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Farrell got missionary in position

Press » News of the World » 2004-09-19

By David McGee

A SEXY missionary didn't have a prayer when Hollywood bad boy Colin Farrell spotted her heavenly body and decided to have his wicked way.

But he was preaching to the converted-because Maria Rothman is a believer in 'free love' and couldn't wait to give in to temptation with the Irish charmer.

Lap dancer Maria treated him to his own private show and the frantic two-day sex marathon that followed was a revelation.

"We couldn't keep our hands off each other. It was like going to heaven," Maria told the News of the World.

"He was really naughty and wild and completely focused on sex with me. It was so vigorous and raunchy and I was so turned on by him I gave him the best lap dance of his life."

Maria will never forget the next lust-fuelled 48 hours. She said: "All we did was stay in bed. We made love countless times. He doesn't know when to stop.

"Every time we got up to have something to eat we'd just end up having more sex.

We did it all over the place-on the floor, on the furniture. We couldn't get enough of each other."

Maria, 24, who travelled the world with her parents doing missionary work for the Children of God cult, met 28-year-old Colin in London club Pangaea last year.

She was there with her pal Calum Best, son of football legend George. "I first met Colin when I was standing outside the club and to be honest I didn't know who he was," said Maria.

"He just seemed like a really chilled, cool guy who was with Calum."

But it wasn't long before Maria realised she had clicked with the star of movies Minority Report and SWAT.

"I could tell there was a chemistry between us and I was quite turned on," she admitted. "He started to whisper things in my ear and he'd put his hand on my leg to steady himself, but keep it there after he'd stopped talking. I could tell there was a real high tension between us and it just needed one of us to make the first move."

The pair ended up in his hotel suite and Maria soon found out why he's called Colin 'F*****' Farrell in Ireland.

"He started to kiss me with those beautiful lips and I kissed him back," she said.

"Then we started to build up momentum. He took off his top and I kissed his chest.

He's very manly. He has a lovely body, firm and smooth.

"I started to slightly scratch him, just touching him firmly, and he was finding that really nice.

"When we'd both stripped down he said I had the most wonderful body." Petite Maria-5ft 4ins tall and a size 6-fell for the Farrell flattery. "I'm confident about my body but it was nice to hear it from him because he sees the world's most beautiful girls," she said.

"He was lying beneath me and holding my hips while we made love. We were moving together and holding each other very close.

"He was kissing my front while we made love and it was so erotic. I was holding his hair and he was holding mine. He was moaning and the passion in his eyes was alive.

"Inevitably, we both arrived at the highest moment together. He was an extremely capable lover. He was exactly what I expected-he didn't disappoint."

Maria was born in Sweden but travelled with her missionary parents to Bosnia, India, South Africa and Japan as they spread the Children of God's controversial "free love" message.

The cult was set up in 1949[1] by the late David Berg, a Californian hippie. The group has about 300 UK members.

Maria said: "I did missionary work with my parents in Africa and Bosnia.

"We handed out clothes and food and organised events to raise money for local communities."

She left the cult when she was 19 and moved to Spain, where she worked as a waitress and was a singer in a band.

"I just partied as much as I could and I fell into the St Tropez set which hung out with lots of movie people and rock stars.

"That's basically how I got to meet Colin," she explained.

But she was under no illusions about her relationship with the legendary womaniser.

"I knew our thing wasn't going anywhere. He was a nice guy who I had some fun with and that was all," said Maria, who now lives in Paris where she works at the exclusive Pink Paradise club.

The pair lost touch but when she bumped into him at a party during Paris Fashion Week the old chemistry was still there. Colin, who has a one-year-old son James by ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave, first chatted about being a dad.

Maria said: "He was talking about his little boy and how proud he was to become a father."

But it was his ability as a lover that he was keen to show off once again. "We went back to his hotel and it was the same all over," said Maria.

"We just couldn't keep our hands off each other. I don't know what the staff made of the room but it was a bombsite.

"It was more frantic and raunchy that time but all the better for it, I think. He kissed me all over. He loved my breasts. He said I was the perfect package."

Once again, the romance was short-lived but Maria is hopeful.

"If he wants to get to know me better I'd love to meet up with him again," she smiled. "It was great fun being with him."


  1. The Children of God was not founded until 1968.