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Warning: This newsletter contains sexually explicit language.

This is a continuation or part two of newsletter #10, Sex, Sin and Sacrilege! (CP115). The purpose of this newsletter is to expose the heretical beliefs and practices of the Children of God cult aka The Family and of its present leader Karen Zerby aka Maria aka Mama. In newsletter #10 we presented excerpts from a series of new internal publications titled "Loving Jesus!" According to these publications the group is supposedly getting messages from Jesus Christ encouraging its members to, among other things, masturbate to Him and fantasize that they are having sexual intercourse with Him. It is now very easy to see that there has not been a dime's worth of real and fundamental change in the COG. Their recent trying to be perceived as more mainstream may have made some of us wonder if in fact there is some sincerity and honesty in all this. Then the Loving Jesus sacrilege came and shattered all hopes. The COG is a train speeding downhill with no brakes. We had mentioned that we did not at that time have the most central portion of the "Loving Jesus" series, which are parts 3 and 4. We now have both. We have also acquired other cult publications that deal with the subject including Loving Jesus Jewels which is an important addition to the Loving Jesus series. We shall continue the same pattern of quoting important sections and letting the text speak for itself. [Webpage publication note: in the quoted materials below, anything italicized, in red, between brackets [ ] is commentary made by CounterCOG.]

From Children of God/The Family Materials (except in red):

Loving Jesus! - Part 3 Maria #310 DO 12/95 GN 662 (36 pages)

