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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

"COME ON MA!--BURN YOUR BRA!"--MO December 22, 1973 GP No.286

Copyright © December, 1973 by the Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London, WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

Dear Sister,
1. Greetings in Jesus' Dear Name. Thank you for your sweet letter about some of our recent radical missives. I regret that some of these were " hard sayings " for you to take and which you were not yet able to bear, but what can I say?

2. I DARE SAY IF YOU HAD BEEN ONE OF JESUS DISCIPLES in His days here on Earth trudging down the dusty roads behind this Revolutionary Rebel of His generation and sleeping as many as 120 men and women in one room at a time, you have found many of the thing He had to say and He radical actions very hard to understand.

3. THIS IS WHY, AS JESUS HIMSELF SAID, HE HAD TO POUR HIS VERY NEW WINE INTO VERY NEW BOTTLES who could expand their receptivities sufficiently to take it, accommodate it and even rejoice in it, for it spoke their language and helped Him to reach the drunks and the harlots and the publicans and sinners and the radical young zealots with whom He associated.

4. IT ALSO PROVED HE WAS NO PART OF THE SYSTEM and was not bound by its conventions, inhibitions and prejudices. He was totally liberated and free in the Lord to enjoy to the full the naked truths of God and His wonderful Creation.

5. A REVOLUTION IS A TOTAL BREAK WITH THE TRADITIONS OF MEN AND HIS CHURCHES and his preconceived ideas about God and misconceptions of morality. We have turned completely around and are going a different direction, no longer man's way but God's way, and we are free to enjoy to the full the beauties and wonders of His creation with all of its pleasures which He Himself created for our enjoyment.

6. SO WHY QUIBBLE ABOUT REALITY AND HIDE THE NAKED TRUTH of God's raw revelations and cover up in hypocrisy and self-righteous pride and a lack of total abandonment to the utter humility of God. As Jesus said, if ye cannot receive it when I speak to you of these earthly things, how can you receive it if I speak to you of the Heavenly?

7. IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY THESE CHILDISH SPOOFINGS OF THE FOOLISH TRADITIONS of female slavery to convention and the opinions of men (Mountin' Maid, No.240), how are you going to handle the even heavier Letters such as "Revolutionary Sex" and "Revolutionary Lovemaking" and God only knows what next! If you had been there when Jesus said to the multitude, " You must eat of My flesh and drink of My blood or you can have no part in Me," I wonder what you would have done then?

8. WOULD YOU, TOO HAVE BEEN ONE OF THE MANY WHO TURNED AWAY from Him that day and said, "This is an hard saying, who can bear it!"--So that He had to turn in sadness toward the twelve young faithful few and say, "Will ye also go away?" Peter pretty bluntly expresses their rather negative response when he says, "To whom shall we go?--Thou alone hast the Words of Eternal Life!"--As though he wished the Lord hadn't said what He did and wished that there was some other way, and if he could think of any other place to go, he would.

9. BUT ONLY JESUS HAD WHAT THEY WANTED, SO THEY CONTINUED TO FOLLOW Him even though they didn't always understand Him nor approve of what He said.

10. HE NEVERTHELESS SPOKE THEIR LANGUAGE AND WAS GETTING THROUGH TO THEM and they loved Him because they knew He loved them and was trying to help them to be free.

11. SO IF YOU THINK THAT SEX AND THE HUMAN BODY ARE SOMETHING EVIL and to be hidden instead of the beautiful and wonderful creations of God to be revealed and enjoyed to the full, then you are indeed an old bottle and I doubt very much if you will be able to stand the even heavier Letters which are already on the way!

12. IF YOU ARE SHOCKED BY OUR REVELATIONS OF PHYSICAL TRUTHS how much more are you going to be absolutely shattered by the amazing revelations of spiritual truths which god has given us and you're soon to receive!

13. THIS IS NO DAY FOR THE WEAK AND THE FEARFUL and those who are unable to bear the many more things that God now has to say to us in these last days when He must tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God!

14. I'M SORRY, BUT THE REVOLUTION DID NOT BEGIN WITH OUR TRYING TO PLEASE PEOPLE and giving them only what they were able to believe and accept.

15. BUT THE JESUS REVOLUTION WAS BEGUN BY A BUNCH OF ROWDY REDDISH RADICALS from some of the lowest strata of human society and had in the greatest contempt by the established order and has shocked and shaken the world of the system of prudish conventionality and the hypocritical traditions of man ever since!

16. SO IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE OFFENDED AT BEING STRIPPED BARE before God and ravished wildly by His Spirit, how on God's Earth are you going to stand it when He exposes your naked spirit and the spirit world in which it lives in the Letters that are yet to come?

17. I FEEL FOR YOU, MY DEAR, AND I'M SORRY FOR YOU and I wish I could help you, but if you're unable to receive what God has already given us, what is coming is certainly going to break you bottle!

18. IF YOU ARE NOT YOUNG ENOUGH IN SPIRIT, pliable enough, resilient enough and elastic enough to expand your vision and faith to accommodate this new wine of the Lord, you will certainly be unable to take what is coming, and you vessel now shaken will be truly shattered!

