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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

"HITCH YOUR WAGON TO A STAR!" --MO'S Worldwide Family Letter No.5--MO September 8, 1974 No.311B--DFO

Copyrighted September, 1974 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

Dear Family:
1. Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! Thank you again for your faithful communications and little items of thoughtfulness as well as your continued support. We will continue to read your latest with appreciation and prayer, but we may not be able to continue to comment on all the items mentioned or answer all your questions, and this may be our last MWWFL Letter for while, for we find that getting so involved in your problems of tending tables has taken a great deal of our time away from the more important words which are needed by the whole world.

2. SO AGAIN I SAY UNTO YOU AS I HAVE SAID BEFORE, YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO FOLLOW GOD and seek more directly for His help and His answers, which I am sure will take less time and be much better than waiting for mine. In fact, some of you seem to have been getting along much better even before I started writing these MWWFL Letters than you have since, as some of them seem to have upset some of you and perhaps caused you more trouble than to have been a help, as my answers seem to come too late to do you much good anyhow, and sometimes only arrive after the situation has already been settled and simply serve to stir things up again, hurt your feelings, offend your efforts and even discourage you.

3. SO PROBABLY SOME OF YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF IF SOME OF THESE MWWFL LETTERS HAD NEVER BEEN WRITTEN AT ALL, and I am therefore very sorry that I have sometimes butted into matters which I knew very little about and you could have much better settled on your own with only the Lord's help without my interferences. So please forgive me. From henceforth I will try to leave you to the Lord and hope you will try not to involve me in so many of these little details of your tending of tables. Thank you, and God bless and keep and help you!

4. WE'D LIKE TO COMMEND YOU ALL ON THE WONDERFUL JOBS YOU'RE DOING AND HOW WELL YOU'RE DOING THEM, and we know the Lord will continue to bless you and make you a blessings as long as you continue in His will. But even if you can't make it, there's not much I can do from here to help you. Only God can help you, and the best way He can help is through the words that He gives to us all, which is my most important job and for which the whole world waits! But otherwise, I shall try to get out of your way and stop getting entangled in your affairs and cares of this world, lest they choke out the Word and I become unfruitful.

5. IT IS BETTER FOR YOU AND FOR ALL THAT I STAY SPILT AND REMAIN ON THE MOUNTAIN rather than come down unto me; for, like Nehemiah, I am doing a great work and I must not come down to become embroiled in your personal problems and private affairs and all off the cares of your daily lives or even your daily labours for which you must seek God's help yourself.

6. SOMETIMES YOU DEPEND TOO MUCH ON ME and look too much to me for my personal words rather than taking the time and the trouble to delve into His Word and the Words He has already given us in so many Letters, or in direct prayerful communication with the Lord Himself, in which I am sure you will find the answers somewhere in one of these sources without continually bothering His Prophet for personal private consultations on all these nagging little details.

7. YOU'RE LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN RUNNING TO THE TEACHER FOR ALL THE ANSWERS THE EASY WAY INSTEAD OFF SITTING DOWN AND STUDYING the textbooks and lessons already given and digging them out for yourselves as you should as good diligent students of the Word. To ask the teacher for the answers is like being lazy and even cheating--cheating yourselves and others by either being too lazy or too busy with a little here and there of less important things so that you haven't time to find the answers in the lessons already given.

8. IN THIS YOU'RE ALSO SETTING A BAD EXAMPLE TO YOUR FLOCKS and being a very poor shepherd in not knowing where to find the good green pastures that they so sorely need. Some of them even know the terrain even better than you do and actually have to lead you to the Letters and remind you where the answers are and the best feeding is, and many of them know the Letters better than some of you leaders and therefore could possibly even make better leaders than you are if you and your own ideas would just out of their way!

9. "A PROPHET IS NOT WITHOUT HONOUR EXCEPT IN THIS OWN HOUSE-HOLD AND AMONGST HIS OWN KINDRED", so some of you therefore have even more faith in me and in the Words that God has already given than some of the RF have! As has already been said, you believe in prayer as much as you pray, you believe your Bible as much as you read it, and I might add, you believe in me and my Words as much as you read and obey them!

10. HOW MANY OF MY LETTERS HAVE YOU READ LATELY on subjects you need the most, no matter how old they are? The inspired and the revelatory are still true and as helpful as ever, just as when God gave them, but the long diatribes and lengthy business letters on the endless details of the affairs of the moment, like so many of the MWWFL Letters are soon out of date and no longer appropriate.

11. TIMES AND THINGS AND METHODS AND WE AND GOD'S NEW PLANS AND WAYS ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING AND REVOLUTING LIKE A WHEEL speeding toward the goal of the new and leaving the old far behind! It's the same wheel with the same centre and the same spokes with the same rim but it is constantly changing speeds and directions and covering new territories and sometimes leaving the old forever, never to return!

