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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.


       1. In the Millennium there will still be the same natural physical World & people & all of their usual problems, except we'll be the Rulers and the Law with supernatural, miraculous powers, and we'll be running things! (Maria: Will the people have all the same health problems that they do now?) Well, probably so, because there will still be plenty of natural people. We'll still have to heal some people, & I'm sure that people will be healed mostly by supernatural powers. There will still be some wicked people & the effects of wickedness or of evil in their natural bodies. (Maria: So will they have all the same kind of illnesses that we do now?)

       2. Everything will be very much the same, except much of the Curse will have been removed, & many of the causes of the Curse will have been removed. The Devil & all his demons will be in Hell, thank God, so that will be one tremendous wonderful elimination! There won't be all those evil spirits around! The evil influences that have caused most of the World's evil & ills will be removed, therefore just about the worst of everything will have been lifted & removed!

       3. (Maria: So will the natural people that are alive & go on into the Millennium still have their same diseases & illnesses, or will they be transformed all of a sudden?) Well, much of that will be removed, because much of it is affliction as a result of the Curse or sin. Just think what a relief it'll be to be without the Devil & all of his demons who are constantly tempting people to do evil & causing illness & sin!

       4. (Maria: Well, if someone who is unsaved already has cancer, will they still have that in the Millennium?) Probably yes, unless they're healed, & of course we'll be able to heal people then. I believe much of the illness & the cancer & the afflictions of the natural people of the World are caused by the Devil & his demons. So when those curses & those evil influences are removed, people will just be automatically healed! The causes are removed. The curses which are the causes are removed, therefore the people will be healed!

       5. (Maria: Well, let's say a regular Earth person has a disease from over-eating, when he takes it with him into the Millennium, even though he would no longer be able to over-eat, would he still have the disease?) Well, I would not say that you would no longer be able to over-eat!

       6. Here's the difference, here's the point: The people will not be able to blame anybody but themselves & their own sins for their ills, because the primary causes of all the curses will be gone--Satan & all his devils! I believe this will result in most Earth people being just normally, naturally healed. It's like when you take a thorn out of your flesh or a splinter out of your finger--once it's out, your flesh will heal. Once the cause is removed, once the irritant is removed, your body has certain natural healing processes, & you will be healed.

       7. It may take a little time or it might happen in a moment! When all curses are removed, perhaps at the same time or moment all diseases will be removed & everybody gets a fresh start, I don't know! But if they don't respond to that start, & don't appreciate it & aren't thankful & grateful & they eventually rebel again, then that will be the end of them!

       8. God's Word says, "Righteousness shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas," & "No one shall say to his neighbour, Know the Lord, for all shall know Him!" It also says, "No one shall say any longer, I am sick."--Hab. 2:14; Jer.31:34; Isa.33:24. It's all in the Bible! People don't read the Bible, that's why they're so ignorant!

       9. It's not until the Devil & all his demons are released from Hell at the end of the Millennium that they go out to persuade the Earth people to rebel against the Lord. The people who apparently have still not yielded to the Lord & been saved, who still have resisted the righteous reign of Christ & us!--Rev.20:7-8. Even after having been given an extra Thousand Years to be taught righteousness & receive the Lord & His Love, they still rebel, proving that "though mercy be shown to the wicked, yet he will not repent!"--Isa.26:10.

       10. This is the final harvesting or the final reaping or judgement of the wicked! In spite of all the mercy shown them & the righteousness of the Lord, they rebel again, so the Lord wipes them out with fire from Heaven!--Rev.20:9.

       Quiz question:
       Will all sickness just disappear when the Millennium begins? Discuss. (1-8)

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