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"ISRAEL INVADED!"--MO November 25, 1973 GP No.281

Copyright © November 1973 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France

1. ISRAEL WILL SOON BE INVADED AND CONQUERED AND AMERICA DESTROYED by a combination of world powers led by Russia, according to the Bible and our own recent revelations. The Bible even names the countries that will participate and the route of their invasion!

2. THE BIBLE SAYS THIS IS THE ONLY WAY the Arab-Israeli war can be ended and a final agreement reached on the Arab lands and an international pact made concerning the city of Jerusalem.

3. BECAUSE ISRAEL WILL NEVER WILLINGLY WITHDRAW from the Israeli-occupied Arab territories and has said flatly she will never give up Jerusalem, and because the Arabs have said they will never be satisfied with anything short of an Israeli withdrawal from Arab territories, including and particularly Jerusalem, nothing less than forced intervention by one of the superpowers can solve the situation.

4. SINCE ISRAEL IS AN AMERICAN COLONY and America's only beachhead in the Middle East aimed at the Arab oil fields, and America cannot survive without the oil which the Arabs are determined not to give her unless she makes Israel give up Jerusalem and the Arab territories and let the Palestinians back in, which she will never do, America will fight for the possession of Israel and Arab oil. (See our Letter No.277, "The Real War Goes On!")

5. NEITHER RUSSIA, ASIA, AFRICA NOR EVEN EUROPE COULD POSSIBLY TOLERATE SUCH HIGH-HANDED AGGRESSIVE BELLIGERENT AMERICAN ARMED INTERVENTION in the Middle East to achieve her own ends for the protection of Israel and conquest of the Arab oil fields, and thereby complete American domination of the entire Middle East and North Africa to the very borders of Russia.

6. RUSSIA AND THE MIDDLE EASTERN NATIONS WITH THE HELP OF OTHER ASIAN AND EUROPEAN POWERS WILL CONFRONT SUCH AN AMERICAN THREAT or attempt, by their own armed invasion of Israel to put a stop to it and end the Arab-American Israeli War, restore the Arab lands to their rightful owners, reinstate the rights of the Arab Palestinians with self-determination, and make Jerusalem an international religious capital of the world by a specific pact enforced on the participants by this combination of world powers and its coming world dictator.

7. SO THE BIBLE SAYS, AND I BELIEVE IT, AND YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT too, because it's going to happen and it has to happen soon! Because Arab patience has reached its limits with Israeli refusal to abide by the unenforced UN Resolution No.242 in which virtually the whole world, including America, agreed that Israel should withdraw from Arab lands.

8. BUT THE WORLD HAS ONLY PAID LIP SERVICE TO THIS AGREEMENT and, until now, no attempt has been made by the world powers to compel Israel to obey it, and she will never obey it unless forced to do so by the actual armed intervention of a super power.

9. SINCE THE ARABS ARE NOW AGREED, UNITED AND DETERMINED--BACKED BY RUSSIA, Asia, Africa and Europe--that America must persuade Israel to withdraw or America will get no more oil from the Arabs; and since America will never force Israel to do this, and her economy will collapse without the oil, America herself will feel forced to fight for Israel and Arab oil.

10. THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL BE FORCED TO DESTROY AMERICA TO STOP HER, AND INVADE ISRAEL TO ENFORCE A SETTLEMENT and an end to this perpetual irreconcilable war between American-Israeli interests in the Mideast and the conflicting interests there of Russia, the Arabs, and the rest of the world.

11. SO THE BIBLE TELLS US THE WHOLE CONFLICT WILL BE SETTLED BY THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA AND THE INVASION AND CONQUEST OF ISRAEL BY RUSSIA and other supporting world powers, and it will have to happen soon because neither America nor the rest of the world can go much longer without that vital Arab oil!

