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Welcome to, a collaboratively edited encyclopedia about The Family/Children of God cult.

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Due to the secrecy that shrouds many of The Family's activities, we work together to collate and divulge information. We are currently working on 4,787 articles.

The position of is neither for nor against The Family, as it is a collaborative work aimed at supporting contributions from diverse individuals. Individuals contributing to this project might have taken up a favorable or unfavorable position on The Family but through peer review we maintain objectivity. If you have a factual correction to make, feel free to contact us. While we may not agree with the facts as you see them, we will take your suggestion into consideration and present the information here as fairly as we are able.

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xFamily Forum

Featured page iconxFamily Forum — A place to request and contribute information, and find out what our latest research is on.

Karen Zerby

Karen Zerby — Info about "Mama Maria", current leader of The Family.

Ricky Rodriguez video

Ricky Rodriguez video — Full video created by Ricky Rodriguez before his murdersuicide.

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  • Fronts — Organizations behind which The Family has previously or currently operates
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