par. 5. [Karen Zerby speaking:] Beginning in the early months of 1995 and continuing over a period of approximately six months, the Lord spoke to us in various prophecies about how to love Him in a new and special way. 37. [Jesus speaking!] Come, come, please come and lie in the bed of love with Me. 57. Say these words to Me.... "Kiss me, caress me, f... me and love me, fill me to the full!"[four letter words spelled out in full in original text.] 61. As the thrust of a man upon a woman in lovemaking, so I want to give and give and fill you with My seeds! 63. Do not be afraid to say that you want Me to f... you. 65. Do not be afraid to say, "I want You, Jesus! Come into me, Jesus! Make me go, Jesus!" 68.[Zerby:] The Lord wants us to tell Him the things we would tell our lovers when we are making love to them....He wants us to say things like, "I want You, I need You, come in unto me, love me, hold me, kiss me, caress me, f... me, fill me to the full! 74. He says you shouldn't be afraid to tell Him you want Him to hold you, to love you, to kiss you, to f... you, to make you go. 76. When we're loving our mates or our sharing partners, we can include Him in our lovemaking; and when we tell them sweet things, we can say them to Him also. 80. [Some male members] wondered if they couldn't instead say these things to the Holy Spirit, as that would be easier and more relatable for them, since the Lord had revealed to Dad that She is the female member of the Trinity. They also wondered how this kind of talking to the Lord would affect any men in the Family who may battle homosexual tendencies. ["Dad" is David Berg, the cult's founder, who they claim has died and is now speaking to them and directing the group from the dead. Berg has claimed that he has had sexual intercourse with the Holy Spirit. The group believes that the Holy Spirit is female!] 88. (Prophecy [Jesus]:) In the Spirit, in the Spirit, you don't need to have a dong! 90. For in the Spirit, in the Spirit, you can be anything you want! In the Spirit, in the Spirit, You can even have a c..t![a dirty word for vagina] 92. Do not think, "Oh, I have this ugly old penis in the way." For I do not see this....Simply think of yourself as a woman unto Me, and say those things that a woman would say, and this will suffice. I will give you peace as you do this thing. 94. You know that you are not women, but you play a role for Me, and you speak the words that I have written for you to speak, and you do the movements that I have said to do, and it is well pleasing unto Me. 95. I ask you to... play the role...of the woman, of My darling. 99. There will be those who mock and scorn....Let them mock! Let them scoff and let them scorn! 106. [Zerby:] Wasn't that funny how the Lord used the "In ther Spirit" poem to get His point across? Both Peter and I laughed out loud during the prophecy when the Lord said, "In the Spirit, in the Spirit, you don't need to have a dong!" I guess you understand that a "dong" is a slang word for penis. He also said, "In the Spirit, in the Spirit, you can even have a c..t."- Ha! For those of you who might not know, "c..t" is a slang word for a vagina. The Lord certainly has a way with words, doesn't He? A WARNING TO THOSE WITH HOMOSEXUAL TENDENCIES! 115. [Jesus] knows you will be very leery and even apprehensive that this lovemaking with Him will tempt you above that you are able. However, you must remember, and you must get firmly fixed in your mind and constantly remind yourself, that your loving relationship with Jesus is not a male/male relationship. There is only a woman with her husband! - nothing else! 116. This is a relationship between a Bridegroom and a bride, a Man and a woman, a Male and a female, a Husband and a wife. 117. In your intimate relationship with Jesus, in which you make love with him in Spirit, you are not male, you are a female in the Spirit. 118. In your lovemaking with Jesus you are not a man....This is not a male-with-male relationship. It is a spiritual female, you, making love to a male, Jesus. He is the man, the Bridegroom, and you are the woman, His Bride, His wife. 119. Of course for all you men it will take some getting used to! 120. Granted, it's a little hard to be one thing in the Spirit and then switch to being another thing in the flesh, and to be switching back and forth! 122. The land of promise, the land of His further blessings and His rewards, is available to you if you choose this path....Is the only way that you can receive the wonderful blessings that He has promised us if we will love Him in this way. 125. His relationship with you can be just as intimate and just as close and just as romantic and sexy as our women members. 127. "Well," you may say, "I don't see how it's possible by any stretch of the imagination to see myself as a woman with Jesus making love to me!" 129. The Devil...will fight you with every contrary and contradictory thought that he can pull our of his bag! Think of it! If the Devil hates just plain human sex so much, like Dad taught us, it must enrage him to think of us having spiritual sex with Jesus! 136. He asked our Family women to be looked upon as "whores" and "prostitutes" and to see their men go through tremendous trials about FFing? In this case, He was asking our men to love Him by not merely saying nice words to Him and Him in the Spirit, but to let their wives f... worldly men who were so stained with sin and impurities, getting dirty with their dirtiness, getting their dirty diseases and even sometimes becoming polluted by their worldliness! Think of what our women and some of our men had to go through! 139. Think of all the other things through the years that you had to accept totally by faith! -That Dad was God's Endtime Prophet, the David foretold in numerous Bible prophecies [Berg is probably the greatest false prophet that ever lived]; that I am Dad's appointed and anointed successor [poor, deceived girl] ;...Dad's special relationship with Abrahim and other Heavenly counselors....The accounts of Dad's sexual experiences with various spirit beings and goddesses.[It is stated in Part 4, par. 53 and elsewhere that the Loving Jesus revelation is just a step further in the same direction the group has been going. It is therefore a legitimate question to ask what might be coming down the pipe next? Are cult members going to also start having sexual experiences with various spirit beings and goddesses or demons? What a scary thought!]; the concept that the Holy Spirit is female....Space City[New Jerusalem] being in the moon. 142. Saying these words of love to Him that He longs to not as great a sacrifice for some of you men as FFing was. [It] is so small in comparison to all that He has done for you....You can't pay Him back, but you can give Him the love He is asking for, in the way He is asking it! 143. I'm so very proud of Peter. It was hard for him too, but he took the plunge and began to say those love words to Jesus by faith and to love Jesus in a more intimate, deeper way, and I was so, so proud of him for his willingness to just yield and obey. CAN THE MEN MAKE LOVE TO THE HOLY SPIRIT? 144. Another question we brought before the Lord was why can't the men express their love to the Holy Spirit, Who the Lord has shown is the female part of the Trinity, God's Wife and Jesus' Mother. Dad talked about this in the letters, and it seemed that it would be easier for the men to relate to making love to the female Holy Spirit than to Jesus. You men may be wondering this same thing. 147. (Mama prays:) We have something to ask You, Jesus, that seems a little complicated. There are still some things about our loving You that we don't understand....We need to ask for Your help and guidance about Your Spirit of Love, the Holy Spirit, and why You haven't spoken much about Her in these prophecies about loving You and making love to You. Dad talked about Her to some extend and mentioned about making love to Her, and that if our men felt awkward about loving You, they could love Her instead. 148. We need to know Your answers on this, because these are things the Family men are going to immediately ask. They will wonder why they can't just love the Spirit of Love, Who is female. Although, Lord, You have told us there is no male or female in Christ Jesus, still we are physical and we're in human form, so it's easier for our men to think in terms of loving the Holy Spirit. 149. (Peter:) Lord, You know that it is hard for men to think about making love to You. It's more natural for us to think about making love to a woman, thus it's easier making love with the Holy Spirit....Certainly many are going to wonder why they couldn't just do it with the Holy Spirit, as it's so much easier. 150. [Maria:] It doesn't bother Peter and me....We do and say all the things You said You wanted to hear. We tell You we want and desire You, we want You to kiss and caress us, to f... us, to make us go. It doesn't bother us. We like it! We love it! 175. [Berg suposedly speaking from the dead:] When one f...s the Holy Spirit, one f...s God. When one f...s Jesus, one f...s God. 187. (Mama:) Thank You, Jesus, for letting Dad speak to us again in such wonderful words of wisdom! Thank you, Dad, for another MO letter! 192. After hearing the things the Lord has said about loving Him and saying love words to Him, Peter and I have had frequent lovemaking sessions with each other and the Lord, and they've been just wonderful!...When we're kissing and caressing, we talk to Jesus, as well as each other, and tell Him that we love Him and that we love his caresses, that we want him, that we want Him to f... us. It's very precious and makes us both feel so much closer to Him. 195. Just to know that He is lonely and yearning for us - each one of us individually - has made us want to do anything we can to meet His need....He's asking you Him in this special way! Won't you try it? 202. (Prophecy[Jesus:]) Behold, I have done a new thing, that which was unexpected, and that which the people were not prepared for....They must trust that their queen [Zerby] is in tune and in touch with Me and that she is My very voice. 203. They must learn to have utter faith and utter trust in the words of the queen. For I have anointed her and I have crowned her with many crowns.

