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We may need to make a distinction between the temporary Teen Training Camps of the late '80s, the more permanent Teen Combos that followed, and the Retraining Centers that developed following the Discipleship Training Revolution. Case in point: The Mexico TTC was held in central Mexico (Guadalajara, I believe), while the Monterrey Teen Combo was opened in late '88 or early '89 by Ado and Kanah, and was later converted into a Retraining Center by Marc (a time period my family affectionately refers to as "The Babylonian Captivity"). It may seem like a meaningless semantic shift, but the fact is that, although teens were being brainwashed at both the Retraining Center and the Teen Combo, the main goal of the Retraining Center was to train the FG members of North America in brainwashing their own teens. I feel this is worth stating plainly. I will take a stab at editing the article. ThePedanticPrick 14:08, 6 Apr 2005 (CDT)