Lawrence Corley

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Larry R. Corley (photo credit/date unknown)

Lawrence R. Corley
Aliases John
Born 1954,
Rank Executive Dir. (FCF)
Present location Dulzura, CA
Spouse(s) Clair
Children unknown

Lawrence "Larry" R. Corley (American; born 1954), current listed Executive Director of Family Care Foundation (FCF).

Pseudonyms used include John.

At this point, little is known about Corley, though he has been identified as a longtime and currently active member of The Family International. He met his wife, Clair (a Belgian national), in Vienna, Austria, and years later they lived at MWM in the Philippines, where he handled business matters. He is reputed to have been heavily involved in the Family’s legal defense in dozens of law suits during the 1990’s.

His last known address is:

1373 Marron Valley Rd., Dulzura, CA

Tel.#: (691) 468-3045


Lawrence R. Corley (photo credit/date unknown)
Larry R. Corley (photo credit/date unknown)