12. BECAUSE OF THESE TOTALLY IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SELFISH AMERICAN AND ISRAELI INTERESTS AND THOSE OF THE REST OF THE WORLD, A PEACEFUL SETTLEMENT IS UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE, and an armed invasion and conquest by Russia and supporting powers is inevitable, and this can only be accomplished by the destruction of America herself as a world power.

13. ONLY THEN WILL WE HAVE PEACE AND ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT and a proper apportionment of the world's resources "from each according to his ability unto each according to his need" of both fuel and food and other necessities, and an end to the waste of world supplies and environmental pollution!

14. THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE BY THE EFFECTIVE ENFORCEMENT OF A CAPABLE AND POWERFUL ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT which shall arise from the ashes of this war.--The Bible says so!

15. GOD HIMSELF DESCRIBES THIS INVASION OF ISRAEL AS HIS OWN VENGEANCE UPON HER for her sins, and says it will come from the North led by Russia with the help of Europe, Libya, Turkey, Persia and Ethiopia!

16. IF YOU WILL LOOK AT THE MAPS YOU WILL SEE THAT THE SOUTHERN BORDER OF RUSSIA IS ONLY 600 MILES FROM ISRAEL, but any major invasion force would have to be permitted to pass through either Turkey or Persia or both, as well as Iraq and Syria which are already under Russian control.

17. LIBYA AND THE OTHER ARAB STATES WILL, OF COURSE, ASSIST, AND ETHIOPIA WILL HELP them to continue the Red Sea blockade at its narrow straits between Ethiopia and the Arabian Peninsula.

18. WHILE EGYPT RENEWS ITS DRIVE ACROSS SINAI, THE INVASION FORCES FROM THE NORTH AND EAST WILL SPLIT into a two-pronged attack from Bozrah, just inside the southern border of Syria, through Jordan and the Arab territories toward Haifa and Tel Aviv, and a major decisive battle will be fought at Armageddon a few miles south of Haifa near the juncture of the Haifa and Tel Aviv highways in the Esdraelon Valley.

19. MEANWHILE, ANOTHER MAJOR INVASION FORCE OF UP TO ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MEN hidden in the bomb-proof caverns of the impregnable rock city of Petra in Edom, Jordan, just south of the Dead Sea will drive westward across the Negev to the Arab Gaza Strip on the Mediterranean coast, thus cutting off all help from whatever is left of Israeli forces in the Sinai and Negev and Israel's access to the port of Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba.

20. ISRAEL'S NORTHERN ARMIES IN THE GOLAN WILL BE CUT OFF from both Haifa and Tel Aviv by the northern drive from Bozrah, and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv will therefore be completely isolated and encircled by the giant pincer's movement of these two major drives, from Bozrah on the Northeast and Edom on the Southeast.

21. CUT OFF FROM HER TWO MAIN ARMIES IN SINAI AND GOLAN AND SURPRISED BY THIS SUDDEN ATTACK on the soft underbelly of her longest and most indefensible Eastern border, and deprived of the help of her destroyed American partner, Israel will at last be compelled to surrender to these vastly superior forces, and be forced to return Palestine to the Arabs under international rule with Jerusalem as an international world capital.

22. THE BIBLE DESCRIBES ALL OF THIS IN DETAIL, and if you want to read it for yourself you can find some of the most outstanding passages on the subject in Isaiah 63, Ezekiel 38 and 39, Daniel 8, 9, and 11, Luke 21 and Revelation 11, 13, 17 and 18 as well as many, many others, all of which agree on these same major events and their outcome.

23. THE FIRST PERSONAL PROPHECY we ever received along this line was through my mother in 1965, called grandmother's "Warning Prophecy" (ML #655), and predicts that a great world leader will rise out of Egypt to lead the nations against America and Israel in this final battle for the Mideast.



26. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: WRITE US ] AT OUR LONDON ADDRESS. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] Please enclose a small donation to help cover costs. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: W ]e will send them to you as quickly as possible and as available.

27. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] WE WILL ALSO SEND YOU OUR LATEST LETTERS ON THE COMING COMET of the Century, Kohoutek, with an explanation of its meaning, significance and possible consequences and effects on the Earth and its affairs. Don't delay! Send now! Tomorrow may be too late! It's later than you think!

28. THE WORLD CAN'T DO MUCH LONGER WITHOUT ARAB OIL AND THIS WHOLE THING HAS TO COME TO A HEAD SOON as predicted above! Be prepared! You may also want our little pamphlet on "Survival Tips," how to survive in the event of a national or international emergency when you may be left without food, fuel, water or sanitary facilities.

29. WE'LL ADD THIS ONE, TOO, IF YOU SEND FOR ALL OF THESE NOW--HURRY! You haven't much time left, and we haven't many of these left either! Get them quick and be ready!

30. IT CAN'T BE MUCH LONGER. It's just that simple, because the world can't get along much longer without the Arabs' oil, and the Arabs aren't going to give up their oil until the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ] give up the Arabs' land.

31. AND THE [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELIS ] AREN'T GOING TO GIVE UP THE ARABS' LAND UNTIL SOMEBODY TAKES IT AWAY FROM THEM, and nobody can take it away from them until somebody destroy America. And nobody's going to destroy America without war, possibly even a full-scale atomic war!

32. IN OTHER WORDS, THIS WAR IS NOT GOING TO BE SETTLED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT A BIGGER WAR BETWEEN THE SUPERPOWERS. Because the little boys are not going to stop scrapping until one of the big bullies makes them, or one of the big bullies destroys the other one. That's the only way they can make them, because the big bullies will never be able to agree either, on how to settle the war:--They can't both win. Somebody's got to win, which means somebody's going to lose.--And it's not going to be Russia!

33. IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE. So, just like two-and-two makes four, the end of that equation is that, since the world can't do very much longer without the oil, America has to be destroyed soon. I don't see any other way out of it.

34. FROM ALL THE LORD HAS SHOWN US and all we have heard and all we have read in the Bible, I can't see them coming to any peaceful solution or agreement, no compromise, because each side has these absolutely irreconcilable differences: They're both demanding the same things, and they can't both have it! The Arabs can't have their cake while the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ] eat it too!

35. SO IT CAN ONLY BE SETTLED BY WAR, AND A BIG WAR, AND IT HAS TO BE SOON, because otherwise the world will go bankrupt without oil! Their whole industrialised economic system will collapse without oil. The whole economy of the West is built on oil.

36. IN OTHER WORDS, THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO GET ITS OIL UNLESS AMERICA IS DESTROYED. It all comes right back to that: America has to be destroyed, so that Israel can be defeated, so the Arabs can get their land, so the world can get its oil! It's that simple!

37. THE WHOLE THING IS COMING TO A HEAD SOON, HELL-BENT ON A CRASH COURSE TO CATASTROPHE!--Waste, pollution, over-population, starvation, monetary crisis, energy crisis, economic disaster, political chaos, Comet Kohoutek, the Great Confusion (or Babylon the Great), the Arab-Israeli War, the collapse and/or destruction of America, the final deflation of the Green Pig--America's worldwide dollar empire, and finally World War Three, ending with the invasion and conquest of Israel at the Battle of Armageddon!

38. IT'S ALL RIGHT THERE IN THE BIBLE AND OUR LETTERS FROM THE LORD!--AND IT HAS TO BE SOON, because none of these situations can last much longer!

39. A YOUNG NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER A YOUNG NEW WORLD LEADER WILL THEN UNITE THE WORLD IN PEACE and plenty, rising like the Phoenix from the ashes of the old, until God Himself takes over in His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth! So the darkest hour is just before dawn! Look for that silver lining in these storm clouds, and expect that somewhere over God's rainbow:

"There'll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Tomorrow when the world is free!
There'll be love and laughter
And joy ever after--
Tomorrow when the world is free!"

Hallelujah!--God bless and keep you till then!--And He will if you'll trust Him! Amen?

