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THE MILK DISPENSER DREAM!       DO 2638       6/90

       1. It was such a beautiful dream! Maybe it wasn't a dream, maybe I was really there. Thank You Jesus! "These are the Words that I have given for the encouragement of your Father." He said, "I will provide for My Own."--1Tim.5:8.

       2. There were all these dispensing counters where they had milk for children, & those who took care of children could go & get all the milk they wanted while others were starving. It was so beautiful, so sweet, such beautiful music! "Open the Door for the Children!"

       3. I knew I could go get milk because I was taking care of children. Everybody everywhere else was starving, but we & the kids could get milk that the Lord had provided for the children & the mothers, & those taking care of the children, the childcare workers. The children & the childcare helpers had plenty of milk, they could have all they wanted, but nobody else.

       4. Thank You Jesus for that beautiful dream! Thank You Jesus! Bless & keep all Thy little ones, Lord. We know You're going to take care of them!

       5. It was this big auditorium & there were thousands & thousands & tens of thousands of children, & they could go to the dispensing counters & have all they wanted. And we who took care of them could have all we wanted too! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

       6. It was so beautiful! So beautiful! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! So wonderful! The Lord will care for His Own.

       7. Did you get my seven kisses? So don't worry, OK?--Because you're a mother & you care for children, & you can have all the milk you want. Others come but they can't have it unless they have children & care for children. Isn't that beautiful? It was so big, like a big auditorium, & they were dispensing milk for children & their caretakers. It was beautiful! So wonderful! Miraculous! The most beautiful scene I think I ever saw!

       8. Everything was full of children! Everything was for the children. God was providing for the children. Many many others were dying, but God took care of His children & their caretakers.

       9. So don't you all worry, OK? God is going to take care of you & your children if you're diligent & you take care of the children. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus!--In Jesus' name, amen! Isn't that beautiful? If you're a child or you take care of children, the Lord will provide.

       10. Thank You Lord for that beautiful vision of how You'll take care of Your children & their caretakers. I went to the dispensary & I didn't know if they'd give me milk or not because I'm so old, but they did!--Because I was feeding the children. Isn't that beautiful? And you, too! Anyone who was caring for children could have milk. Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Isn't that beautiful? Such a beautiful picture!

       11. (Maria: Could the fathers get milk, too?) Anyone who was caring for children. Anyone who loved children & was caring for children could have milk at the dispensary. We must feed the children. We must get them milk & feed the children.

       12. They were playing that beautiful beautiful music, "Open the door for the children." It's so wonderful, Lord, how You always provide for Your children & those who take care of them. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

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