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Mo Letter volumes
David Berg (depicted as a lion) writing the Mo Letters

Derived from David Berg's pseudonym, Moses David, the Mo Letters were a series of more than 3000 publications (compiled into over a dozen volumes), consisting of writings by Berg or transcriptions of his speeches. They were usually recorded by his mistress Karen Zerby and submitted to World Services (WS) staff for transcription, security censorship and editing. Most were distributed to Family members within weeks of their initial creation, and members lived in anticipation of "new wine" which might alter their lives dramatically.

The majority of Mo Letters belong to the Disciples Only (DO) category, meaning they are not to be shared with outsiders, on penalty of excommunication.

Since Berg's death, Good News magazines, by Karen Zerby, Steven Kelly and WS staff, are often referred to simply as the Letters.

A list of most Mo Letters and their text can be found in the Publications Database. A selection of Mo Letters can be found in Category:Family Publications


The following speeches by David Berg were transcribed and edited into the Mo Letter titles listed. Portions of these speeches have been redacted by The Family for security or other reasons.

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