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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

GRANDPA'S TALK ON THE MILLENNIUM! Told by Techi! DO 2606 11/89

       1. Hi, this is Techi! I'm trying to remember the talk that Grandpa gave us kids last night. I was recording it but I found out later that the tape recorder didn't have a tape in it!:

       2. At first he started talking about the Millennium and about how everyone was going to share and live together. The reason we were talking about that is because we were watching a video of "Star Trek" where all the people lived together on the starship and it was kind of like one big family! We were talking about how it was like our Family, and how in the Millennium people are going to live together like that and share and help each other, and how people are going to be tradesmen and blacksmiths and farmers and things like that.

       3. Then we started talking about farmers and how that would be the main job, to be farmers, and how most of the people are going to have to be trained by the very few people who know how to do farming these days. Actual farmers are going to have to train a lot of other people to grow the food and things like that in the Millennium.

       4. Then we were talking about how today's farming is mainly just running machines, but how they used to have maybe even hundreds of people on a farm! Now most of the people are just mechanics who know how to run those machines, and the machines give off a lot of carbon dioxide and real bad things like that and pollute the environment, like the people are talking about saving the environment and everything.

       5. And because of all the machines and having so few people on the farms nowadays, a lot of people have lost work. After the machines came around, people went from the farms to the cities because they didn't have anything to do, and then they polluted the cities. And Grandpa said that for things to do, people got into drugs and alcohol and doing nothing, and idleness is the Devil's workshop!

       6. And then the government just wants to go into war for little games, to play war games with real people and real lives and kill a lot of people! And to bring them out of the Depression, too, they had to have a big war. He said people haven't gotten better, they've just gotten completely worse!

       7. Then I asked, "But doesn't that make it easier for people with those machines and all?" And Grandpa said, "Well, our job is not making things easier for people!"--Which was kind of a surprise to me! I don't know why, but it was. I just never thought of it that way, that we don't want people to be idle and not to have work, but everybody should work and do their own jobs.

       8. And then, even though I knew this, I asked if the Millennium was going to be like the same old polluted dirty Earth, and Grandpa, of course, said yes, because the Millennium is before God burns up the whole face of the Earth. I had always pictured the Millennium as being a real nice pretty beautiful place, and he said, it will be, but in the beginning we have to clean it all up! I said, "Boy, cleaning up the Earth!--That's going to take ages!" And then Grandpa said, "Well, we have a Thousand Years, so in the Thousand Years we're going to have to make it all pretty!"

       9. But then he said we're not going to do the work though, we're going to have to make other people do the work! But what I didn't know was that we're not going to teach them farming and things like that, because actual farmers can teach them that. (But since we have had a little experience with gardening and all, he said we can at least understand farmers better, like Jesus understood us.) But we're not going to teach them farming, the farmers are going to teach them that, the good farmers. And I guess most farmers are good because they live on the farm and they're not so contaminated.

       10. Our main job, Grandpa said, is not going to be teaching them farming and all, but it's going to be teaching them about Jesus and His Love and His Salvation so that all the people can hear. And there will be mostly good people there, except for the occasional few bad ones that we'll come across, but then we'll have power against the bad people. But our main job, Grandpa said, would be teaching the people about Jesus. Even though we will have to teach them a little bit about farming and things like that, still our main job is to teach people about the Lord!

       11. Grandpa said they might still have churches there, and I was kind of surprised! But it would be an ideal place for us to witness more openly and it wouldn't be a real drag church, it would be a real powerful church, because we would be witnessing in it! We'd be the preachers and evangelists, so to speak.

       12. Grandpa also said something about how then we might even do mass witnessing to a lot of people, as then it won't be so dangerous because there will be fewer enemies and we will have power over the enemies, too. So it won't be so dangerous then to mass witness and we can win a lot more people, because we only have a Thousand Years. That sounds kind of funny that we only have a Thousand Years, but still, we'll probably need that long to win all the rest of the people on the Earth!

       13. Just that morning I'd read "Back to the Beginning!", and even though that's more about typewriters and things like that, that was interesting! And then we started talking more about the different people and the different jobs that people are going to have to do and how they'll all be living together. There will have to be all kinds of different jobs, just like in the beginning, and they'll have to do it all by hand because they won't have all those big machines, and everybody will be living peacefully and trading. Then I mentioned that I remembered that in the "Richman, Poorman" Komic it had pictures of the people trading.

       14. I think that is mostly what I remember about Grandpa's talk--those were the main highlights. I hope that was OK! It wasn't very long. That was all I could remember. (GBY!--That's real good, with all the main points!--Tx!--ILY!--D.)

       Quiz questions:

       1 What will be the main occupation of people in the Millennium? (3) Who will teach them this skill? (9) Will there be a lot of big machines used in the Millennium? (4,5,13)
       2 What will be our main job & how might we go about it? (10-12)

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