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New Day News is a website for former members of The Family.

The website was originally started by Geraldo Lourenco (aka Barnabus or Barney) when he was an FM Member of The Family. The concept for the site was to allow open debate regarding The Family on the site's "General Board" (later renamed "Crossfire").

Lourenco was officially excommunicated by The Family for "free speech" on the website. Lourenco was not aware that his membership status had been revoked until reading about it in a Family publication.

Lourenco eventually left the website, and is no longer active online.

The site is currently privately funded by Don Hall (aka David C), George Terrell (aka George or Vessel), and Joseph Sheppard. Hall and Terrell are first generation former members. Sheppard, the Technical Manager is not a former member, but married to Jane Sheppard (aka Jemivah), a first generation former member. currently features several message forums, a resource section, and a large collection of photos.