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Tribute To Dark Angel

— By Davida

I remember a time when we both were alive
A time when as children we both had to survive
A time when our memories were both happy and sad
A time when with you there it wasn’t as bad

A time when I called you
With a story to share
The times I had burdens
That I just couldn’t bear

But, I always had a brother
You were the only one I had
That I knew I could talk to
When life was making me mad

You were always an angel
Both beautiful and dark
And this is your tribute
Where you’ve left your sad mark

We love you and miss you
And it will never be the same
Without your sweet presence
You can’t share my pain

I wish you were here
And I’ll never know why
You decided to leave me
Alone here to cry
But please know how I love you
You’ll always be in my heart
To my sweet silent brother
You’ve been my bro from the start.

With love forever your sister Davida

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