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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

"IVAN IVANOVITCH"--MO October 8, 1973 GP No.279
--Our Man in Kiev Tells the Future!

Copyright © October 1973 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, Paris, Cedex 03, France

1. (I WENT TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT THINKING,) "The whole world is waiting with bated breath, and nobody really knows what's going on or what they're saying or anything! But Lord, You know what's going to happen, and if I'm Your prophet You could show me!"--And He did!--And here it is!

2. BUT WHY DID HE SHOW ME THIS WAY?--Apparently He felt the best way to show me was by taking me on a spirit trip to visit somebody in Russia who knows what the Russians are feeling and how they're really thinking!

3. IN THE SPIRIT IT'S LIKE THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE ARE ALL ONE, because Kerenina is Ivan's girlfriend, but she's also his wife, and he already knows what's going to happen in the future, just like it's already happened!

4. ANYHOW, HERE'S WHAT OUR FRIEND IVAN IN KIEV, RUSSIA, HAD TO SAY!--Early in the morning Maria says I began talking in my sleep and she recorded the following:)

5. YOU COMFY COSY? I love you, Sweet Baby! (Sings in foreign language:) Just sing you a sweet lullaby, honey, to put you to sleep, sweet baby.--You know baby? (Sings again:) Don't you know? You mustn't stay awake, honey. I love you. I just sing you a little song, huh? You don't mind? (Sings softly again: Kisses in tune with the song:) (Maria: That's nice!) You like that little song lullaby?--Sing you to sleep, sing you sleep, sing you sleep! You go sleepy-bye, lullaby for you, baby? (Sings again.) You like it, sweet baby?

6. IN COME TO YOU FROM RUSSIA! (Maria: from Russia?) Russian lullaby. (Sings some more and kisses.) (Maria: It's about David!) It's an old, old, old, old Russian luv-laby--luv-laby--luv-laby--luv-laby--luv-laby--luvlaby! That's good name! Luvlaby! Trying to say lull-aby, but it comes out luvlaby! (Sings and Kisses in tune to music:) Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss! (Maria: But in English!) You like it?

7. IT'S ALL ABOUT YOUR PAPA DAVID. (What about?) How much he loves you, and you love him that's all.--How much he kisses your spirit, you kiss him, you love him and love his spirit, you understand? (Sings again.) You like to learn Russian lullaby about David your Papa? (Beautiful!) You like it, sweet baby? (Uh, huh! It's beautiful!) I love you! (I love you too!) You like my little song? (Yes very much!)

8. (DOES IVAN SING IT?) IVAN IVANOVITCH, OF COURSE! I AM IVAN IVANOVITCH! I am Ivan Ivanovitch, and I sing you a sweet song about your Papa David. You know? (Maria: Thank you, Ivan Ivanovitch! Thank you so much! I love that sweet song!) You don't bring me much attention--you don't talk to me very much! (Would you like me to talk to you more?) You don't talk to me or come to Kiev anymore to talk to me! Talk to me, and I tell you all about Alex!--And you don't even write it on your tablet, do you? (Yes I put it on my tape.) You did? Where is? (It's in my drawer.) It is? (Uh, huh!) You're storing it, huh?

9. I'D LIKE TO SEE SOME HAPPY STORY' BOUT HAPPY RUSSIAN ON DNEPR RIVER, and Alex go with boots on in his boat, you remember? (Yes--he wears his boots in bed, too!) My goodness he's a funny fellow! Does she like him? (Yes.)--You like my stories about Alex? (Speaks in foreign language and sings.) I sing Russian song for you dear, to bosom of little girl. I sing Russian song for little girl dear to bosom of David. Huh? You like when I sing? (Yes, very much!) You like Ivan to sing for you?--About love of David your father, little girl!--Like Alex love his sweet baby in bottom of boat?--In Dnepr River near Kiev! Kiev!--On Dnepr River.--Kiev on Dnepr River, huh? (Uh, huh!)

10. I TELL YOU WHAT I DO: I'M DRAFTSMAN.--DRAW PLANS AND PICTURES OF BUILDINGS WE HAVE TO BUILD FOR NEW WORLD, AFTER BIG TROUBLE! (For new world?) Yes. (What's the big trouble?) Oh, America make a big trouble and drop many bombs for stupid [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ], and after all the wars we make buildings again. Stupid, stupid America the Whore! Stupid [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ]! (But when do you build these buildings?) As soon as the war is over, foolish little child! (What war was it?)