  • * *


(The following is the prophecy which inspired this letter:)

40. THE JEWS [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELIS ]ARE STALLING AGAIN, DELIBERATELY PUTTING OFF A SETTLEMENT BECAUSE THEY NEVER INTEND TO SETTLE.--BUT THIS TIME THE ARABS WILL NOT BE DENIED! This time the Arabs will insist on their rights and their lands and their poor people, and the Jews will continue to refuse till there be more war, until America and the Jews will lose and be destroyed, and Israel will indeed be invaded, and there will be the establishment of a new world order ordained of God!


42. BUT EUROPE MUST DEMAND THE REMOVAL OF THE AMERICAN BASES, IF SHE DOES NOT WANT TO SUFFER THE RETALIATION WHICH AMERICA AND THE JEWS WILL SUFFER! She must cut her ties with America and remove American influence and the American military bases, if she does not want to suffer with her.

43. FOR THE ENEMIES OF CAPITALISM DO NOT WANT TO DESTROY EUROPE, BUT WOULD PREFER TO KEEP HER AS A FRIEND and a friendly power. But if Europe does not cut her ties with America and remove these American military bases, rocket bases, etc., and this American influence, she will suffer with the Americans.

44. FOR AMERICA WILL USE HER AMERICAN BASES IN EUROPE EVEN AGAINST THE WILL OF EUROPE to strike at her enemies, and these bases must therefore be destroyed. So they must be remove, or they will be destroyed in an effort ordained of God to spare the world and save mankind! Praise You, Jesus! (Prayer and prophecy:) My God, may they heed the words of their father.


46. FOR THE COMING WORLD GOVERNMENT IS OF GOD AND ORDAINED OF GOD TO SAVE THE WORLD from total destruction and American annihilation, the annihilation of a selfish capitalism which would prefer suicide and worldwide destruction rather than submit to the forces of retribution ordained by God.

47. SHE (AMERICA) WOULD RATHER TAKE THE WORLD DOWN WITH HER THAN TO YIELD TO THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD. So she will therefore be destroyed, and must be destroyed, and that right early and with great speed!

48. FOR INDEED BABYLON (AMERICA THE WHORE!) SHALL BE DESTROYED WITH GREAT SUDDENNESS!--WITHIN ONE HOUR SHALL ALL THESE DISTRESSES COME UPON HER! Babylon, O Babylon, that great city which oppresses the kings of the Earth and maketh merchandise of the souls of men living upon her delicacies and the blood of martyrs, shall indeed be destroyed by the hand of God and the hand of man for her iniquities, to deliver the Earth from her that would destroy her!

49. EUROPE MUST BE WARNED TO COME OUT OF HER (AMERICA THE WHORE!) AND HAVE NO PART OF HER LEST SHE BE PARTAKER OF HER SINS and suffer of her judgments wherewith she shall be judged by the God she pretends to serve, even as Israel shall be judged by the God she pretends to serve!

50. BEHOLD, THESE TWO (AMERICA AND ISRAEL) SHALL BE DESTROYED TOGETHER FOR THEIR SINS AGAINST ME, that I may deliver the Earth from their iniquities and destroy them which destroy the Earth, that it may be saved! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! In Jesus' name, Amen. Even so be it, Lord Jesus, and even so come quickly, Lord Jesus, from Edom with Thy garments dyed red from Bozrah with the blood of the innocents because of the sins of them which slaughter the poor!

51. THOU SHALT TAKE VENGEANCE upon their adversaries and their oppressors and destroy them which destroy Thy little ones! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! Even so be it, Lord Jesus. Even so be it, O God!

52. USE THOU THE INSTRUMENT OF THY HAND and Thy humble servant and these little ones who cry unto Thee for deliverance from their oppressors! Use Thou him (Gaddafi?) which is maligned by the powerful and ridiculed by the great. Use this little one which holdeth Thy lamp of oil in his hand to defy them and destroy them! O God, my God!

