New York Times: Stuns Woman Preacher

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Missile Thrown Through Window at Miami Hits Mrs. Berg.

Press » New York Times » 1926-07-25

MIAMI, Fla., July 24 (AP).—Police today sought an unidentified man as the person who threw a piece of coral through the window of the ante-room of the Christian Missionary Alliance Tabernacle here last night and struck Mrs. Virginia Brandt Berg, 53, just before she started to conduct her nightly services.

The woman evangelist was knocked unconcious, but recovered.

Police said a trap was laid to kidnap her last Thursday and that she had received letters threatening that unless she closed her meetings at once she would meet a fate more serious than "another well known evangelist of the same faith experienced."

Mail members of the congregation armed themselves and guarded the church and Mrs. Berg's home last night and some members of the congregation prayed all night for her. Police started working on a theory that a man who objected to two little girls having joined the church during the meetings had thrown the coral but they withheld names.

Mrs. Berg was reported as being improved today.