11. THIS RIDICULOUS WAR OF AMERICA! (Do you help build buildings, Ivan?) I plan many buildings. (For this war, after it's over?)--Not for war! I plan for peace! I make pictures of buildings, plans for housing for people in many cities for Rushka. You know? (You work on it now?)

12. THE STUPID AMERICANS WANT TO BLOW UP ALL OUR VILLAGES! SO WE HAVE TO BLOW HER UP FIRST, YOU SEE? Okay? You don't mind? (No.) You no more American! You no more American, you know that? (I know that.) You're European! We Europeans have to stick together, amen? Russia is European and we must stick together, because stupid, idiotic, violent America's sworn to destroy the whole earth! When you go to London, honey baby? Oh, don't you know that?

13. WE'RE GOING TO KILL THEM FIRST, BEFORE THEY KILL US! We have to kill them off, honey baby. I'm very sorry, but we have to kill them because they're so bad! If we don't kill them, they kill everybody you understand? (Speaks in foreign language:) You understand the words of your father David, honey? So you won't feel too bad. You won't have to worry about your country you had before?

14. IF WE DON'T WIPE THEM OUT, THEY WIPE OUT THE EARTH, you know? (How do we wipe them out?) We don't wipe them out! We don't wipe them out! I mean Russians wipe out, Russians wipe out! Because of words of your father David, you know? Russians hear and they know they have to wipe out to save Earth! You understand? (Do you, Ivan, make plans now for peace?) Oh, sweet baby! You know, honey, that God always makes plans for peace! (Does Ivan make plans of buildings for peace?)

15. GOD HAS TO MAKE FIRST WAR ON THE WICKED TO WIPE OUT WICKED TO MAKE PEACE FOR OUR BABIES!--Understand? Then we make houses for many people. Americans try to annihilate the Earth, but we don't let! We first, we first.--We kill America first so she cannot destroy the Earth. You know what God says: He shall destroy them which destroy the Earth, you know? So you don't have to worry. Jesus destroy them which destroy the Earth!

16. JESUS DESTROY AMERICA WHO DESTROYS MUCH EARTH, you understand? Okay? Okay, sweet baby? (Does Ivan make many plans right now for peace?) I work hard, I have to work many hours every day for my board, at my board to make houses for people. (What do you work in?) What? (You're very, very, very old!) I'm not so old! (You lived back with Alex.) Alex not so old! (How old is he?)

17. ALEX JUST RUSSIAN SAILOR! (He's pretty old!) No, he's not so old!--He's full of live! He likes Russian girls! He makes lots of love to girls in bottom of boat in Dnepr River! I told you about Alex! (That was a long time ago.) No, no, no, no, no, no, no! It's not a long time ago! It's right now, honey baby! Where do you get the funny ideas, huh? That's not long time ago! That's right now Alex have much fun with the girls in the bottom of boat on Dnepr River alongside the park! I told you about that before! Sweet Baby! You like me pinch your titty?--Okay? (Not now though.) You had 'nuff lovin'? You don't want me pinch your titty? (I want to know where Ivan...)

18. YOU KNOW IVAN IVANOVITCH COME FROM... (speaks foreign language) ...RUSHKA! RUSSIA! (Does Ivan work in Kiev today?) Of course! (Right now?) Of course! (Does he sit at his desk right now?) I don't have desk.--I have big drawing board for plans for buildings, honey baby! (Do you sit at your drawing board right now?) Of course!--Except when I come love you! (How can you be here and...?) Oh, sweet baby! When I've done my work at night I go home to bed in my apartment and I sleep and I dream about you, and then I come see you and David, you understand?--And I tell you about my work. It's so simple, so easy! You understand?

19. AND ALEXIS MY FRIEND TELL YOU ABOUT HIS WORK IN THE NAVY, how he wear his boots in bed with the girls and in the bottom of the boat he love them along the river at night where the park is, you know? So what do you mean? Why didn't you understand me? (Will we ever be able to see you in the flesh?) Of course! (When?) Some Children see me. (Can we see you?) When you come to Russia. (When will that be?) When you come to see me! (When will that be?) When you gonna come? (I don't know.) When you gonna come? (When will we?--Do you know?) Will you bring me bottle of Vodka?--'Cause I'm all out of Vodka, I don't find no Vodka no more, no Vodka, all out of Vodka! When are you going to bring me some Vodka, huh? I need Vodka, huh? I need Vodka!

