Japan Persecution Notices 2005

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Following are complete and unedited copies of communications sent between April 3rd and April 16th 2005 by The Family International's leadership to all Family homes in Japan, regarding recent media interest in the cult in Japan. Indications point to this series of "Timely Persecution All Homes Messages" or "Persec AHMs" having continued on an almost daily basis after April 16th, as well.

These communications were intended strictly for internal use, and were distributed in a series of emails using military-grade encryption algorithms, as all communications from Family offices and leadership. They have never before been released to non-members of The Family International. Among other things, they address media interest by the following organizations in Japan:

Some of the content below is only available in Japanese, and as the editors of xFamily.org have not yet had it translated, we do not know everything these files include. However, below is a brief summary of file contents. In some cases we have noted specific portions of the files.

Persecution Notice 2005.04.03

[Download] – The earliest Timely Persecution Notice xFamily.org has received. Contents include the following:

  • AHM03PRB.04 (English and Japanese versions included) — "Timely prayer request concerning the upcoming media coverage."
    • Requests "daily united prayers" against three "evil conniving publishing companies," among other things. This is a reference to the Japan Times, Newsweek Japan, and Friday magazine, as those are the media outlets in Japan The Family International knew were writing articles about them at the time.
    • William Gladstone, deceased former MP and Prime Minister of England, is described as a "spirit helper" assisting The Family International's spokespersons.
  • Prepare_AC (Japanese) — "Three files concerning media tips."
    • Description from AHM03PRB.04: "The three files that are attached (in Japanese only) have been written so that you can begin using them immediately to deal with the media. Please be sure to read them and practice using them."
    • Description from Important-AHM08PRB.04: "[These] three files show you what to do and say if the press comes to your door"

Persecution Notice 2005.04.04

[Download] – All content of this email is in Japanese.

  • AHM04PRB.04 (Japanese) — "Timely updates concerning the upcoming media coverage."
  • 2005.04.03_Ltr to Med1_Friday (Japanese) — "Letter to Friday"
  • 2005.04.03_Ltr to Med2_NewsWeek (Japanese) — "Letter to Newsweek"
  • Old_Statements.zip (Japanese; 7 files) — "Old versions of Statements. Not revised. For personal study only. Not to be given to the General Public."

Persecution Notice 2005.04.05


  • AHM04PRB.04 (English) — "Timely updates concerning the upcoming media coverage."
  • Q&AforKids_CP_FED_Advisory (Japanese) — "Sample Q&As from CP/FED board."
  • 2005.04.03_Ltr to Med1 (English) — "Letter to Friday" [translation]
  • Stm-deaths_of_R&A (Japanese) — "Ricky/Angela statement"
  • Stm-Persecution.Excerpts (Japanese) — "Religeous persecution statement"

Persecution Notice 2005.04.05b


  • AHM05PRB.04 (Japanese) — "[Re:] The Newsweek article"
  • Briefing from Claire Borowik--March 2005 (English and Japanese)
  • Prayer_Req_Apr.05 (English and Japanese) — "Persecution related prayer requests (compilations)"
    • In a prophecy, Jesus asks members of The Family to "Release My hand of recompense and retribution against those who poke their finger in My eye," among other requests.
  • 2005.04.03_Ltr to Med2 (English) — "Letter to Newsweek. Rough translation"

Persecution Notice 2005.04.06


  • AHM06PRB.04 (English and Japanese) — "Brief updates"
  • AHM05PRB.04 (English) — "[Re:] The Newsweek article"
    • Recommends against Family members reading the article by Newsweek: "Please understand that we are not recommending you to read this article. We, the PR Board, will read it and inform you soon of the points that you’ll need to be aware of when explaining it to your friends."
    • Includes a list of sample media questions along with approved answers, and mentions that children at the Heavenly City School (HCS) in Tateyama have been rehearsing how to answer questions by outsiders.
  • Briefing from Claire Borowik--March 2005 (Japanese) — "Revised translation"

Persecution Notice 2005.04.08


  • Important-AHM08PRB.04 (English and Japanese) — "Concerning the Friday reporters"
    • Requests that Family members not speak to the media aside from to refer them to the HCS in Tateyama.
    • Includes the following logic: "Trying to [deny your membership in The Family] will only make matters worse and it will cause [reporters who approach you] to be even more suspicious of “The Family” and slander us further as being dishonest."

Persecution Notice 2005.04.11


  • AHM11PRB.04 (English) — "Japan Times and Friday update," and other tips on preparing for persecution
  • Persec_Reactions_No.01 (English) — "Persecution reactions from friends and contacts"

Persecution Notice 2005.04.12


  • AHM12PRB.04 (English and Japanese) — "[Re:] Asahi Geino article"
    • Asks for continued prayer against "Friday magazine and its reporters."
  • AHM11PRB.04 (Japanese) — "Japan Times and Friday update", and other tips on preparing for persecution
  • Persec_Reactions_No.01 (Japanese) — — "Persecution reactions from friends and contacts"

Persecution Notice 2005.04.14


  • AHM14PRB.04 (English) — Updates on TBS, Friday, Asahi Geino and the Japan Times, plus tips on dealing with the media
    • Requests thorough study of previous communicatons regarding interaction with the media, and suggests that Family members "create a scenario and have someone act as a reporter."
  • Media_Pack_2005.04.zip (mostly Japanese; 9 files) — "Media pack explained in the above AHM"
  • Briefing_C_Borowik_2005.03.Jap.rev2 (Japanese) — "Briefing from Claire Borowik for the Family International (revised translation)"

Persecution Notice 2005.04.14b


  • AHM14PRB.04-updateUpdate on TBS
  • MediaPack15JRD.04Clarification regarding Media Pack

Persecution Notice 2005.04.16


  • AHM16PRB.04 (English) — More about Friday, the media pack, rebuttals and prayer requests
    • In a prophecy regarding the reporters from Friday magazine, Jesus states: "Do whatever you can to crush these messengers from Hell. They are like pestering flies, and stabbing mosquitoes. They are extremely bothersome and you should do your best to exterminate them."
    • Members of The Family are requested to "organize prayer vigils and pray throughout the day" against the Friday reporters.
    • In another prophecy, Jesus claims that "the assembled anti-cult legions" are financing Friday magazine's investigative series.
    • Members are requested to contact their children who are out of the cult, asking them to "avoid becoming involved with Friday or any other media."

Persecution Notice 2005.04.16b


  • TIMELY NOTE FROM PR BOARD (English) — Brief media tip