Loving Jesus!-Part 4 Maria #311 DO 12/95 GN 662

par. 26. ["Jesus" speaking:] You must take time in the bed of love Me, to woo Me and to tell Me of your love, to tell Me of your desire for Me. 29. In the quietness of your chamber when you are alone, you can tell Me you love Me and you can show Me you love Me. For this is a very intimate and special way of loving Me. I do not require this and I do not demand it, for I will even be happy with the words and with your caresses, and with the symbolism of your love unto Me. But if you want a special time with Me, and if you want to feel My loving, you can touch yourself and you can make yourself go, and it will be Me loving you. This is intimate and this is between you and Me alone, as we kiss and caress in our bed of love together. 62.[Zerby:] The Lord is talking here about masturbation. He's saying that if you are alone in private and you are telling the Lord of your love for Him and your desire for Him, you can masturbate at the same time, if you wish. He says this is not required. He doesn't demand this, He's happy with your words, yet He says if you want a special time with Him you can do this and you will feel His love. OUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCES IN LOVING JESUS! 63. Some or our men didn't think it would be possible to visualize themselves as a woman with Jesus making love to them, and they are surprised that they can. 67. Peter...wrote the following in a letter to me [Zerby]. 68. "I wanted Him so badly and told Him so. He held me, loved me, kissed me, caressed me. We made love together through the words of love that we shared....Our lovemaking in the Spirit was passionate, erotic, exciting. 70. [Zerby:] We all three have sex together. It's like a threesome, and we alternate our love words to the Lord and our love words to each other. For example, when I'm kissing or caressing Peter, he will be telling the Lord how wonderful His touch and His kisses are, but he'll also be saying sweet and sexy things to me as well. If I'm him off [masturbating] or he's me, he'll be telling the Lord how much he loves Him....I say the same kinds of love words to both Peter and the Lord. After all, Jesus is loving each of us through the other, so of course we would want to thank Him as well as the person that He is using to love us. 103. (Maria:) Oh, Jesus, our dear, darling, precious Lover! How it touches us so deeply to hear You tell us that You're lonely and that You need us! It breaks our hearts to see You begging for our love, pleading for our kisses and our caresses, to know that You are longing for us and depending upon us, the children of David, to help meet Your needs for deep, intimate love! 104. In Your desperation to make us understand, You've humbled Yourself and come to us to explain in terms that we can't possibly misunderstand. 105. On bended knee You humble Yourself, You condescend to completely strip Yourself bare before us, to totally bare Your heart to plead for our love! 108. So many of Your friends in the church system who love you so dearly as a friend could never understand Your need for an intimate, sexy relationship....Even some of Your wonderful prophets, Your saints who hear from You, if you were to try to tell them something like this, they would rebuke it as the voice of the Enemy! 109. Apparently we, the children of David, are the only ones You can get through to about this, the only ones to whom you can explain Your need for a true husband and wife relationship, a lover relationship. Thank You, Jesus, that through the Words of David You have set us free in every way - free to love each other sexually [the cult believes in free sex], and now free to love You in that way! Loving Jesus Jewels!

Maria #327 DO 3/96 GN 674 (20 pages)