20. (WHEN DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT JESUS?) OH HONEY, RUSSIANS KNOW ABOUT JESUS EVER SINCE GYPSIES CONVERTED THE CZAR' way back many hundreds of years ago! (Who told you about Jesus?) Oh, you know, Russians tell stories about Jesus all the time! (Are those stories about persecution of the Christians true?) Oh, I don't know--what persecution? (The ones you read about in the magazines?) What Christians?--Maybe so, maybe no. They make much money on funny stories!--I don't know. Why don't you get me no Vodka, honey?

21. (DO YOU DO TOP SECRET WORK?) NO! I DO NO SECRET WORK! (You just do work for buildings right there in Kiev?) I plan apartments for people, simple little thing. I make plans for apartments for people to live.--And then I go out at night. I like to ride on the boats in the river with my friend Alexis, we tell stories to each other about pretty girls like you. (Do you tell him about David?) David? What about David? (Do you tell Alex about David?) David who? (Moses David.) Moses David?

22. (IVAN, DO YOU TELL ALEX ABOUT MOSES DAVID?) Who's Moses David? (David ... You know, the Prophet David!) What prophet David? (This David, right here!) Where? (Right here!) You tell me. (Don't you know about David?) It's your job to tell me! (Don't you know about David?) I don't know unless you tell me. (Haven't you heard about David before?) Why don't you tell me? Let me see! (David is God's Prophet for the End time.) (Speaks in foreign language.) I've heard about him. (Did you hear about him in Russia?)

23. YES--I HEARD ABOUT HIM AND HIS CHILDREN AND BIG JESUS REVOLUTION all over the world! We heard about him. (How did you hear?) Oh, we hear, we hear, we hear!--When people talk. (Not in newspaper?) No, no! Newspapers don't give much news. People come from across the border, tell us about young people of Jesus that have big revolutions for Jesus! Yes, yes! (David tells all the Children who listen--God's Words for today!)

24. YES, WE HEAR, AND WE SEE A PIECE OF PAPER WITH THE WORDS. We see and we hear about from piece of paper. (What does the piece of paper say?) They tell about the words of Moses about Jesus. (Do you know their name?) I tell you, little pieces of paper! (Do you want some more?) Of course we want more, sweet baby? (Will you print it there in Russia?) We can't print in Russia!--You have to send to us. They don't let us print thing like that!--You have to send to us, okay? (How can we get it in?) Jesus show you, honey baby. He'll show you, and when it comes we read, okay?

25. (DO YOU KNOW YOU, IVAN SPEAK THROUGH DAVID'S MOUTH?) What you mean? (When you talk to me you speak through David's body.) I just talk to you, that's all I know. I just talk to you. You shouldn't be so long now want to know everything! You should just take from Jesus what He gives you, and Jesus speak you words. You take and you listen, and you do what Jesus say. You don't think about anything, okay? (Okay.) You don't care who's talking to you, you see?

26. (IF WE COME TO KIEV, CAN WE STAY WITH YOU?) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!--If you get to Kiev! If you get to Kiev I maybe talk to you, but have to be very, very careful--have to be very, very careful!--Don't want to lose my job. Got to watch out!--But I can sing to you and talk to you in spirit. I can have lots of fun with you, okay? (Why don't you come more often?) What? (Why don't you come more often to see me?) Come where? (Right here.) Well, why don't you ask me? (Okay, I'm sorry. But don't you get awful tired when you work in the day and come to see us at night?) No! Of course not!

27. IT'S EASY TO WORK ALL DAY.--I JUST DRAW PICTURES and maps for prints for buildings for apartments for people.--That's all I do. I can almost do it with my eyes shut in my sleep! Why don't you come to see me, huh? (Okay, I'll try.) Why don't you come to see me, talk to me. I like to talk to you. (Maybe we could send some of our kids from the Jesus Revolution to see you.) Of course! Why don't you try? (All right, if the Lord gives us some more people with papers.)

28. RUSSIA'S OPEN! RUSSIA HAS OPEN BORDER--CAN COME TOURIST. (We have two boys that speak Russian.) Yes. (They translate into Russian.) Why don't they come to see me, huh? (Foreign language.) (What did you say?) Why don't they come and see me, talk to their father in that language of his people, huh? (I hope they will.)

