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  • There are various categories of membership. The full members have access to all the literature much of w ...nd quite as willing to feel them as I was to attempt to explore their more hidden inner recesses! So I had my first intercourse at the early age of 7 which I
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  • ...of his writings known as "Moses Letters". These are divided into several categories and disseminated accordingly. Some are permitted only to top leaders, some ...nd quite as willing to feel them as I was to attempt to explore their most hidden inner recesses. So I had my first intercourse at the early age of seven…
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  • According to the report, there are five categories of "[[Mo Letters|Moses letters]]" that are written by [[David Berg|David (M ...f the Children of God, as pointed out above, should not be permitted to be hidden be­hind the facade of religion, even assuming, arguendo, that it is a b
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  • ...nts, war & all the rest? Of course, they hide a lot of that. A lot of it's hidden under Social Security paying Veteran's benefits & pensions & hospital & a l ...R FUNDS FOR IT</u>'', spread out our emergency reserves into these various categories so that we don't have too many eggs in one basket. We've got it spread into
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  • ...G INTO MY OLD BIBLE & PULL OUT ALL THOSE VERSES & put them in their proper categories & get the beads of one colour in this section, the beads of another colour ...ries list the Scriptures on the computer. I discovered that I had 14 major categories for all of these verses into which they fall, beginning with verses about P
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  • ...d's going to have such a tough job! It won't be so tough getting them into categories, but within each category ranking all the different intentions & motives of ...of people's minds & reading their thoughts & all kinds of things, nothing hidden. It's going to be really a step up in a lot of ways, in some ways easier to
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  • ...ries of categories alphabetised from A to Z, grouped according to over 100 categories which will be cross-referenced so that you can find whatever you're looking ...e's beginning to assemble them & has got some of them already assembled in categories ready for me to peruse & work on & proofread & edit or correct or whatever
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  • <br>       <u>39. SEE, THEIR TEACHERS HAVE HIDDEN THE TRUTH FROM THEM!</u> You can't blame ''&#91;DELETED]'' the common Jews, ...m & led them astray, & their leaders are the main ones to blame! They have hidden the Truth from them, deceived them & done everything they can to keep them
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  • ...f children in each age category, number of staff, & the staff divided into categories such as how many teachers, how many maintenance men, how many promotional p ...general assemblies, if that's possible. Then you're far more secure & more hidden & you're not as apt to get complaints from the neighbours.
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  • our witnessing and outreach</u>, the Family has also added on some new categories of outside membership, that is, members of our "flock" living outside our D ...hey come into My Heavenly Kingdom to see the great importance of love, the hidden, unseen acts of love, the giving of love. For to love is more important tha
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  • ...ultimately destroy you.'' His greatest weapon, his secret weapon, his most hidden weapon of today is his outright attack on prophecy. He has at last found a <br>       ''79. There are those who have put My Word in categories.'' There are those Words that they would never think to criticize or doubt
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  • ...tions of the miracles which your prayers have wrought, but many things are hidden from your sight. For this is the treasure of your prayers unto Me--that you that your prayers are availing much, and that one day you will see the hidden workings and the wonders which have been wrought because of your prayers. '
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  • <br> 30. THIS INCLUDES A NUMBER OF DIFFERENT CATEGORIES, for which I'm going to try to make specific suggestions! But let's begin a <br> 47. KENTUCKY, HOWEVER, EVEN DID THE IMPOSSIBLE, and made the hidden-hideout a fruitful field! They did everything contrary to natural expectati
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  • ...tains a very effective public relations campaign, it does not fit into the categories and interfaith organizations that governments are used to dealing with. Whe ...lie that nudity was evil and that the sexual parts were evil and should be hidden.—A lie of the Devil!—Part of the knowledge of evil that came into man's
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