS LATER, WE WERE AGAIN REMINDED OF OUR LOWLY ALADDIN BY THE LORD, although he was still not a well-known world figure as yet. While in a deep spiritual trance, on the night of September 7, 1971, I was asked by my secretary some rather unusual questions about certain figures in Bible prophecy mentioned in the Books of Daniel and Revelation, and we will simply quote you the conversation exactly as it occurred and let you draw your own conclusions. We are drawing the following excerpt directly from the text of the "Pied Piper," a Letter in which we related these experiences and circulated only to our leadership at that time because of its remarkable and almost unbelievable revelations which we then thought too strong meat for new disciples!

27. BUT FIRST I MUST TELL YOU OF AN AMAZING DISCOVERY WHICH WE HAVE JUST THIS MOMENT MADE IN MARIA'S NOTEBOOK, but long lost, lo, these three years! ("O Lord, that we would cherish more preciously the Words Thou dost give unto David!"--"Wonderful are the treasures new and old that are unearthed from thy scrolls!"--Says the Spirit! In response to which I prayed: "Lord, this has got to the truth!--You don't dare let me be deceived!"--To which He replied, "Have I not aforesaid, Once have I sworn by My Holiness that I will not lie unto David?"--Psalm 89:35. So the Spirit praised the Lord: "How great and wonderful Thou art, O God, in the things Thou dost reveal unto us finite ones! O Lord, What thou has given us, shown through the mouth of Thy Servant David!"--Thus works His Spirit!) This is indeed a miraculous confirmation from the Lord! We tried to tell you about it in the "Pied Piper," but we could not find the actual quotation and date, so we had mistakenly placed the event after [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] the 10th of October, 1970, instead of when it actually occurred [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] on the 4th. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] How astonishingly significant!--Maria had been looking for this quote all this time, and just now found it!

28. WE HAD JUST BEEN SHOCKED BY THE NEWS OF NASSER'S SUDDEN DEATH AND WERE WONDERING WHY he had died at this particularly pregnant hour in world affairs, and we were pondering this while walking slowly down a darkened Paris street still asking God why, when suddenly and very unexpectedly the Spirit spoke: "That that Wicked One might be revealed!" (2Thes.2:1-12.)--"And so shall it be even as I have said: There shall yet arise one more king out of Egypt, and after him shall come he whose coming is after the working of Satan." What a terrific confirmation of what we have spent this whole Letter trying to tell you, and tried to include in "Pied Piper," but could not find until today, the first time we could have possibly understood it! Hallelujah! How wonderful His workings and His Words! Do you realise what this means? Later the Lord again told us: "Behold, out of Egypt have I called him!" Then, as though speaking to him directly, the Lord said: "Even as unto Abraham whom I called out of his own land unto a strange land and amongst strangers that I promised I would give unto him, so have I called thee out to a land of strange peoples that I shall give thee as an inheritance." Sadat followed Nasser, and now it looks like Gaddafi will be called out of Libya to inherit Egypt! Though both are Arabs, the haughty Egyptians are still hated strangers to Libyans!

29. NOW FOR THE HEAVENLY CONVERSATION mentioned in paragraph 26, which occurred nearly a year later, September 7, 1971, while in a deep trance far across an ocean in another land, Maria asks: What do you think about Gaddafi?
MO: He prepares the way for the king of Egypt. He will be second in Egypt. (This may mean when he first helps Sadat to join Libya and Egypt in one nation. Mind you, this prediction was years before anyone dreamed this would happen!)
Maria: Do you know who will be first?
MO: No, not Sadat. In Paris I told you there would still be another king. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] He has very great magic!
Maria: Who?--Gaddafi?
MO: Yes.
Maria: I thought you said he wasn't the King of the South.
MO: He's the King of the West, because Libya is west of Egypt. He will be next to the king. (Apparently next to Sadat for the time being.)
MO: [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] For God is faithful and he, too, must have his chance. But he shall spurn it to work with the King of Egypt. But God is faithful and His voice shall speak unto him. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"]


(If you want to know more, read our Letters, Numbers 102 & 111.--MO.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family}