29. (DO YOU LOVE ANY OF THE GIRLS IN KIEV?) I LOVE ALL THE GIRLS IN KIEV! (Oh, you have a girlfriend?) I love all the girls in Kiev!--You know where my girlfriend's from!--She's from down the river.--I told you before, what's her name? (Yes, I remember.) Where's she from, that city from... (Down at the end of the river.) I forget, on the lake, on the Black Sea.

30. (IVAN, CAN ALL RUSSIANS READ ENGLISH?) Of course all Russians cannot read English! Many old Russians can't even read Russian! They have many years to go to learn to read Russian. (They can't read Russian?) They're learning, but they don't know yet.--They have many years to go to read Russian (You mean they can read English better than Russian?) No, no, no, no, no, no, no! They don't know anything about English, and they can't even read Russian, much less English! No! No! No!

31. (WHAT DO THEY READ IF THEY DON'T READ RUSSIAN AND THEY DON'T READ ENGLISH?) No! No! (Ivan, if Russians can't read Russian and they can't read English, what can they read?--Can they read German?) No, stupid little girl! Poor old Russians don't have no school and can't read Russian, but they understand Russian talk, don't you understand?

32. (WHAT ABOUT THE YOUNG PEOPLE?--DO THEY LEARN RUSSIAN AND ENGLISH?) Yes, of course! Many, many learn both Russian and English!

33. (SINGS:) "EMPTY BOTTLES IN THE OLD CORRAL, where do you drink tonight!" (That's not a Russian song!) So what! (Would you sing me another Russian song?) (Sings:) "Empty bottles in the old corral, where do you drink tonight!" Russians like American song.--It's funny song!--It's funny song! (Would you sing me a Russian song now?) (Sings a few lines in Russian.) (What was that song about?) (Sings:) "Empty saddles in the old corral"--It's that funny song from America, cowboy song. (Sings:) "Where you ride tonight?--Are your guns all loaded for the big shoot-out? Americans like to shoot their guns!"--I forgot the rest it's funny cowboy song.

34. (DO YOU HAVE A BIBLE AT YOUR HOUSE?) I have a bottle and it's all empty and it need to be filled! (But do you have a Bible at your house?) Don't allow no Bibles. (Don't allow any Bibles?) No, no. (So you don't have one?) No, no, no, no, no, no! I need to have a little bottle, not a Bible! (But how do you know about Jesus?) I told you before how I know about Jesus, honey baby! (From the Church?) I heard about Jesus before! (In the Church?) No, my friends. The church tell me, but I have friends tell me about Jesus. Can you please hand me my bottle now?

35. (DO YOU GO TO VISIT OTHER PEOPLE IN THE SPIRIT AT NIGHT?) I go see you, sweet baby. (What else do you see?) I go and visit my friend Alex, and my girlfriend from Kiev, and from Black Sea, and from Dnepr River, and my friend Alex. (Do you like it here?) I don't know it there. (But you come to see me here!) No, I don't come to see you: You come to see me in Russia! (But you came just now to see me!) No, I didn't. (You're here right now!) No, I'm not.--You're in Russia right now! (I am?) Yes, of course!--How else could we be on the boat on Dnepr River?--You're crazy girl, you know that? You're so funny!

36. (SO YOU MEAN YOU NEVER GO OUTSIDE RUSSIA?) I don't remember ever leaving Russia! (But I've gone outside? I've gone to Russia? I'm in Russia?) Yes: You come to see me.--I don't go nowhere! You're always popping up when I'm sleeping! Why don't you let your father sleep, honey baby, huh? (How can I travel to Russia?) In the spirit, of course, honey! You know about spirit! (Then why can't you travel to here?) Because you come to see me. Why I have to go see you?--Huh? (I like you to come and see me sometime too.) No, no, no! I like Russia! (You don't want to see what it's like here?) Well maybe, but I like Russia. It's better. (You do like Russia?) Russia's better, yes. (It's not very Christian.)