par. 2. [Zerby:] Most Family members have not only received the revelation, but are thankful for it....People in general are very thankful, happy and inspired by this New Wine. They have received it with open arms, and are grateful and thankful and praising the Lord for it. 5. As expected, some folks left us after reading the "Loving Jesus" Letters. 10. [A CRO reported:] There were a few young people...who were somewhat mocking, making sarcastic comments. 12. Among the older members, it didn't seem that anyone had too much difficulty grasping this New Wine, perhaps because, as the Letters brought out, we older adults have been grounded in the Word for longer, and we have been prepared by all that Dad has given on the subject and by the many revolutions and bottle-breaking messages that the Lord has had for us through our years in the Family. [All that brainwashing.] 21. (Mama:) Singing Sam[Sam Halbert aka Amminadab] has not been with us in heart for quite some time. He has had serious ongoing problems for the last couple of years with doubts, murmuring, sowing division, rejecting the New Wine, etc. After the Birhtday Feast, he officially left the Family and is now working with Brother Thomas, who has withdrawn from fellowshiping with the Family. Singing Sam has begun communicating with DO members through personal letters that are very divisive. Judging from what we've heard so far, he especially seems to be targeting you young people. He poses as a friend, but then goes into detail about why he could not accept some of the recent major revolutions in the Family, such as the use of prophecy, my and Peter's leadership, and the "Loving Jesus" revelation. We aren't sure how many people Sam will approach in this manner, but given the fact that he has always had a very large personal mailing list, chances are he may communicate with many DO Homes or members. Therefore I wanted to let you know that, sad to say, poor Sam had had serious problems for a long time, and he finally made his decision to leave. 22. Of course, this loss of some members is not a big surprise. [Eldred Thomas, the Christian owner of Houston's Channel 22 let the group produce, direct and perform in a weekly TV program called "Stand Up for Jesus." In the cult publication TSFUN #4 of Dec. 94 we read that at the "Houston Celebration of Dad's Graduation....Brother Thomas sang a song and declared his love for David, Maria and the Family. ÔI'm proud to be numbered with the Family,' he said." Thomas is a classic example of someone totally convinced that the COG was a great group. So much so that he did not want to listen to anybody who criticized and opposed the cult. When a dear lady expressed her concerns Thomas vehemently defended the Family. Let this be a warning to all those around the world who to this very day are helping the COG in a major way, thinking that they are helping a great missionary group. Singing Sam simply couldn't accept the "Loving Jesus" sacrilege and who can blame him for that! Sam told the cult to come clean with Thomas about the things Zerby was putting out. The Family said they would, but Sam realizing that the group wouldn't do anything, showed the letters to Thomas. Even after Thomas saw the material they still were not telling him the truth, and tried to lie, saying that it was all spiritual. Thomas finally put them against the wall by pressuring them to tell him what was so bad about the Loving Jesus letters that Sam left the group over it. They then reluctantly admitted to him finally that it was a sexual thing, a sexual relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. When Thomas heard this he immediately cut off all ties with the cult. He told them to leave his house (some member were staying at his home) and canceled the TV program. The Family in now accusing Sam of poisoning Thomas by presenting the new revelation in a bad light!] 66. [Zerby:] I told [some members] that they should sing "Loving Jesus" songs, pray sweet loving prayers to Jesus, and have several volunteers testify of the beneficial effects of their newer and more intimate relationship with the Lord. 77. For the men, granted, this is even more difficult. It's just not part of your natural logic as a male to be calling Jesus "Sweetheart" and "Darling," etc. 78. The Devil tries to get them so freaked out about it [but]....when they hear others talking so positively about it, they begin to come to the realization that maybe they are the ones who are wrong, not the message. If others have been able to accept and believe and receive and benefit, the problem must be with them, and not the message. LOVE WORDS FOR UNITED PRAYER TIMES. 79. As a Home you can sing loving Jesus songs together [and]....say words like the following: We love You, our Sweetheart, our Darling....We are ready to come into Your arms and lie with you....Our bodies are Yours. Every part of them we surrender to You....We take this time to whisper tender words into Your ears. 80. As a Home you can also have some times of heart-sharing (without children present) when those who feel led could discuss the benefits of the "Loving Jesus" revelation, the good fruit it's borne in their life, how it's brought them closer to the Lord, etc. ENCOURAGEMENT FOR THOSE FEARING PERSECUTION 81. Besides feeling uncomfortable, some of you are worried about possible persecution we may suffer as a result of publishing the "Loving Jesus" GNs....A young mother...wrote me expressing her concern about her three small children....She asked why such radical New Wine couldn't have been published in BAR [Burn After Reading] pubs, as she was tempted to fear that when these GNs fell into the hands of our detractors, it would likely cause more persecution, and thus would put her children at risk. 82. I understand the worries of this young mother and those of you who feel the same. You might have been quite disappointed, and even a little hurt or upset, that just when things had finally calmed down and you felt you didn't have to worry about any more raids or serious persecution, the Lord led Peter and me to publish this very radical New Wine. 84. Sending something out as a BAR pub is no guarantee of keeping the information contained therein secure. We can't be naive concerning the ability of our detractors and enemies to get ahold of our pubs. 90. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) Even though some children were taken in raids [the group responded by] picketing, demonstrating, going to governors, kings, newspapers, everywhere, insisting we be heard, and professing and proving our innocence to anyone that would listen. 92. Jesus is calling lift up the standard...and say, "I'm going conquer....because we love Jesus and we love Mama and Peter, our Queen and King, and we know that the Lord is giving the Truth through them!" 102. [Jesus:] If you had not come and loved Me as none others have, they would have had a cloak for their hypocrisy. But now they have no cloak, for you have stripped it off, and they are angry and will fight you and seek to destroy you.[Wow!]....Nothing shall provoke Me to anger more than those that offend or seek to put their finger in My eye by harming you! 103. [Zerby:] They will have the Lord Himself to contend with! I would not want to be in the shoes of our enemies if they were to choose to persecute us! 104.[Jesus:] [This revelation] shall be misunderstood, as many of your doctrines have been misunderstood, but I will protect you and I will keep you and I shall not suffer the righteous to be moved. 118. Make love to Me. 120. Come and be Mine! Be My lover...My darling, and My sweetheart. 124. [A single member:] After having read Parts 3 and 4, I wanted to step out by faith and love the Lord intimately. 126. It is so true that it is a special calling to be a "virgin" unto the Lord. 127. Although a few different times over the years the Lord has told me in prophecy that "He is my Husband," it was always hard for me to understand how He could take the place of a flesh-and-blood husband. Now, I think I'm starting to understand a little better. 129. I'm so thankful that the Lord has kept me for Himself! What a thrill and a privilege to be kept separate for Him and His pleasure! I'm so thankful that the Lord didn't give me the desires of my (carnal) heart [for a husband], but rather knew that my deeper desire was to be His! 132.[Zerby:] I am the richest and most blessed woman in the world. [You Karen are worse than Jezebel in Rev. 2. You, like her, are calling yourself a prophetess, and not only are you teaching and misleading God's servants into sexual immorality, but have now tried to drag even God Himself into your sin. Like her you are unwilling to repent of your immorality. Jezebel was warned that she would be cast on a bed of suffering and that God would kill her children. Furthermore those that were committing adultery with her were to suffer intensly. I have read about your deteriorating health, (GN #710, Please Pray for Mama's Eyes and Strenght! 3085, 10/96, 4 pages.) I hope that God in His mercy will open your spiritual eyes so you can see that you are wretched, pirtiful, poor, blind and naked and that you certainly are not the richest and most blessed woman in the world.] 139. [Zerby:] Say love words to Him. Let him caress you and love you. You'll find that you can have an amazing love relationship with Him, more than you thought possible! Praise the Lord, our wonderful, sexy, ever-present Lover. Also, reach out to others with His Love. In giving His Love to others, you'll also find His Love through them, as the Lord promised, "I supply for you in the love of your brethren, in the sharing of love one with another."[Free sex.] 144. [Jesus:] Yes, My love....Sock it to Me with your words of love. 147. Lay it on Me! 152. Tell Me that I,...a turn-on, sensuous.

