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Nudie-cutie was a term used by David Berg to describe pornographic pictures of the cult members. Berg requested that women produce pornography and send it to him, which he commented on in Family publications (see below).

In the late 1970s and throughout most of the 1980s, magazines were periodically published by The Family (called "Nudie Cuties!") containing pictures of either fully nude or partially nude female members (of all ages). After becoming a full member (at the end of Babe's status), new female disciples were encouraged to appear in these magazines as an "introduction" to the general community.

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Editor's note: Emphasis added.

65 Well, I look at you girls & you're actually getting more beautiful!--Gorgeous! I get thousands of beautiful photos from women all over the World, gorgeous, & I stick them up all around me in order to inspire me & realise that somebody loves me besides the Lord. That's one sure way to get your picture up in my art gallery--in my Gallery! If you're one of the gals that sends me your nudie cutie, you'll get a place in my Gallery! They really inspire me!

66 And it's amazing to me how many of these girls we've known for years have sent me pictures recently & they're more beautiful than they ever were! They're now up in their 30s & getting to almost 40 & they are not growing old at all! They're actually getting more beautiful, & all of them are still slim & trim!--Not too slim, we like curves! I'd rather have 200 pounds of curves than a hundred pounds of nerves! (Silence!) What happened to that one? It didn't go over! Maybe it's because that much poundage of curves is not popular in our Family![1]

54 LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL KIND OF BOOK MARKERS I HAVE IN MY BIBLE! (Shows Family nudie cutie!) After all, I couldn't have anything prettier than one of God's gifts of love, right? They're about the next best thing to Jesus, is all these pretty girls the Lord has given us! And do you know where you find this part of the story the best? As I recall, it's found in Luke.[2]

63 THANKS, ELIZABETH, FOR YOUR FREQUENT SPECIAL REPORTS. We certainly appreciate your help!--You're one backslider who really made good, but it was sure a hard road working your way back to the top when you could have started there with us at that truck stop!--Think where you might have been now!--Ha! But you're still one of my pets and I love you! Thanks for taking good care of Jeth and his office there. You've gotta lotta spunk and spark yourself, and whoever marries you has got his hands full!--But I like you that way!--I'm a fighter too!--God bless you! Tks for the nudie cutie![3]

Only bright and shining tresses

Top our mountain maiden's dresses!

Accent all her naked beauty

With less on our nudie cutie![4]


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