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On July 2, 2007, HarperElement (a UK division of Harper Collins) published "Not Without My Sister" by sisters Juliana Buhring, Celeste Jones and Kristina Jones. The book detailed their experiences being raised in the Children of God/The Family and was the first such book to be published by former second generation members.

The book has done very well. The first printing of 50000 copies sold out within a couple months and was a bestseller in the United Kingdom and Australia. When the paperback edition of the book was released in the UK on January 7, 2008, it quickly reached the number 1 position in the Nielsen BookScan list of best-selling non-fiction paperbacks and stayed there for several weeks until the first week of March 2008 when it to the number 3 position.[1][2][3] The book is scheduled to be released in the United States in April 2008.

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