My Heart Belongs to You! 3080 DFO 9/96 GN 706 (4 pages)

p. 4.[Jesus:] I reach out to touch you, to hold you, to kiss you and caress you. I burn for you and desire you.

To Comment or Not to Comment? Maria #322 DO 2/96 GN 670 (12 pages)

par. 24. [Maria:] The following prophecy was given for a couple new to WS who were, at the time, severly battling about and strongly opposed to the publishing of the "Loving Jesus" series. Their objections went far beyond the legitimate questions that had been raised by others in WS, and when we prayed about what to say to them, the Lord gave the following prophecy. 25. (Prophecy:) Your adversary the Devil as a roaring lion, walks about seeking whom he may devour! 26. It is difficult to fight against the ravaging of Satan while at the same time resisting My Spirit, My Word, and My Truth. 27. Do I become your enemy because I tell you the truth? 31. Thinking that you know better than Me is a dangerous business. 35. The Words that I am giving today build upon the Words that I gave unto your David. 36. Do you not trust Me and the leadership that I have chosen and that I have ordained, even through the mouth of your David while he walked upon the Earth? 42. (Mama:) The following prophecy was also given for someone who was having battles about the "Loving Jesus" series: 44. These Words do not come from the mind of man, but from the heart of God. BE FLEXIBLE, NOT ANALYTICAL! 51. [Zerby:] The following prophecy was given when praying for someone who was having difficulty receiving some of the New Wine. 54. This one thinks he knows better, that he is right in what he thinks. [He] is sure that he is right. He is unaccepting of the truth, and thus he does not accept that which I am doing. 56. Do not think that you know best, for the mind of man is not greater than the mind of God....Lay down the burden of your analyticality. 73. (Prophecy, Doubting Thomas speaking:)[More of the same garbage!!!]

Prophecies on Pride and Humility! Maria #325 DO 2/96 GN 672 (8 pages)

par. 24 [This message dealing primarely with pride uses strong "Loving Jesus" imagry.] [Jesus:] Come, let us walk together on this path. Let Me lead you gently and guide you. For it is because of My Love that I take you, and because of My great Love that I wish for you to shed your clothes, that I may even see you and hold you and love you and caress you. For I do love you, My dear one, and I will make this as easy as possilbe, like a Lover Who lovingly kisses and opens the blouse and drops it to the floor and holds and caresses, and unzips the skirt and slowly brings it down, Who slowly and lovingly disrobes you and lays you down. So shall it be, if you will just let Me. 25. I want you naked, My dear. I want you naked in the bed of love. I do not want to have to rip the clothes of pride off you. I just want your gentle yieldedness as you say, "Yes, strip me naked and love me." And so shall I do this thing. For as you say "yes," I shall be as a Lover Who gently, gently disrobes you. You won't even feel it because it will be with My Love and My kisses and My caresses. 26. So yield unto Me, My dear love, and let Me strip you. Then let Me cover You. For I will cover you with Myself, and I will lie on top of you, and I will envelope you with My warmth. I will cover you with My Love.

Mama's News and Views! - Part 4 Maria #335 DO 5/96 GN 683 (16 pages)

TSERS AND THE "LOVING JESUS" GNS. Par. 108. We sent [the TS or associate members] a slightly edited version of the excerpts of "Loving Jesus" parts 3 through 6 that went to JETTs in the DO Family. [JETTS are 14 and 15 year olds in the group.] 109. [The Lord] explained...why He cannot allow the TSers to read the DO version of the "Loving Jesus" GNs. The Lord made it clear that if people are not willing to pay the price to be in the inner circle of discipleship, the DO Family, then they forfeit some of the privileges, including some of the strong meat of the New Wine. Below are excerpts of some of the prophecies the Lord gave on this subject. 115. [Jesus:] Feed them [the TSers] what you can without the details, without the intimate sexual revelation. 116. For the intimacies of My bed and the lovemaking of My Spirit, as I have revealed unto Maria and Peter, are truly great intimacies and they are not for everyone. 117. (Mama:) Dad also spoke on this subject, explaining that the full "Loving Jesus" revelation is not for the weak. 120. [Berg:] It's going well and the timing is right. The inner circle is now becoming accustomed to loving Jesus in this manner and saying the words and loving the Lord with each other....So now is the time to give this revelation, the principles, to others little by little. 121. (Mama:) Dad explained that you who are faithfully upholding the DO standard are more spiritual. 122. TSers are welcome to begin the process of reinstatement to DO status as per the Charter, after which they will be eligible to read all the DO pubs. 124. (Prophecy, Dad speaking:) You can't worry about the ones who are going to steal it [the Loving Jesus revelation] and take it out and mock it and make fun of it and use it wrongly. That's not your problem, that's their problem....Don't worry, He'll keep and protect you through it all - through any persecution, attacks or harassment your receive from this.