37. RUSSIA'S MUCH BETTER, 'CAUSE IT'S GOT LOTS MORE ROOM FOR EVERYBODY! (But it's not very Christian.) Well--that all depends on what you mean "Christian." Lots of people in their hearts they think about Jesus. So don't you worry your pretty head about it, okay? You just come see me, and let's go to sleep, huh? Sleep in nice bed in the bottom of the boat. (Okay--you make love to me?) You're rocking the boat, honey!--I already made love to you! (We had a nice love, huh?) How many times you want to get loved, honey?--My God, you women never have enough! Oh my God, this woman is so insatiable!--Never get enough love!

38. (YOU KNOW HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH PRETTY GOOD.) No, you know I don't. No, you know I don't speak good English. (Yes!) No, no! I learn little bit in High School, but that's all. Why don't you ever learn, nice girl, how to go to sleep, huh?--Oh my God!--Never want to go to sleep! Maybe if I give her little more drink, it'll put her to sleep. (Gives her drink.)

39. (YOU KNOW MY NAME?) STUPID LITTLE GIRL! OF COURSE I KNOW YOUR NAME! (WHAT?) KERENINA! (KERENINA?) KERENINA PAVLOVA. (Pavlova?) You know me!--We loves a lots of times when you come to my apartment!--Do you know that? Why do you ask me that stupid question, huh? (I never knew my last name--I never knew it was Pavlova.) Oh, then let's go to sleep! Are you comfy cosy, sweet baby?

40. (WILL YOU LET ME COME AND SEE YOU AGAIN?) You can come whenever you want to come and see me, only you've got to be prepared to love if you come, because you know I like to love, okay? (Oh, I always am!) Okay, Kerenina? (Okay, Ivan.) I make you Mrs., okay? Make you Mrs.--Make you Mrs. Ivanovitch, okay?

41. (YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED?) Oh, stupid little Pavlova! We're already married, you know that! What are you talking about, honey baby? (Why you want to give me your name?) Because I like for you to have my name! Don't you like it? Why you want to keep your name? Why don't like the name of Ivan Ivanovitch? (I do, but does that mean I have to live with you all the time?) What do you mean you have to live with me!--You don't like to live with me?

42. (DO YOU WANT ME TO LIVE WITH YOU ALL THE TIME?) Of course, I want you to live with me all the time! (But I live with David all the time.) What are you talking about! You're so ridiculous, honey! You're Kerenina Pavlova, and you live with Ivan Ivanovitch! Forget about David! (I can't forget about David.--I love David.) All right, then you love me, okay? (Okay.) Then be still about David!--I don't want to hear about David!

43. I WANT YOU TO LIVE WITH ME AND LOVE ME, OKAY? (I can live with you and love you, and also live with David and I love David.) Okay, okay! But I want Kerenina Pavlova to live here and love Ivan Ivanovitch and nobody else--no David, no nothing! (That's selfish.) Okay, I'm selfish! So I'm selfish! (You love lots of girls.) I told you before I love lots of girls! (How come you like me?) In bottom of boat, and in my office where my desk is, and I love many, many women.--So?

44. (DO YOU LIKE RASPUTIN?) Oh honey, that man lived many years ago, and I don't even know him! I don't know what he is! (Haven't you ever heard about him?) 'Course we heard about him!

45. GOOD NIGHT. (Good night.) I love you, sweet baby. (I love you.) I don't know why you don't want to sleep, baby! (I do.) Ho, ho, ho! Big news! You don't want to sleep, and you know it!--You big liar!--You want to hear more and more about Russia, and you want to hear more and more about Alex and about Ivan and about Katrina and about Dnepr River and about Kiev! (Who's Katrina?) Oh honey, why you try to make funny for? You know you're Katrina! (I thought I was Kerenina?) What's the difference between Kerenina and Katrina, you like lots of names, you understand? So why you do these things to me, honey? (I let you go to sleep now.) O Jesus, Lord Jesus, help her. Help her not to be so foolish and ask such foolish questions. O Jesus, help her, Lord Jesus, help her. Help Kerenina to be a good girl, to watch the kings and watch the queens, and see how they do, and watch the princes and the lords and ladies and nobles--you understand? You must watch, to know how they behave, you understand? Are you sure? (Yes.) Are you quite sure? (Yes.)