19. BUT THAT'S LIFE AND THE REVOLUTION, WHICH IS BUILT ONLY WITH NEW BOTTLES on the broken remains of the old! I suggest you read "Old Church, New Church," "Did God Make a Mistake?," "Reformation or Revolution?," "He Stands in the Gap," "Jesus People or revolution?," "Survival," "Who Are the Rebels?" "Mountain Men," "Letter to a Loved One," "Burn Free!," "All Things Change!," "Rasputin," "Sock It to Me!," "Flatlanders," "Wild Wind," "Spirit Tree!," "Don Quixote," "Brother Sun," "The Art of Oh!," "Holy Holes!," "Revolutionary Women," "I Am a Toilet," "The Drugstore," "Madame M," etc.

20. IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THESE AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING, YOU'LL CERTAINLY NEVER BE ABLE TO TAKE WHAT IS COMING, and we're very sorry for you.--Because if you quit now, you'll really miss the main events! We're not out to change the world--we're creating a totally new one! And if you if you don't fit it, I'm afraid we'll have to leave you behind.

21. I'M SORRY, BUT THAT'S WHAT BEING BORN AGAIN--REPENTANCE--REGENERATION--AND REVOLUTION--ARE REALLY ALL ABOUT! If you you're not really revolutionary, you'll never make it anyhow. If you're not ready to abandon the old for a brand new world, if you're trying to cling to old outworn concepts of self-righteous man instead of receiving the total grace and utter freedom of the glory and ecstatic love of God, you'll never be able to bear the explosions of the love-making of the Spirit that are yet to come!

22. IF FOR SOME INEXPLICABLE REASON IT HURTS YOU to hear the simple names of the plain parts of your own body that God Himself created for your use and enjoyment and to illustrate His own relationship with us, His Bride--if you are ashamed of what God has made and are embarrassed by bosoms, penises and vaginas, you are most surely going to be horrified by the coming orgasms of the Spirit and naked truths of the Spirit World which He has yet in store for you if you're able to receive it!

23. IF NAKED TRUTH BOTHERS YOU, YOU ARE DEFINITELY AN OLD BOTTLE and had better avoid the crash! But if you can accommodate this new wine without asking why or trying to analyze its ingredients, God has such thrills and intoxication of the Spirit in store for you that you will be glad you drank it without question, and you'll be whisked off into a world which you never dreamed existed, where you'll enjoy the very wonders of total intimacy with a sexy naked God Himself in a wild orgy of the Spirit as His totally surrendered Bride!

24. OTHERWISE, YOU'RE LIKE THE OLD CHURCH, AN OLD BOTTLE, cracked, broken, useless and doomed to abandonment and oblivion! May God help you to know where you belong!

25. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP AND YOUR KINDNESSES TO OUR CHILDREN, WE HOPE YOU'LL BE ABLE TO SURVIVE the spiritual holocaust of His Revolution in order to reap His rich rewards in the world to come!

26. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU AND CONTINUE TO MAKE YOU A BLESSING to many! Sincerely, Yours in His Love, Truth and Service, Moses David.

27. P.S. REMEMBER THE WARNING JESUS GAVE TO SOME: " I WOULD THAT YE WERE HOT OR COLD, but because ye are lukewarm, I will spew you out of My mouth!" Halfway, halfhearted half-baked disciples make God sick at His stomach! Please don't be one of them! It were better that you had never heard the truth than to have heard and gone back! God says, " My soul abhorreth him that turneth back!" Cut loose and come on!

28. FORGET THE OLD AND FIND THE NEW, AND DRINK AND BE SATISFIED!--Or some day you'll wish you had! If you can't understand why God Himself created men and women male and female with sex organs in the beginning and told them to be fruitful and multiply long before the fall of man, and created the sexual relationships and its fruits as symbolic of His own holy relationships with us, His Bride, blessed it, empowered it, used it, and referred to it constantly throughout His Word as the greatest and most important physical experience and relationship of man with the most essential results: procreation of the race--may God help you!

29. IF YOU CANNOT EVEN UNDERSTAND THESE CARNAL THINGS and their symbolism, accept them, use them, and enjoy them, how in Heaven are you ever going to understand the spiritual? May God help you and have mercy on you!

30. NO WONDER JESUS WAS MORE READILY RECEIVED BY THE WHORES OF HIS DAY THAN THE PROUD SELF-RIGHTEOUS SYSTEM WOMEN OF THIS WORLD! May God deliver us from such phony hypocrisy! The kids need and want to know about sex and the God-created sexual parts of their bodies and their God-given uses which the System tries to hide and deny them!


32. WE HAVE A SEXY GOD AND A SEXY RELIGION WITH A VERY SEXY LEADER WITH AN EXTREMELY SEXY YOUNG FOLLOWING! So if you don't like sex you'd better get out while you can still save you bra! Salvation sets us free from the curse of clothing and the shame of nakedness! We're as free as Adam and Eve in the Garden before they ever sinned! If you're not, you're not fully saved!

33. MAY GOD DAMN EVERY SELF-RIGHTEOUS SEX-CONDEMNING, TRUTH-HIDING HYPOCRITE WHO WOULD HIDE THE TRUTHS AND BEAUTIES OF GOD'S CREATION FROM HIS HOLY PURE-MINDED CHILDREN! To the pure all things are pure! But him that is filthy, let him be filthy still. May God deliver you from such horrible bondage!


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family}