New Ways to Praise! - Mama's Intro to the Praise Kisses and Praise Prophecies GNs! Maria #336 DO 3/96 GN 684 (8 pages)

par. 24. At one praise time, you might feel more like saying great and glorious things to Jesus, our King of kings and Lord of lords, Who was, and is now, and evermore shall be! At another time, you may just want to sit beside Jesus with His arm around you and tell Him all the ways that you appreciate and admire Him as your Friend and as your Husband. At another time you may be excited with His kisses and his caresses and may want to talk to Him more intimately, telling Him how much you love Him as your sexy love partner and wonderful Husband. 27. Another idea that I had for these is to not only put them in GNs, but evetnually make them into a book of praise prayers, God willing, and I think He is! Also, after we get them finalized for a GN, we can have them recorded so we can listen to them on tape during our quiet times. Won't that be wonderful?

The Grapevine #1 DO/TS 8/96 (8 pages)

p.1. Summit Video Meetings In Europe. From Gallio (CRO). We've just completed our delegates' meetings here, where we showed the entire set of the Summit videos....[The meetings brought] many people through to victories in their lives, giving a greater understanding of the Loving Jesus series, having their questions answered about the Law of Love, and much more. p.7. The Loving Jesus talk that Peter gave at the end of one of the Summit videos turned out to be a real milestone for many. They commented afterwards how much clearer and simpler the whole Loving Jesus revelation was to them now, after hearing Peter's very honest, open and down-to-earth explanation. It also helped many to hear the testimonies given by some of the YA boys who were at the Summit, and their positive outlook on and implementation of the Loving Jesus revelation. It helped dispel the lies of the Enemy that "Everyone is freaking out about this!" p.2. Visiting the Japanese Homes. From Phoenix (CRO)-Sample of Saying Love Words to the Lord: Another need I saw when visiting the Homes was that even though most of the folks have received the "Loving Jesus" revelation well, when it comes to saying loving words to the Lord in their public meetings or prayer meetings, they didn't quite know how to. In one Home when we had a showing of one of the Summit videos, we had a short inspiration and went around the room saying loving words and praises to Jesus. p.8. Mama's Mailbox - Dear Mama, Thank you all so very much for having the vision and idea to get those Loving Jesus songs at the Summit. Us four YA girls at the Office here have been listening to the tape "Open for Love" (great name too), and we think it's really terrific! It makes loving Jesus so easy and natural and is more than I had ever hoped it would be....It's such a cool, far out concept to have a whole tape of songs with the theme of loving the Lord in this new, more intimate way.

Grapevine #2, DO/TS 9/96 (8 pages)

p.3. Mama's Mailbox. Dear Mama. I would like to share with experience that I had one day while loving Jesus. Jesus and I were dancing in mid-air real close, and He said to me, "How do you like this kind of dancing? I call this space dancing!" Ha! Then He gave me lots of hugs and kisses. It was a special time, and I'm finding that the more time that I spend with Jesus in an intimate way, the more I want to spend time with Him.

Grapevine #7 DO/TS 11/96 (12 pages)

p.3. (From Anique, 18:) The "Loving Jesus" inspiration night we had was really neat. I've never been able to do it practically; just a few little words and that was it. But with us all learning how to get into the Spirit - to think about the Lord, to stop everything and rest in His arms - it was like "wow" compared to the other times. (From Jay, 18:) "Loving Jesus" was presented very simply on the video, and now it's easier to understand it and accept it.

Hope #73 DO/TS 11/96 (16 pages)

p.16. Andrew Tender, India. Since the "Loving Jesus" series and all the New Wine that followed, my life has been changing in so many ways. I feel I am already beginning to reap all the blessings the Lord has promised if I put Him first and have that special, intimate time with Him. [We have cited many such reactions by cult members to Loving Jesus in newsletter 10, Sex, Sin and Sacrilege! An ex-member asked her former husband still in the group about him thinking of himself as female and fantasizing making love to Jesus. He responded by saying that he sees no problem with it, that he likes it, that he finds it exciting. In an article titled Family Values which appeared in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine of London on January 5, 1997, reporter Hugh Muir has this quote from cult member Gideon Scott in reference to the Loving Jesus revelation: "Why shouldn't you bring prayer into your lovemaking as much as anything else? For the majority of Christians it will be impossible to accept. We are quite prepared for that. But it is a personal conviction on the part of the members of our group." Muir adds: "Rachel and Gideon Scott argue that the Family of Love should not be castigated for a suggestion to consenting adults about how they might behave in private. More importantly, they point out, the "Loving Jesus Revelation" does not encourage anyone to break the law." Remember we are talking here of even 14 year old boys being pressured to masturbate to Jesus and imagine that they are female and that Jesus is having sex with them!]


Cult Information Network meeting at Framingham State College, 11/96. Our meeting was a lively one to say the least. Jackie Miller was in rare form in discussing the cult group the Family/Children of God and it's latest antics of sexual perversion in the name of Christianity. Jackie filled us in on the latest heresies of the group and it's "masturbating for Jesus" letters that the group is currently expounding to its members. She also had us in stitches about "Peter's penis".[Evidently there have been repeated prayer requests in the cult's publications for Peter's penis.] If it weren't for the seriousness of being there in the first place one would shake their head in disbelief that these viewpoints are being currently written about and being believed by this group, The Family/COG. Since a recent Judge's over 300 page transcript exposed this sex/Christianity group as one being destructive in nature both to adults and children, the Judge's opinion was that these practices had indeed stopped. They have not. Those interested in the latest beliefs of the COG/Family are invited to go to their David Berg idol web site at Get into the founder pages. It will make you puke. The group makes David the sex maniac Berg, into a "Saint". It is an abomination to have read the 300 page judge's decision on this group and then go to this page and see the COG/Family hasn't denounced David Berg at all but have turned him into a dead idol still teaching from heaven.

