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The Swiss Victor Program took place in Elgg, Switzerland. It was modelled after similar programs operated by The Family International in Japan and elsewhere, the details of which had been publicized in various internal Family publications including Good News magazines and Family Special Magazines. Ten children within The Family's "JETT" age classification were singled out because of their alleged spiritual problems of pride, self-righteousness, independence and foolishness.

The re-education period for these "Victors" included being isolated from their peers in an attic room that had been converted into a classroom. At night, foam mattresses on the attic floor were used for their sleeping arrangements.

The ten children were placed on permanent silence restriction, excluded from regular Home activities, and performed all household chores in the Home.

The 32-day camp was run by Stefan Seibel. Punishment was administered by him in the form of public and private beatings with a 4-foot plastic rod, intense manual labor, painful physical exercises and public humiliation.

A demerit system was implemented in which all offences—such as not being "yielded to the Lord", not paying attention during lengthy indoctrination classes, or talking—were noted. A child who received three or more demerits in a single day received a beating. On one occasion, Seibel administered a beating to an 11-year-old boy in front of the other Victors while two teens forcefully held the boy down.

The Swiss Victor Camp ended abruptly when the Home was featured in a local newspaper article identifying its residents as cult members. Most of the Home's populace, including the Victors, was quickly evacuated in the early hours of the morning.

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