46. (YOU KNOW WHAT DAVID SAID BEFORE WE TALKED TO YOU THIS MORNING?) WHAT? (DAVID SAID TO ME, HE SAID, "LET ME CRAWL INTO YOUR EYES, and my brain will become your brain, and we'll take a spirit trip, honey!"--And then that was when you came! He said, "Let your body rest." He said, "O God, let her body rest, but give me her spirit! Keep her body warm, but let me love her spirit!" and that's when Ivan came.) Amen! That's true, that's true, that's so pretty! (David's a great man of God.--Do you know, Ivan?) No, no. He's not great man! He's great Prophet of God! (Great Prophet of God?) Yes, he's voice of God. We in Russia, we know and we hear. People tell us. (We'll try to tell you more, all right?) Yes, yes! We are very happy to hear him!

47. (DO YOU THINK AUTHORITIES LET YOU READ WORDS OF THE PROPHET?) Of course! (They don't mind them?) They even like them! (Oh, they do?) Yes, you put on posters on platform, OK?--You need to put on platform. (On posters--You think they'd let them?) They do already let them. They need much more poster. (Which kind of poster?) You know, poster! (About Solaris?) Whatever they need.--You have poster.

48. KOHOUTEK RIGHT NOW IS GOOD.--KOHOUTEK IS MOST POSTER! (Oh, they like our poster?) Yes. (We can send them more posters?) Yes. (Prays:) That they have better poster, in Jesus' name.--They have better poster in Jesus' name, Amen!--Because I tell 'em to make poster. (Oh, so they make their own poster?) Oh honey, you know what posters they make already, sweet baby! (What posters?) You know. (You mean the posters our kids make?) Yes. (And they put them up in Russia already?) (But maybe he misunderstood and thought I was talking about here.) Oh yes, of course. (How did they get Kohoutek posters so soon?) Because they like news, to hear news and they don't get many... (They put them in the square?) (He falls asleep for a little while, then wakes with:)

49. I LOVE YOU.--SOMEHOW I KNOW I'M SUPPOSED TO WORK WITH YOU. You know that, honey? Why don't you tie on to me, honey! Latch on to me and feed me! (Why don't I what?) Tie on to me and latch on to me and feed me. (Okay, I will. How are we supposed to work together?) You know how we work together, honey! But you have to get ahold of me! (How do we work together?) Get ahold of the words! Get ahold of the hearts of the kids!--You know that, honey! (In Russia?)

50. HONEY, WHY DON'T YOU COME CLOSE TO ME AND LOVE ME? You know I have to have you! Will you love me? I love you! (He falls asleep again.)


51. IN THE "IVAN" REVELATION ABOVE, IVAN TALKS ABOUT THE RUSSIANS HAVING TO BOMB AMERICA TO KEEP HER FROM DESTROYING THE EARTH. The relating of this vision followed later that same morning in the spirit, but this one sounded like the voice of Abrahim. In the following war vision, MO saw these events actually happening! Evidently the following recording is Abrahim's explanation or running commentary on this spiritual documentary:

52. "KISSINGER WARNS THE ARABS if they don't stop and agree to settle for what they've got, he threatens them that he's going to let the war go on, and Israel is going to win it and take Cairo, if they don't stop right where they are and let Israel have what she's got.

53. "BUT OF COURSE THE ARABS AREN'T GOING TO LET THE JEWS stay right there on their doorstep! So while Kissinger is there, the Arabs say, "Yes, yes," 'cause they don't want to show their hand and tell what they really going to do, 'cause they not going to let Jews sit right there on Cairo's doorstep!

54. "AND CISCO GOES TO ISRAEL AND TELLS THEM SAME THING: That they going to have big war and Arabs not going to stop next time. But they very mad because they can't make big win. (Maybe Ivan tell you this?)

55. "KISSINGER LEAVES AND CISCO LEAVES, and poor Arabs see no more hope, because Israel like defeated them and they're worse off than ever before! So they figure if they going to die in disgrace, they figure they going to take Israel down with them.

56. "SO THEY SHOOT BIG BOMBS INTO ISRAEL, AND ISRAEL OR AMERICA FROM NAVY SHIPS SHOOT BIG BOMBS BACK INTO EGYPT! And Russia gets so mad, 'cause she told America she want to settle the war, but America just want to settle it her way.

57. "SO RUSSIA GET FED UP AND SHOOT BIG BOMBS AT AMERICAN NAVY, and anyhow, they all start shooting back and forth at each other till big, big war starts from little war, and it just grows and grows, and everybody gets real mad and shoots everybody!

58. "YOU KNOW?--I SAW IN A PICTURE! I don't know when, but that's what I saw!"

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family}