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Isaac Numbers (American; not his legal name) is a long time member of the Children of God cult.

Aliases he as used include: Michael Anthony.[1]

Isaac Numbers' legal name is Michael Hawron. Regarding the Larry King Live show in which Michael Hawron, using the alias Michael Anthony, speaks as the spokesperson of the Children of God/Family International. The video is available on the xFamily you tube channel

If you compare the images of Michael Anthony in that video to the photo of Michael Hawron on his facebook page you can clearly see they are the same person. You can also compare Michael Anthony's voice in that video to the voice of Michael Hawron in a 2018 Dear Texas Radio Show interview on you tube at:

Isaac Numbers was identified as the “worldwide accountant for the cult” by a court in Argentina in 1992 that was investigating the Children of God, aka The Family; see:

I, Perry Bulwer, can verify that Michael Hawron, using the name Isaac Numbers, was involved in the group's international finances, laundering money sent to Hong Kong from members around the world, converting much of it to gold. I lived a few months with Michael Hawron on Hong Kong island in a highly secret unit that was conducting that business. Perry Bulwer "A Response to James D. Chancellor’s Life in The Family An Oral History of the Children of God" by Perry Bulwer

The second paragraph of the Argentine court report linked to above, also refers to Michael's son, James, being subjected to abuse in the cult's notorious teen detention center located in Macau, across the bay from Hong Kong. Michael, using his alias, Isaac Numbers, wrote in a cult publication about taking James Numbers to that compound. see:

That article by Isaac Numbers, aka Michael Hawron, played a major role in establishing that Teen Detention Home as the model for other abusive teen re-indoctrination programs around the world. In a major British child custody court case involving the same cult, the judge described those programs as a “disgraceful experiment in childcare .... The end was, as the Teen Special letter describes it, to bring about changes in the habits and attitudes of the teens who had reacted against The Family way of life. The means was a form of physical and mental atrocity mercilessly dished out to young, often already emotionally damaged children.” see: Also see: Judgement of the Lord Justice Ward -

Michael Hawron has written three memoirs in a series titled True Tales Trilogy. Although he writes about his life as a missionary, he makes no mention of his membership in The Family or his role as a top leader and spokesperson. Michael Hawron Kirkus Reviews


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