12. SOMETIMES ITS TIRE MAY GROWN TIRED AND GO FLAT THROUGH MANY LEAKS WITHOUT INFLATION OR INSPIRATION, or the once new tread which actually touches the earth may often wear thin and even become dangerous if not replaced or retreaded with a new surface or a new look or even a whole new tire! But it's still the ever-revoluting revolution of God's Kingdom with its same basic rim of certain limitations and rules supported by us, the spokes, firmly embedded in the certain Hub of God Himself and eternally turning on the axis of His Will, geared to the power of His Spirit through the transmission of His Son!

13. (ABRAHIM: "WONDERFUL ARE THE WORDS THAT THE LORD GIVES TO THY FATHER!") What a vivid illustration of how God operates the vehicle of His Kingdom! How marvelous are the ways of the Lord, yet how simple and childlike are His graphic little pictures which make them so clear to us and so easy to understand! Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord Jesus!

14. SURELY YOU ARTISTS AND MECHANICS SHOULD APPRECIATE THAT ONE, although many of you may sit at ease inside merely enjoying the ride while someone else has the responsibility of doing the driving and you haven't the faintest idea of what it took to make it or how it operates!

15. AND ONE OF THESE DAYS SOON HE, THE OWNER, WILL EVEN BE TRADING IN THIS OLD WORN OUT fleshly, EARTH MODEL for an entirely new Heavenly model that can even fly and with a lot more power than we ever dreamed of, and which can circle the Globe in nothing flat and even visit other planets and stars and ride the whole range of the Universe! Hallelujah!--And it won't take days or weeks or months or years, not even light years, but with the speed of thought!

16. SO WHY DON'T YOU COME ON AND HITCH RIDE WITH US!--We've hitched our wagon to a Star, the Bright and Morning Star, the Star of David, Jesus Christ Himself, and we're really going places faster than the speed of light into realms beyond natural human ken!

17. WE'RE EXPLORING UNKNOWN WORLDS OF THE SPIRIT known only to God and His Heavenly Kingdom! Stop this world--I wanna get off!--And that's exactly what we're gonna do one of these days soon! Would you like to come with us?--Then come on now before it's too late, or you may miss that Heavenly flight and have to stay here and sweat it out with the rest of the stupid idiots who think they know so much and have so much time, when Time's gonna grind to a halt soon while we enter the Eternal Now and leave the rest behind! Praise God!--Are you with us?

18. SO DON'T LET ALL THESE NAGGING LITTLE DETAILS GET YOUR MINDS AND HEARTS OFF THE END of the road. There may be a lot of flats, car troubles, breakdowns repairs, delays and changes, but we'll hit the road again and keep on rolling and nothing can stop us till we've reached the End and that Heavenly City with its Space King Who makes it worth it all--Amen? PTL!

19. SO PLEASE DON'T BOTHER ME WITH ALL THESE LITTLE DETAILS AND REPAIRS! I'm not the Maker or the Mechanic. I'm just the driver who's following the Vision ahead according to the Map, and the instructions of the Owner, and I do better to listen to Him and read His instruction and study His Map while He treats me to a refreshing cup of coffee of the inspiration of His Spirit and a nice little chat with Him in a cosy hidden booth while you all take care of the repairs!--Amen?

20. WHEN YOU'RE READY TO GO AGAIN I'LL BE GLAD TO DRIVE, but meanwhile, my time is much better spent chatting with Him and planning the route than fiddling along with you on things I know little or nothing about and which you could handle a lot better than I. I've been a mechanic and I could probably do it, but why should I when it's no longer my job and there are plenty of You who need to learn how and by your example teach others the same without bothering the chauffeur with anything but the driving and even the Owner with anything except necessary instructions and footing the bill.

21. THE REST OF YOU CAN JUST COME ALONG FOR THE RIDE! He's already paid your fare, but you may often have to get out and push to keep things rolling! Just keep singing and smiling and fixing those nice little picnic lunches for all of us and keep passing out those invitations to take the tour to our final Destination!

22. MOST OF YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ASSEMBLERS, MECHANICS OR CHAUFFEURS, AND ONLY GOD'S THE OWNER! Just come on and join our Gypsy Band and enjoy the ride while our wagons keep rollin' along as you happily invite others to join the tour!--Amen? May God bless and keep us all!

23. FROM ALL YOUR LETTERS AND REPORTS I COULD COMMENT ON A LOT OF YOUR WORK, but there's nothing more annoying to a mechanic who knows what he's doing than having the chauffeur continually hanging over his shoulder and sticking his nose into the repairs and yakking in his ear when he's already got the Maker's instruction Manual with definite diagrams and already stated specifications to go by!

24. SO PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR BOTHERING YOU and I'll try not to do it any more than necessary hereafter except to make sure you get the job done and it works! So please refer to the Maker's Manual and specs for accurate information, amen? Have a good trip!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family}