53. MAY HE HEED THE WORDS OF THY PROPHET and Thy Servant David, that he may rise up against them with great choler and the power of Thy might and the strength of Thy spirit and lead Thy little ones to destroy them which destroy the Earth, and deliver Thy poor from the hand of their oppressors, and deliver Thy land from their pollution, and deliver Thy people from the Enemy that would destroy them!

54. BY THE POWER OF THY MIGHT, O GOD, AND THE STRENGTH OF THINE OWN ARM, THAT THEY MAY KNOW THAT THE LORD OUR GOD HATH DONE THIS, AND THEY MAY GLORIFY THE GOD OF THEIR SALVATION for His deliverance from the enemies of the poor, that they may praise Thee which giveth them peace and justice and their lands and bread, and returneth their homes to their rightful owners, and rebuketh the oppressor, and delivereth them from the hands of their enemies!

55. IN THE NAME OF GOD AND THE SERVANTS OF ALLAH, AND IN THE NAME OF JESUS AND THE SERVANTS OF CHRIST, AND FOR THE GLORY OF GOD AND THEM THAT WORSHIP HIM, even with the help of Thine enemies, even with the help of the enemies of God! For He shall cause the wrath of man to praise Him, and He shall turn the wrath of the heathen upon their own heads, and they shall be destroyed by their own devices, and fall into the pit which they themselves have digged!

56. FOR INDEED THE EARTH HERSELF SHALL OPEN HER MOUTH AND SWALLOW THEM AS THEY GO DOWN QUICK INTO THE PIT through the judgments that I have ordained for them and the fate that I have planned for them! For it shall surely come and it will not tarry, lest they destroy the Earth and My little ones upon whom I will have mercy and be strong to save!

57. LIFT UP THEREFORE THY HEADS, FOR THY REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH! Behold, thy King cometh as a mighty Man of power, strong to save and deliver thee! Fear not them which stand and rise up against thee, but rather fear Me and give thanks unto Me, thy Deliverer, for I shall save thee if thou shalt put thy trust in Me and rid thyself of these evil ones who destroy thee!

58. HAVE THY WAY, LORD! GIVE US THE STRENGTH AND POWER, LORD JESUS! HELP US TO BE FAITHFUL, TRIED AND TRUE TO GIVE THEM THE WORDS of Thy Servants the Prophets, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear! Help us, O God, to be faithful unto Thy Word and deliver our souls of the wicked ones, that our hand may be cleansed of their blood in the day of retribution when Thou shalt arise to shake terribly the Earth in the day when Thou shalt destroy the sinners thereof! Even so be it, Lord Jesus!

59. COME QUICKLY, O LORD, AND DELIVER THY CHILDREN FROM THE HANDS OF THEIR ENEMIES, and destroy them which destroy Thy Earth, which have polluted Thy land and robbed Thy poor! O God, my God! Give us Thy strength, O Lord, to deliver Thy Word to both the needy and to their oppressors, that Thou mayest be justified in their sight, and that all men may know that the Word of the Lord hath spoken it and that God Himself hath ordained it!

60. FOR BEHOLD, THERE SHALL COME A DELIVERER OUT OF ZION (JESUS?) WHICH SHALL SAVE MY PEOPLE (THE CHRISTIAN PALESTINIAN ARABS?), the true Israel, the true Prince of God and man, and not them which be pretenders and usurpers to My Throne!

61. FOR THE TIME SHALL COME, AND THAT RIGHT EARLY, THAT THE SWORD OF THE LORD SHALL DELIVER THEM and destroy their enemies which [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] do hate Me and do daily crucify Me afresh upon every hillside of Israel and in every wood and in every city with their abominations which they create against Me, and their deceitful devices which they speak against Me, and their evil imaginations which they devise against Me Whom they know not!

