Port Arthur News: Judge dismisses religious suit

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Judge dismisses religious suit

Port Arthur News/1973-02-18

Sherman, Tex. (AP) - A federal judge has dismissed a $300,000 damage suit against six persons brought by a member of the Children of God religious sect, Miriam McClendon.

She charged in a suit filed in January, 1972, that her civil rights were violated by her mother, Mrs. Juliet McClendon and by Grayson County Court Judge Les Tribble and County Clerk Paul Lee, two doctors and her former lawyer Jim Dunn.

Miss McClendon claimed she was deprived of her right to free exercise of her religious belief by being committed to two mental institutions in 1971. U.S. District Court Judge William Wayne Justice sitting in Sherman, said he would put his ruling in writing next week, giving his reasons for dismissing the suit.