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Family artist's rendition of Space City travelling to earth
Space City after landing on earth at the start of the New Heaven & New Earth

The author of the Biblical Book of Revelation describes a city called New Jerusalem. David Berg believed and taught that this "Space City" (or Heaven) existed within a pyramid that measured 1500 miles long, wide and tall and was either travelling through space towards earth or was located inside the moon.

Simple mathematics demonstrate that a quadratic-based pryramid with those dimensions exceed the boundaries of the moon. When this fact was presented to Berg, he maintained that astronomers could not possibly obtain an accurate measurement of the moon, given its distance from the Earth.

Current Family leader Karen Zerby has reiterated both of Berg's theories on Heaven's location, and has stated she believes both are true simultaneously:

13 ... You don't have to believe that NASA scientists got a glimpse of the Heavenly City [by photographing it with the Hubble Space Telescope], nor that it's located in the moon, if you don't want to--it's not one of our fundamental beliefs--but I believe it, because the Lord said it, and I have faith in that! — Zerby, World Currents No.84 (ML 3086, Sep. 1996)

With his theory of the Heavenly City travelling towards earth, Berg explained that it is transported by a spaceship described as an enormous ball of crystal glass with a fan-shaped rudder, a large heart at its base for an anchor and other gyrating rings and geometric shapes.

Berg suggested that the spheres orbiting the pyramid on one of the rings contain the souls of as of yet unborn babies, who are then escorted to Earth by angels after they have been concieved.

Berg has also explained that Jesus, after his crucifiction and resurrection described in the Bible, created Space City as an improved version of Paradise. Berg used John 14:2 as Biblical support for this teaching.

The river of water of life, as described in Revelation 22:1 and 2, is believed to run through the middle of the pyramid.

The city's inhabitants—deceased or resurrected born-again Christians—travel the Utopian city in golden gondolas or may opt to use their supernatural powers to teleport at the speed of thought, float through the air, or hover above the ground as they please. Their clothes are described as "robes of light" which, despite their transparency, are worn without shame. These spirits have no need to eat, drink, sleep, or have sex but according to Berg, "they can if they want to".

More images from Family publications

Berg claimed to have visited the heavenly Space City during a "spirit trip", and described his vision in detail to Family artists to share with other group members.

Space City size relation to Europe
Full Family poster of some of Space City's attractions
"The Moon! And the Hidden City!"
Space City on earth
"Our Heavenly Home" — Berg and Zerby welcome guests at the front door of their heavenly mansion made of transparent gold

"Incredible Journey" — Christians taken to heaven after an auto accident
"Come" — Christians taken from Earth in the Rapture
"Pie in the Sky" — Life during the Millennium
"Home Sweet Home"
"The Magic River of Life"

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