62. FOR I SHALL SAY UNTO THEM, "DEPART FROM ME, YE WORKERS OF INIQUITY, I NEVER KNEW YOU! [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] I will not countenance thee before My face, neither will I tolerate thy abominations within My land, nor will I any further permit thine oppression upon My poor who cry unto Me for deliverance and for bread and for their land that thou hast denied them!

63. THEREFORE I WILL RISE UP AND DESTROY THEE WHO CALLETH THYSELF ISRAEL[ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"], and I will return My land unto them unto whom I have given it, that they may be delivered from thee. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"]

64. FOR BEHOLD THERE SHALL COME KINGS FROM THE NORTH AND KINGS FROM THE EAST, AND KINGS FROM THE SOUTH AND EVEN KINGS FROM THE WEST THAT SHALL DESTROY THEE! And they shall feast upon the blood [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] and shall take thee away and remove thee as the enemies of God, and shall cast thee into the dust and burn thee with fire and rob thee as thou hast robbed these little ones!

65. THANK YOU, JESUS! PRAISE YOU, LORD! IN JESUS' NAME, SO BE IT! Deliver Thy Children, O God, from the hands of the pretenders, from the deceitful ones! Sweet baby, art thou weary with the words of thy father? Kiss him. There are many words that I would say unto thee, but thou art not able to bear them. Indeed the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Rest now therefore, and put up thy pen and put away thy tablet, and deliver the words that I have given thee unto them that will hear them.

66. FOR VERY SOON SHALL ALL THESE THINGS BE FULFILLED. BE THOU FAITHFUL THEREFORE UNTO DEATH, AND I WILL GIVE THEE A CROWN OF LIFE! And fear not them which would destroy the body, but rather fear Me which can cast both thy soul and body into hell if thou shalt not obey Me, even as these which have rebelled against Me for many generations!

67. HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU, JESUS! Go sweetheart, deliver thy body, satisfy the needs of thy flesh, for it is needful. For thou art but weak flesh, whereas I am mighty in spirit, and I will deliver thee, saith the Lord!

68. GO, SPEAK ALL THE WORDS I HAVE GIVEN THEE TELL THEM TO THE PEOPLE THAT WAIT FOR THE WORDS OF MY MOUTH and hunger for food at My hand, the little sheep of My pasture which hear My voice and follow Me. Go, and give unto them that which I have given unto thee that they may be satisfied, and that I may deliver them and save them within the fold of My Spirit by the Words that I have spoken unto thee.

69. GO NOW AND GIVE UNTO THEM, FOR THE HOUR IS LATE AND THESE THINGS SHALL SOON COME TO PASS! For behold the reaper shall overtake the sower if thou dost not make haste with thy sowing! Go! Go now, for now is the hour for sowing, lest thou be overtaken with them that reap death of disobedience rather than life of My Words!

70. GO! GO! GO!--YOU MUST GO! MAKE HASTE TO PREPARE THE WAY FOR HIM THAT WILL FOLLOW THEE! Go now! I say unto thee, go, or thou shalt be overtaken in the flood of fire that shall baptize this earth and purify it in the Day of Judgment that I have ordained for the wicked!

71. FOR BEHOLD THE TIME HAS COME FOR THEE TO CRY AND LIFT UP THY VOICE IN THE STREETS, and for the broken reed to be mended and for the smoking flax to burst forth into flame that My warning light shall shine forth brightly before all them that dwell upon the face of the Earth, that they may know that I the Lord have spoken it, and I have fulfilled that which I have spoken by the mouth of My Prophets, and I have delivered these little ones from the hands of their oppressors, if they will obey Me!

72. GO NOW AND SPEAK THESE WORDS BEFORE ALL THE PEOPLE, AND IN THE EARS OF THE RULERS, AND AGAINST THEIR PRIESTS who have spoken falsely, that they may know that I the Lord have spoken it, and that those that believe may be delivered!