Judy Pendell. For the first time since I have been out - reading these letters Maria put out - have I felt real shame. I came to my senses about how nuts the whole thing was in a clearer picture and felt terrible shame. Even embarrassment just to read that I followed such complete idiots. I guess developing a healthy sense of shame is a part of healing. I have a 21 year old son in the cult who could easily be turned into a wimpy homosexual unless people speak up about how wrong Maria's newest revelations are. When you get out here and read the Christian literature, you see Berg was only one small person sharing a lot of fundamental truth, and then mixing in his own ideas.

C.R. Thank you for the information that you sent. As I read it, I just got infuriated with that ungodly doctrine that Zerby is regurgitating on her captive audience. I thoroughly appreciate your taking the time to put together that publication "Sex, Sin and Sacrilege!" John. I just received the package you sent, together with your newsletter, "Sex, Sin and Sacrilege!" Talk about disgusting! This new series really takes the cake! I know of several other people I'm going to be sharing it with. Thank you for sending me this material. I think we ought to use every opportunity to blaze this matter abroad, and to have as many Christians as we can phone or fax them their disgust about this kind of thing. This could prove to be the Family's undoing. Keep up the good work! Your newsletter needs to get spread as far and wide as it can, and particularly into the hands of other Christians, churches and counter-cult organizations. [If you are interested in contacting the COG their address is The Family, 14118 Whittier Blvd #116, Whittier, CA 90605. Their E-mail address Their phone number is (800)4-A-FAMILY and also (310) 690-4930. Their fax number is (310) 694-6685.]

Marina. I really think you did well in publishing some of the "new revelations" - let that stuff speak for itself. You don't even have to comment. I remember Rick [ex-member who committed suicide] talking on the phone with Katrina [his wife in the group] in April of this year [1996], confronting her about the Loving Jesus revelation and she saying: "Is not true. Where did you hear this? This is not true at all, it was a misunderstanding" etc. Rick got so mad. He got so frustrated, he just blew up: "When will you ever stop lying to me? How can you keep lying to me? You people are lying to me all the time." I was glad to see it all in black and white in your newsletter.

T.B. These are the most disgusting and perverted publications you could ever read. If even any honest atheist were to look at the cult's publications he or she would quickly recognize the perversion, and say, "These folks are theologically warped and demented!" If anyone, any sociologist, educator, psychologist, church member of whatever denomination, politician, social activist, etc. were to take a look at these Loving Jesus publications, they would be appalled, aghast, overcome with dread, worried and concerned about the welfare, safety and futures of the children and young people in the cult! I know that this new garbage from Zerby & Co is seriously undermining the cult members' belief in her and David Berg as God's prophet. My wife and I both knew for quite a few years that it was only a matter of time before we would leave the cult, the writing was always on the wall. Many other individuals who saw what we saw, had similar experiences, heartbreaks, devastation and difficulties. We know that right this minute, many of those victims who are now trapped, are thinking what we thought for a long time. There are numerous snickers, jokes and muffled laughter about the new doctrine in the cult, but nothing is said that could get someone in trouble with leadership. Some teens in the cult mock it and laugh at its absurdity and depravity! They accuse the adults and their own parents of being weird, sick and perverted! I believe that in making Zerby's new theology public, it could be the important and very needed catalyst that would hopefully start the firestorm to bring the cult to an end.

Ex-member. The Family's "Jesus" is nothing but a demon posing as an angel of light, and it will lead to demon possession, as was obvious with Berg himself. It was to the point where he could no longer control it and [the spirits] were coming to him in nightmares, etc. Your latest newsletter is a real expose of COG. I think you'll find the following [dictionary definitions] interesting in relation to that. Incubus, in medieval European folklore, a male demon that was believed to seek sexual intercourse with sleeping women. According to one legend, the incubus, and its female counterpart, the succubus, were fallen angels. Union with an incubus was thought to produce demons, witches, and deformed children. The legendary wizard Merlin was said to have been the offspring of such a union. The word incubus is Latin for "nightmare." "Incubus," Microsoft ® Encarta. Copyright © 1994 Microsoft Corporation.

Parent of COG member. I am afraid and angry about the "Loving Jesus" letters! Please send me the "Loving Jesus" package, code CP116. Thank you very much. I need them as soon as possible. Thanks for your work.

