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RISE International is a non-profit organization established on June 1, 2007 as a UK community interest company [1] to protect children from abuse in cults,[2], support those who seek justice for crimes committed against them while growing up in cults[2] and "raise awareness amongst the public, government and charity organizations over the dangers and difficulties children face growing up in cults."[3]. The word RISE in its name is an acronym for Resources Information Socialisation Education.[4] It was founded by sisters Celeste Jones and Juliana Buhring shortly before the release of their book, "Not Without My Sister" and some of the proceeds from sales of the book have been used to fund the start-up costs of the organization.[5] Its directors include five former second generation members of The Family.[6] In December 2007, RISE International announced it planned to incorporate in the United States and apply to the Internal Rvenue Service for tax-exempt status as a charity. On February 20, 2008, the certificate of incorporation for RISE International Foundation was submitted to the New York Department of State.

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