73. FOR, BEHOLD, I HAVE USED THEE AS A WARNING LIGHT AND AS A BEACON UNTO THIS GENERATION that they may follow that which I have spoken, or be destroyed for their unbelief! (Tongues:) Haste thou quickly, little one, for I am awearied of waiting! Give forth the words of your father, for he is wearied with My Words. But be not thou wearied, O little ones, and say thou not, "What a weariness!"

74. BUT BE THOU FAITHFUL AND DILIGENTLY SERVE ME AND DELIVER THE WORDS OF THY FATHER that He might bless thee and save thee and keep thee in the day of trouble which shall come upon all the inhabitants of the Earth, that I may spare thee because of thine obedience unto Me.

75. GO! GO! YOU MUST GO! Go, for the time has come for going and not waiting! Why will ye not heed the words of your father? For the hour is late, and he is wearied of thy waiting. Go now, and perform the Word of the Lord that He hath given unto thee. Go! I said go! My God, why will they not obey, even she that is Thy Bride and Wife of Thy Spirit? Why, Lord, do they withhold Thy Words from this wicked generation?

76. FOR BEHOLD, EVEN AS THOU HAST EASED THYSELF OF THY BURDEN AND CLEANSED THYSELF OF CONTAMINATION, EVEN SO SHALL I EASE MYSELF OF THEM WHICH BURDEN THE EARTH, and cleanse Myself of them that pollute the place thereof, and rid Myself of the unrighteous and their abominations that defile the Earth and the children thereof, and that right early!

77. LIFT UP THINE EYES QUICKLY AND THOU SHALT BEHOLD THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WICKED, but it shall not come nigh thee if thou shalt obey Me! Though thousands shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, it shall not come nigh unto thee!

78. BUT ONLY WITH THINE EYES SHALT THOU BEHOLD THE REWARD OF THE WICKED IF THOU ART FAITHFUL UNTO ME and keep the words of My righteousness that I have given unto thee in My mercy and in My love and by the hand of My faithful Shepherd that redeemest thee!

79. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST! PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN! Amen and amen and amen! Praise God! Jesus said it:--toward men of good will and them that obey Me!

80. (ABRAHIM discussing the above prophecy later that morning:)

81. IF THE MISSILE BASES REMAIN, EUROPE WILL NOT BE TOTALLY DESTROYED, BUT WILL SUFFER MORE THAN NEED BE. Russia don't want to destroy Europe, but they have to destroy wicked American bases that contaminate her like a disease, to isolate and quarantine in a separate house, so you don't infect the whole neighbourhood! You see?--So everybody don't get sick and die with the ones that are going to catch it!

82. AMERICA THREATENS EVERYBODY! EVEN RUSSIANS HAVE MORE SENSE, AND CHINESE MUCH MORE SENSE! THEY DON'T WANT TO DESTROY THE EARTH! Only Americans want to destroy the Earth, and they're already destroying themselves! They'd rather commit suicide and murder and burn down the house and everybody in it rather than give up their matches, like silly little boys playing with fire!

83. (LATER:) SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH A MAN WHO ISN'T MARRIED AT HIS AGE (KISSINGER). IT'S NOT GOOD. (Maria: But Heath of England is not married either.) But Heath's dedication is to good, and Kissinger's is to evil! Look out for that man! He's dangerous!

The Arabs have no Palestine!
Have you no heat?
The Arabs have no homes!
Have you no fuel?
The Palestinians have no food!
Are you tired of queuing?
Arabs have waited 25 years for their lands!

85. CAN YOU BLAME THE ARABS FOR WITHHOLDING OIL from their enemies? Why not blame Israel for withholding the Arabs' land from the Arabs? Israel is responsible for the oil crisis, not the Arabs!

86. ISRAEL'S REFUSAL TO OBEY Resolution No.242 and withdraw from the Arab land is causing the war, world crisis, your petrol shortage, and is threatening the world with economic and atomic disaster because she will not give back the Arabs' lands!

87. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE AN ARAB? What should you do? Demand Israel's withdrawal from Arab lands now!--To save the world from economic collapse and World War III! Tomorrow may be too late!

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