David (Press release written by David Millikan about the Family, released in conjunction with recent Australian national TV show Witness with Jana Wendt.[The computer printout introduces this massage by Millikan by simply stating, "I think it speaks for itself!!!!!!!!"] [Millikan:] The infamous group The Children of God who now call themselves The Family, are about to outrage the world once again....They say the Lord has spoken to them once more in ways that will confirm the darkest fears of their enemies....This is what the Lord has been saying: "With you I deep kiss. With you I send My tongue into your mouth. With you I hold and kiss and I caress your breasts and I suck on them. And with you I have deep lovemaking and deep penetration. As I love you, as I f... you, as I bring forth orgasms of My Spirit, we are united....even as the husband thrusts.... etc."....Peter Amsterdam believes that Berg is still talking to them. And despite the trouble their sexual beliefs and practices have caused in the past, they say Berg is calling on them to take sex into their relationship with God. A series of prophecies have been circulating in The Family for the last two years. They call it "The Loving Jesus Revelation". It calls on the Family to do three things, first they are to visualize their sexual activity as happening with Jesus....They are being called on to masturbate to Jesus, the men are being asked to visualize themselves as women so that Jesus can make love to them, and they are being told to call words of love to Jesus as they are having sex. This is one of the Family writing about this new direction! "I understand that other men, when they say love words to Jesus or masturbate with Him or have sex with a woman while loving Jesus....the man sees himself as the woman making love to Jesus." [It is worth mentioning that David Millikan was one of the cult's apologists in the London child custody case! I did not find anything in his message showing any clear regrets or remorse for his role in helping to keep that little boy in the group and thus exposing him to these horrible sexual practices some day. (For more info about the London child custody case see newsletter #9.) Though not directly related to the subject at hand, Millikan also disclosed the following in this message] In Sydney [Australia, few years ago], the Family actually ran an escort agency. One can imagine the astonishment of the clients when the girls arrived with a Bible or a guitar and gave a little message of salvation before getting to the business in hand....I know of at least one lawyer in Australia who was "flirty fished" in the last four years.

Ulla-Britt. Thank you very much for the great research work in your newsletter. Boy, nothing shocks me. You can expect anything from them. It just makes me wonder. Don't they ever get tired of all that talk about sex? Poor small kids having to grow up there. It's so evil. People just can't believe it can be true.

Angela Bedolfe. I don't know whether the demon claiming to be Jesus Christ is the same one that claims to be David Berg. They are manipulated by demons posing as celestial visitors. It is apparent that demons in the Family are leading them into homosexuality. Visualization or a man imagining himself as a woman invites succubi to invade and transform him into a homosexual. It is a hideously perverted, paganized "Christianity". Visualization is a common occultic/New Age practice. The Family is a corrupt tree. [The following is part of a quote Angela sent taken from William and Sharon Schnoebelen's book "Blood on the Doorpost" pp. 220-225.]

"Sexual spirits...will come and assume the form of impossibly perfect sexual partners. They'll appear more flawless and desirable than even airbrushed centerfolds....As ghastly as this idea is it's common practice in the higher levels of Satanism. They believe these demon lovers will....assault a human woman in male form with or without her permission. Such spiritual Ôrape' is more common than most would think....Needless to say, once a man or woman has experienced Ôsex' with such a creature, normal marital relations with their spouse (however attractive) will pale into boring routine. Thus, the victim returns more and more to the spirit lover and the bondage grows even deeper....This is not fiction from a horror novel. It is going on all the time. In high level satanism, both of us were Ômarried' to demons. We both had frequent Ôsex' with our ascended master spirit guides! We felt this was the way we would gradually Ôevolve' into gods....These beings do not have to be visible....Most of the time, especially among non-witches, they prefer to remain unseen. However, they'll web an incredible bondage around the person which only prayer to the Lord Jesus can break."

A call to prayer. I received the following from former memberSylvia Padilla, in whose hart the Lord has put the desire to call many of us to prayer. She writes: "Because the COG's recent doctrines have been so bizarre, it seems that more ex members are beginning to realize how demonic the whole set-up is and are getting incensed at how Satan is destroying lives in the cult. I was praying about the whole situation yet again, and the idea came to me that those of us who understand what is really going on in the spirit world with regards to the COG could perhaps commit ourselves to a specific time of prayer each week to do spiritual warfare against the demonic strongholds, to pray the true children of God out, to pray for the total collapse of the whole organization and also to pray for those who have left, as everyone without exception comes out traumatized and damaged emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically and mentally. I believe that the battle against the COG needs to be done in the spirit first. I'm enclosing a guideline on how to pray and what to pray for. I would be willing to co-ordinate." Sylvia's one-page guideline is titled Prayer Strategy for the Break-Up of the COG (The Family). I would be happy to send you a copy upon request. About more than half of the text is made out of Bible verses. Those are Deut. 18:20-22, Rev. 2:20-23, Eph. 6:12 and James 5:16. She also suggests we read 2 Pet. 2 and all of Jude. Here are the three steps for those who would like to participate in this very important and timely undertaking.

  1. In the NAME OF JESUS take authority over and come against the demonic strongholds of: Deception, Manipulation, Control and Sexual Immorality.
  2. PRAY for the deliverance of God's true children from the Family, mentioning specific names of those dear to you or whom the Lord puts on your heart.
  3. PRAY for those who have already left and are finding difficulty in adjusting to reality that - they don't turn away from the Lord, they allow Him to heal their emotional and spiritual wounds, their material needs be met.
    TIME SET ASIDE TO PRAY: Day of the week....................a.m........p.m......."

Please let Sylvia know the time slot which you have chosen to come before the Lord in intercession for our brothers and sisters in the cult. Her address is Sylvia Padilla, 47 Byron Ave. Coulsdon, Surrey, England CR52JS. I hope that many will write to Sylvia and enlist in her prayer army. Her phone number if calling from the States is 011441816606583.

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Woodsman. Well, I got to see my kids at Christmas, thank God, but it cost me $2.000.00 in lawyers fees! Can you please put an ad in your newsletter for any ex-members who don't want books, tapes, literature etc., to mail them to: David De Brocke Sr. Box 1668, Manteca, CA 95336. My lawyer wants to see COG stuff. Thanks and please keep me and my family in your prayers.

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